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Empowering the Business with Graph Analytics

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Shawn Akberali, Software Engineer Snr, Lockheed Martin
Caroline Nelson, Data Analyst, Lockheed Martin
Robert Tung, Data Warehouse Analyst, Lockheed Martin

Abstract: Knowledge graphs have enormous potential for delivering superior customer experiences, advanced analytics and efficient data management.
Learn valuable tips from a leading practitioner on how to position, organize and implement your first enterprise graph project.

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Empowering the Business with Graph Analytics

  1. 1. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE ©2019 Lockheed Martin Corporation Caroline Nelson, Shawn Akberali, Robert Tung Dallas, TX October 1, 2019 Empowering the Business with Graph Analytics Lockheed Martin - Aeronautics
  2. 2. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE 2 Business Structure Missiles and Fire Control Aeronautics SpaceRotary and Mission Systems
  3. 3. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE 3 Goal: Deliver F-35’s on time at cost and keep them flying! High Priority F-35 Program • Largest defense program in history • Customers include US Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, as well as 10+ partner countries, and growing • US to buy 2,500+ F-35s through 2037 • 420+ delivered to date Goal: Deliver F-35’s on time at cost and keep them flying!
  4. 4. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE 4 Why F-35 needs graph From design to delivery, there are ample amounts of data that can be threaded together to tell a story.
  5. 5. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE 5 Business Value Visualize disparate data & areas of overlap Detect Data Anomalies Easy Navigation of Many-to-Many Relationships Iteratively Solve Problems Root Cause AnalysisEmphasis on data relationships TABLE A TABLE B
  6. 6. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE 6 GraphDB Platform: Ecosystem Data Sources Neo4j Linkurious Community Kettle
  7. 7. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE 7 Self Service “We Are All Developers Now.” Tools Education Process • Kettle • Linkurious • Neo4j • Wiki • Instructor Led Training • Work Guides • Online Tutorials • IT/Business Partnership • Data Access Requests • Software Requests • Development Lifecycle • Naming Standards
  8. 8. LOCKHEED MARTIN PUBLIC RELEASE 8 Your Users Are Your Best Assets! Key Takeaways • Scaling • Training • Security • Grooming Data • Model design