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GraphTour 2020 - Opening Keynote

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GraphTour 2020 - Opening Keynote

  1. 1. Welcome to GRAPHTOUR 2020! Herman Roelandts herman.roelandts@neo4j.com
  2. 2. Agenda
  3. 3. What Is GraphTour? NOT GRAPHCONNECT! CU there?
  4. 4. What Is GraphTour?
  5. 5. Welcome to GRAPHTOUR 2020! Rik Van Bruggen rik@neo4j.com @rvanbruggen
  6. 6. Do you have a "Big Data" Problem, or do you have a big "Data Problem"? A few years back I got a Message from a friend
  7. 7. Let's talk about "The Graph Problem" Problem
  8. 8. Before we can actually address the problem, we have to recognize it as a specific type of problem, so that we can start imagining appropriate solutions to it.
  9. 9. Many problems have more than one potential solution, but usually one solution TYPE stands out as being most appropriate, natural, easy to implement, cost effective.
  10. 10. Graphs have been universally recognized as a great solution for specific types of problems - Graph Problems - and recognition is GROWING!
  11. 11. Look at this data… Element Depends On A B A C A D C H D J E F E G F J G L H I J N J M L M
  12. 12. Element Depends On A B A C A D C H D J E F E G F J G L H I J N J M L M Time challenge #1: Does A depend on F ?
  13. 13. Look at this data again…
  14. 14. If your business problem has a lot of dependencies - which in IT / database terms are represented by JOINs between different entities - and if solving for these dependencies in near real time is important to you, then your problem is probably easiest solved with graph technology - and we can safely call it a GRAPH PROBLEM. Congrats! You've just solved the "Graph Problem" Problem. Conclusion
  15. 15. Understanding when graph technology is most appropriate for solving your business problem, is the "Graph Problem" Problem. GraphTour aims to give you ALL the INFO you need to be able to do that quickly and efficiently. If we succeed - tell us. If we don't, also tell us! Our objective for GraphTour!
  16. 16. More and more people recognize their graph problems for what they are STATE OF THE GRAPH
  17. 17. A Vibrant Growing Community
  18. 18. 5k+Developers joined our community site in a year A Vibrant Growing Community neo4j.com/community
  19. 19. A Vibrant Growing Community 50% 1000+ Sign ups for Startup Program
  20. 20. A Vibrant Growing Community 60+Events 6Continents Global Graph Day
  21. 21. A Vibrant Growing Community r.neo4j.com/twin4j
  22. 22. Neo4j is one of the Fastest Growing Skills
  23. 23. 76%FORTUNE 100 have adopted or are piloting Neo4jFinance 20 of top 25 7 of top 10 Software Retail 7 of top 10 Airlines 3 of top 5 Logistics 3 of top 5 Telco 4 of top 5 Hospitality 3 of top 5 Growing Adoption in the Enterprise
  24. 24. Growing Recognition
  25. 25. DB-engines Ranking of Database Categories • Graph DBMS • Key-value stores • Document stores • Wide column store • RDF stores • Time stores • Native XML DBMS • Object oriented DBMS • Multivalue DBMS • Relational DBMS Graph DB Growing popularity of Graphs 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
  26. 26. Keith Hare Chair of the SQL Committee since 2005 Growing support for GQL |
  27. 27. A Growing family neo4j.com/careers/ We are Hiring Malmö London Munich San Mateo
  28. 28. How do we choose to tackle graph problems? Neo4j PHILOSOPHY
  29. 29. Neo4j Philosophy Quality Always Self serve first/practitioner led adoption We value relationships Simplicity and pragmatism We solve hard problems Community Driven
  30. 30. By Developers For Developers 80+% of our customers start as individual developers I’ve been playing with @neo4j today and I must say, even though I’ve only about scratched the surface of it, I love it. And about Cypher: I can’t believe how much sense it makes and how easy I got started writing queries. Plus the Desktop app was a very pleasant experience. After learning Neo4j, it’s amazing to me how much better a graph data structure suits real-world relationship models. Bye bye tricky SQL joins! Good god @neo4j's intro console with the movie example is literally the best database engine intro I have ever seen <applause>
  31. 31. What do you want?
  32. 32. Here's what we've heard Build Faster Scale Bigger Launch EasierBe More Secure
  33. 33. How do others solve graph problems? Neo4j Use Case Examples
  34. 34. https://neo4j.com/customers/
  35. 35. https://neo4j.com/use-cases/
  36. 36. 10y ago Neo4j 1.0
  37. 37. The Year of the Graph
  38. 38. We just launched the best platform for solving graph problems Neo4j 4.0
  39. 39. The Six Pillars of Neo4j Database
  40. 40. What’s New in Neo4j 4.0 Easy Management Unlimited Scale Granularsecurity Fast to develop
  41. 41. What’s New in Neo4j 4.0 Multi-DatabaseNeo4j Fabric Schema-Based Security Reactive Database
  42. 42. 4.0 now available https://neo4j.com/download-center/ https://neo4j.com/whats-new/
  43. 43. 4.0 now available https://neo4j.com/download-center/ https://neo4j.com/whats-new/
  44. 44. Remember November 6th 2019?
  45. 45. Neo4j Aura Fully Managed native graph database
  46. 46. Always On Availability For Cloud Native Applications Elastic Scalability
  47. 47. What if you want to treat the graph problem as a graph? Neo4j Bloom
  48. 48. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Perspective Search Visualization Exploration Inspection Editing 49 Business view of the graph Departmental views • Hiding PII • Styling Near-natural Language Search Full-text search • Graph patterns • Custom Search Phrases GPU Accelerated Visualization High performance physics & rendering Direct graph interactions Select, expand, dismiss, find paths Node + Relationship details Browse from neighbor to neighbor Create, Connect, Update Code-free graph changes Neo4j Bloom Overview
  49. 49. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Try Bloom with Neo4j Enterprise Edition 50 Neo4j Sandbox - a Neo4j interactive experience ● Limited time cloud instance ● Bloom enabled ● Links to Bloom videos and docs ● Explore our fraud demo dataset https://neo4j.com/bloom/ Neo4j Desktop - a Neo4j developer’s toolchest ● Install on your local machine ● Includes developer license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition ● Activate Bloom with a trial key from your Neo4j rep ● Connect to any local or remote database https://neo4j.com/download/
  50. 50. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Get Bloom with the Startup Program 51 https://neo4j.com/startup-program/
  51. 51. Make better predictions with the data you already have Graph Data Science
  52. 52. Remember Neo4j Labs? Incubating the Next Generation of Graph Developer Tooling Announced at NODES conference! neo4j.com/labs
  53. 53. Graph Algorithms plugin becomes the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library Graduated Summa Cum Laude!
  54. 54. Neo4j provides the first, enterprise-grade graph data science platform with a practical approach to increase your predictive accuracy with the data you already have. 5 5 First graph data science platform with enterprise-grade features and scale Practical, easy-to-use graph data science and analytics for a faster time to value Increase your predictive accuracy with the data you already have
  55. 55. More solutions to graph problems in the works! Neo4j LABS
  56. 56. Current Projects GraphQL and Grandstack APOCNEuler (Graph Algorithms Playground) Halin Monitoring App ETL ToolKafka integration
  57. 57. Neo4j Kafka Connector
  58. 58. Graph Algorithms Playground
  59. 59. That covers the intro!
  60. 60. Agenda