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This week in Neo4j - 23rd June 2018

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Discover what's new in the Neo4j community for the week of 23 June 2018, including the World Cup Graph and GraphQL API as well as tuning Cypher queries.

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This week in Neo4j - 23rd June 2018

  1. 1. This Week in Neo4j 23rd June 2018
  2. 2. Mark Needham Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j mark.needham@neo4j.com / devrel@neo4j.com @markhneedham 2
  3. 3. The week's graph database news in one handy slide deck! Find the archive at neo4j.com/tag/twin4j
  4. 4. Featured community member: Bea Hernández Learn more about Bea
  5. 5. We’re well into the 2nd round of matches at World Cup 2018 and Michael and I decided to revive the World Cup Graph that we first created 4 years ago. The dataset contains the matches, players, and tournaments for every World Cup from 1930 to the present day. The World Cup Graph Read the blog post
  6. 6. World Cup GraphQL API Read the blog post To make the World Cup Graph accessible to people not yet fluent with the Cypher query language we also created a GraphQL API on top of the database. This only took us a few hours thanks to the excellent GRANDstack Starter Kit. All the scaffolding had been done for us – all we had to do was fill in details about our database and create a GraphQL schema.
  7. 7. Based on popular demand, Ryan this week resumed the Intro to Graph Databases YouTube series with a video explaining the Cypher query language. Ryan starts by explaining how the developer surface of Neo4j has evolved over the years, from the embedded Java API to the present day of Bolt drivers and Cypher queries. Intro to Graph Databases Episode #5 Cypher, the Graph Query Language Watch the video
  8. 8. Learn how to tune Cypher Andrew Bowman explains how to tune Cypher queries by understanding cardinality. He starts with a high level overview of how Cypher execution works, and then takes us through a worked example from the in built movies dataset, showing various tricks to improve the performance of the query. Tuning Cypher queries by understanding cardinality
  9. 9. Last week we featured a blog post where Rik showed how to import the Open Beer Database along with Spatial data points, and in this week’s blog post he shows how to write queries against this new data type. Querying spatial data points in Neo4j Read the blog post
  10. 10. On my GitHub travels I came across a few interesting projects that you can take a look at if you get some free time this week. They include a knowledge graph that can be used with Microsoft’s LUIS NLU or google’s Dialogflow.com NLU, as well as a tool to convert and load RDF into Neo4j. Projects to play with: Knowledge Graph, Mortality Explorer, RDF → Graph Find projects to play with
  11. 11. If you liked this check out the blog post This Week in Neo4j - 23rd June 2018