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How to Set Up a Social PR Newsroom

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How to set up a Best Practice PR Newsroom using www.newsmaker.com.au -- store your Press Releases, images, corporate profiles, spokesperson profiles, contact details - everything you need to take your PR to the next level and create a truly social space for business communication.

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How to Set Up a Social PR Newsroom

  1. 1. h"p://www.newsmaker.com.au/   How to Set Up a Social PR Newsroom A Step by Step Guide to Best Practice Newsrooms * “Creative Newsrooms are the future”, according to PR pioneer Richard Edelman *
  2. 2. In  “My  Newsrooms”  you  can  create  different,   branded  online  newsrooms.    You  can  apply  any   Press  Release  to  any  of  your  Newsrooms.   “My  Newsrooms”  stores  all  your   newsroom  acDvity  
  3. 3.  Use  search  filters  to  arrange  your   Newsrooms.  There  is  a  bu"on  to  reset   these  filters.     Filters     Create  or  edit  an  exisDng  newsroom  
  4. 4. Fill  in  the  basic  contact  details,   starDng  with  the  Company  Name.    
  5. 5. You  can  create  a  new  Online   Newsroom  here  if  you  haven’t   already  created  one  that’s   relevant   In  the  Press  Release  Template,  click   the  “Newsrooms”  tab  and  select  the   newsrooms  you  want  your  press   release  to  appear  in.    
  6. 6. Your  Newsroom  has  comprehensive   ediDng  features,  you  can  even  paste  in   Source  code  for  a  custom  look   You  can  reach  the  ‘My   Contacts’  page  through  the   ‘Press  Releases’  drop  down   menu  or  through  ‘Create  a  new   contact’  under  the  Contacts   tab  when  you  are  creaDng  a   new  press  release.   .   .  
  7. 7. You  can  enter  one  or   more  images  or  paste   in  code  for  a  full   custom  look.   An  example  of  an  Social  PR  Newsroom   Each  Newsroom  has  an   individual  RSS  Feed  for  your  use   in  other  sites  and  social  media.   Sharing  bu"ons  and  QR  Codes   make  it  easy  to  transfer  your   newsroom  to  a  mobile  device.   Click  the  Logo  to   Add  or  Replace  a   Logo  
  8. 8. h"p://www.newsmaker.com.au/   The easy way to connect with journalists and pro bloggers * Contact editor@newsmaker.com.au *