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Juggernaut read-behind

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Learn more about how we leverage our pre-built IP to create on demand apps for businesses.

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Juggernaut read-behind

  1. 1. Juggernaut AN INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. HELLO THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO LEARN MORE ABOUT US. We hear stories about entrepreneurs coming up with million dollar ideas over discussions at the coffee table. Juggernaut is not one of them. Juggernaut evolved from years of experience making mobility solutions and being a tech solution pro- vider for startups as Click Labs. For the past 18 months we have been focussing on creating a unique value proposition for anyone looking to build an On Demand Marketplace. Luckily for us technology and non-technology pieces have perfectly aligned. Many successful imple- mentations have already validated the fact that On demand Marketplaces are forcing traditional busi- nesses to change the way they operate by removing inefficiencies and friction. The industry value chains stand to be disrupted and we are here to enable you with the technology piece. On Demand Marketplaces thrive on seamless integration of the offline business with their online pres- ence. The technology underlying this ecosystem requires smooth interoperability between core func- tionalities which collectively make the whole on-demand experience possible. On the following pages, we've put together some facts about the company, a sampling of our approach and also included a few clients that might help you figure out the potential for collaboration. the good people at Juggernaut
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO On Demand Platforms Marketplace Solutions
  4. 4. A strategic approach built to understand your vision and delineate the business model in a collaborative manner. Your knowledge and grasp of the opportunity and the niche and our understanding of on demand technology is then transformed into a product that fuels your quest to create a disruptive force. HOW WILL WE RESONATE WHY YOU US HOW WHAT Opportunity Working in our labs creating technology blocks Collaborate Niche Knowledge On Demand Expertise Business Model Evolves Old School SDLC Laser Focussed On Communication Robust Scalable Product
  5. 5. we help you build On Demand and Marketplace Platforms that are in sync with your Business Model leveraging Existing Technology Blocks while ensuring you Burn 3 times less CASH Take 2 times less TIME than expected SUCCEED in 1st attempt at the technology product VALUE PROPOSITION
  6. 6. We’ve built a robust IP using modules/components that are basic to all on-demand businesses, & they’re customized to suit your business model. OUR SECRET SAUCE SIGN UP AGGREGATION SCHEDULER MATCHINGPROMO NOTIFICATION TRACKING PAYMENT REVIEW $ CUSTOM SOLUTIONSTECHNOLOGYMODULES CUSTOMER APP FIELD APP DASHBOARD ANALYTICS Node.js Web Services layer iOS/Android Native Apps Frontend Web Dashboard AngularJS MongoDB Non SQL Database
  7. 7. SIGN UP AGGREGATION SCHEDULER MATCHINGPROMO NOTIFICATION TRACKING PAYMENT REVIEW CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER $ Sign Up Select Service Schedule Service Enter Promo Code SP Allocation Interact with SP Tracking SP Select Payment Method Review Service Provider Sign Up Enter Service Details Enter Service Schedule Service Request Interact with Customer Directions and Navigation Payment Management Review Customer MODULAR APPROACH
  8. 8. SIGN UP SIGN UP CUSTOMER Email /Phone No. Login Social Network Login OTP Verification Email/ Phone No. Login OTP Verification Admin Generated Account Qualification/Documents Verification SERVICE PROVIDER
  9. 9. SCHEDULER CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER Later Flexible Time Instant Recurring Set service area Sets the availability Sync with google calendar SCHEDULER
  10. 10. PROMO PROMOTIONS CUSTOMER Discount %, Amount Expiration Credits Validity Max redemption Referrer Amount Referee Amount Max. Referred Marketing Promotion ATTRIBUTES Referral Bonus ATTRIBUTES
  11. 11. MATCHING MATCHING CUSTOMERFactors: Availability (Location, service, time) Favourites Review Time Based (ETA) Requests Service Direct Allocation01 Manual Selection by Admin 03 Manual Selection by Customer 02 SERVICE PROVIDER
  12. 12. NOTIFICATION NOTIFICATION Integrations: Twilio Nexmo Voxio Event Based Notifications 01 In app calling and SMS 03 Push, SMS, and Email Broadcasts 02 SOS/Panic Notification 05 Number Masking 04 Invoices via email 04
  13. 13. TRACKING SERVICE PROVIDER CUSTOMERIntegrations: TRACKING Google Maps API Mapbox API Open Street Maps API Live Tracking/ETA Turn by Turn Navigation Location Updation
  14. 14. PAYMENTS PAYMENT $ SERVICE PROVIDER Wallet Card Payments Subscription Cash Escrow Zone Based Pricing Regular Reimbursement Adjustable Commission After scheduling After confirmation After service completion Stripe Braintree Paypal Square Integrations:
  15. 15. REVIEW Marketing Promotion REVIEW CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER Feedback01 Favourites03 Comments 02 Helps in: Guiding Allocation Sourcing Trust Signaling Quality of supply and demand
  16. 16. CLIENTS MiniLuxe Bite Kite MiniLuxe, Boston’s celebrated beauty salon chain, joined forces with Jugger- naut to launch an on-demand beauty app for its manicure and pedicure ser- vices. Now, busy-bees from all over the city can book an appointment at any one of the eight outlets in few clicks. MiniLuxe has recently received $23 mil- lion in a new round of funding for taking their outlets pan USA. Bite Kite teamed up with Juggernaut to create Boston’s first on-demand meal delivery service. The mobile app offers Bostonians a daily-changing eclectic menu, expertly prepared with locally sourced ingredients, by their in-house-chefs. All the meals are delivered at a lightening pace with a mere tap on their phones.
  17. 17. Smokeio Jugnoo Project X Inc. along with Juggernaut create Smokeio™, a proprietary Mobile App and Technology Platform which provides the easiest way to search, find and acquire Medical Marijuana and other Cannabis related products with re- al-time delivery and in-store order scheduling. Jugnoo is an on-demand Rickshaw solution for both Passengers and Driv- ers, successfully operating in India in many cities. Passengers can enjoy a fast, affordable and reliable auto rides in couple of clicks. And Drivers can increase their income and customer base conveniently. The app offers fea- tures like legit auto fare, feedback and rating options, etc.
  18. 18. Let’s explore how we can together create the next big ‘disruption’ THANK YOU WE’D LOVE TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER Drop us a line at Email : contact@nextjuggernaut.com Call : +1 984-664-2355 Website : nextjuggernaut.com