nextNY Online Marketing School - SEM Presentation

18 Jun 2010

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nextNY Online Marketing School - SEM Presentation

  1. Receptive to message – want you now
  2. Not “interruption advertising”
  3. Highly targeted traffic
  4. “Implied intent” – can show stage in buying cycle
  5. Precise targeting opportunities
  6. Control of placement on page
  7. Control of creative messaging
  8. Control of destination
  9. Real-time activation and optimization
  10. Significant Education
  11. Management Complexity
  12. Time Consuming
  13. Multiple User Interfaces
  14. Google drove close to 80% of US paid search in 2009, up from 60% in 2006.
  15. Largely at the expense of Yahoo, for which spending share decreased by 12.4%.
  16. Goals: Define business objectives
  17. Metrics: Define key performance indicators (KPIs)
  18. Success: Define conversion events
  19. Intelligence: Collect data and assess
  20. Keywords: Identify keywords, negative keywords, match types, plural vs. singular
  21. AdCopy: State unique value proposition, call to action, and friendly display URLs
  22. Budgeting/Bidding: Set account & campaign level budgets, keyword bidding strategies
  23. Targeting: Utilize targeting methodologies (geo-targeting, by demographics, day-parting)
  24. Distribution/Networks: Decide which engines you should use. Search vs. content network?
  25. Landing Pages: Chosecontent, design & images, calls to action.
  26. Tracking & Analytics: Set keyword level tracking (Depth pays off)
  27. URLs (display/destination): Enhance display URLs to increase credibility
  28. Re-posts 1,200+ brand new accounts (small spenders = aggregate optimization) & overtakes creation of high spending accounts.
  29. Clickable’s newly attained management of the accounts produced in a 3X increase in the overall conversion rate (3.84% vs. 10.79%).
  30. Clickable newly created accounts also outperformed legacy accounts by having a 34% lower CPA.
  31. DEMAND FULFILLMENT: You are ready to fulfill demand
  32. ECONOMICS: You are certain that it makes business sense
  33. STABLE STORE: Your web-site is stable & functioning
  34. DEFINED METRICS: Your metrics are well defined
  35. TRACKING: You are capable to track your sales funnel
  36. REPORTING: Make sure that you have a clear visibility into your metrics
  37. HIRE SMART: Do not try to save on resource, Search is complex and can be costly.
  38. TOOLS: Get Relevant Tools that can help you be more efficient.
  39. TRANSPERENCY: Make sure that you will have full transparency in metrics
  40. COMMITMENT: Don’t settle for long contracts & commitments
  41. FLEXIBILITY: Vendors should easily adjust as your business goals and needs are changing
  42. SCALABILITY: There needs to be a capacity to grow as your business expands
  43. PRICE: Get a defined pricing model that is beneficial to your business
  44. CLEAR ROI: Make sure that there is a clear ROI opportunity
  45. INTEGRATION: Integration should be simple and should not delay you business growth
  46. COMPLEXITY: Diverse and complex user experiences, levels of engagement, etc.
  47. INEFFICIENCY: Most self managed PPC programs fail due to inexperience
  48. TOOLS & PLATFORMS: Create simple and single UE to manage PPC across engines
  49. AUTOMATION: Build automated recommendations that drive efficiency