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Panama Papers and Beyond: Unveiling Secrecy with Graphs

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The media start-up International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has been breaking the secrecy surrounding tax havens for the past four years, but graph databases helped take their investigative power to the next level. Learn how their reporters used graphs to unveil patterns of crime and corruption in exposés like the Panama Papers and how millions of people have now become investigators by using the Neo4j-powered Offshore Leaks Database, one of the largest repositories of offshore companies in the world.

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Panama Papers and Beyond: Unveiling Secrecy with Graphs

  1. 1. The --start-up-- ICIJ ICIJ leadership US-based team Data & Research Unit Africa desk
  2. 2. +370 journalists in 80 countries
  3. 3. It’s not even the tip of the iceberg Photo: Ben O’Bryan
  4. 4. RESIGNED
  5. 5. We got lucky! Thanks to tech Photo: 8ShroomFairy8
  6. 6. The “Watergate-type reporter” Investigated the President (Paraguay) The developer Knows all about data (France) Skills Needs
  7. 7. Investigative social networking
  8. 8. Investigative e-discovery
  9. 9. MAGIC!! ● I click on “dots” and I find stories! ● I discover stories thanks to fuzzy searching ● Find shortest path Wow! Cypher queries Public widgets API
  10. 10. 1M nodes, 4.5M relationships
  11. 11. CRAZY!! Since May 9, 2016: ● 7.4 million sessions ● 44.2 million page views ● Visitors coming from (top 5 countries): US, Japan, Spain, Canada, UK ● Many entering through the country filter ● Among the most searched terms...
  12. 12. Download in Neo4j :)
  13. 13. Discover yourself!
  14. 14. call apoc.meta.graph
  15. 15. Photo: Elaine We barely scratched the surface
  16. 16. TO DO Entity extraction Email pattern analysis Content mining Data mining Machine learning Matches with other document collections
  17. 17. donate.icij.org
  18. 18. Photo: jessica Let’s stop playing bingo!