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Technology Powerpoint

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Technology Powerpoint

  1. 1. Technology in the Past, Present, and Future By: Newri Kim
  2. 2. The Cell Phone Now we have high tech cell phones which are slim, light and even have access to the internet. We now even have cameras, games, music and navigators installed in our phones. Cell phones in the past were large, bulky, heavy and hard to carry around.
  3. 3. The Computer The computer as you can see was VERY large and was not light-weight and portable. Now the computers are slim and are portable and even have installed cameras.
  4. 4. Future Cell Phones and Computers The future computes will have a shoot up screen with a laser keyboard that comes out of pens. The cell phone will now just keep getting better and better and will just get more and more high tech.
  5. 5. Technology that Help Disabled People Also there is something called a tongue device which is implanted or pierced into a person’s tongue that is as small as a grain of rice. This device helps the disabled to become more independent. There are now gadgets that help disabled people to work the computer using a vocal joystick.
  6. 6. Conclusion Technology will keep getting better and better. It can be good for some people but bad for others. The future will hold many more surprises for us and help us to be a more “updated” society. Technology in the future can help socially, financially and economically. It will be a world-wide change and our world will be even more advanced then it is right now. T E C H
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