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Digital employee engagement

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Presentation made at the inaugural InDigital Connect conference at The Apex, Bury St Edmunds on 1 May 2014

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Digital employee engagement

  1. 1. Digital employee engagement Niall Cook, Refocus Associates #connectIDEA
  2. 2. Refocus “We help organisations use social technologies to engage staff, collaborate more effectively and improve productivity”
  3. 3. Niall Cook  More than 15 years of digital communication experience  Principal of Refocus and Sociagility  Focus on digital internal and corporate communications  Pioneer in organisational use of social technologies  Client experience includes Balfour Beatty, Bonhams, Cisco, Groupon, Legal & General, Sheffield University, Thistle Hotels  Services include training, consulting and support to HR, OD, IT, IC and other professionals  Author of Enterprise 2.0: How social software will change the future of work www.niallcook.com niall@refocuslimited.com @niallcook 07912 437 573
  4. 4. Employee engagement matters
  5. 5. What is engagement?  An “engaged employee” is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and take positive action to further the organisation’s reputation and interests  “Engaged employees” contribute discretionary effort for their organisations  “Engaged employees” find meaning in their work
  6. 6. Engagement = productivity  Productivity loss due to active disengagement • $450–550bn per yearUSA • $151–186bn per yearGermany • $83–112bn per yearUK Source: Gallup, State of the Global Workplace 2011–2012 Based on 230,000 employees in 142 countries
  7. 7. Engagement = performance
  8. 8. State of employee engagement
  9. 9. Communication matters
  10. 10. Communication = productivity  40% of an employee’s productivity is directly determined by the amount of communication with others whilst discovering, gathering and internalising information  Employees with the most extensive digital networks are 7% more productive than their colleagues Source: Bulleit, B. 2006. Effectively managing team conflict.
  11. 11. Communication = engagement  Improved interactions  Greater trust  Better understanding  Improved efficiency  Better performance  Gratification Companies that communicate effectively are 4x more likely to have high levels of employee engagement
  12. 12. Effective communication matters
  13. 13. Digital matters
  14. 14. New opportunities to engage  Employees want to engage more with senior teams via social media channels…  …40% of managers would be happy to reciprocate  A fifth of employees would share company news if they thought friends and family might be interested  But two-thirds have no involvement in their company’s social media activity  And more than 25% are not even allowed to access social networks Source: hyphen workplace solutions
  15. 15. Here come the natives  Increasing numbers of digital natives (born after 1982) are entering the workforce  They will operate best in open, collaborative, socially-mediated environments  They will expect to use their own technology and mobile devices for work and seek out employers that will let them  The majority of content they consume is created by ‘people like them’
  16. 16. Challenges for organisations  The types of communication that effectively engage employees are shifting  More dynamic digital experiences will have a higher impact on employee engagement  Imperative to create real-time, two-way dialogue using social tools – internally and externally
  17. 17. Employee ambassador programmes
  18. 18. Employee ambassadors  Actively share news about the organisation  Use social media and word of mouth  Know how and why to share  Recognised and rewarded  Volunteers  Passionate and enthusiastic
  19. 19. Making it happen  Find hidden talent  Include senior management  Create policies and guidance  Develop an “ambassador toolkit”  Provide training  Constant communication  Put the intranet at the centre  Support with social media
  20. 20. Sharing the approved stuff
  21. 21. Benefits  Employees want to be passionate and proud  It makes work better  Evangelises the brand  Creates conversation and community  Encourages creativity
  22. 22. In summary  Employee engagement can impact on performance and productivity  Effective communication can impact on employee engagement and productivity  The types of communication that effectively engage employees are shifting  Employee ambassador programmes provide an opportunity to engage a digitally native workforce and benefit the brand
  23. 23. Let’s talk some more www.niallcook.com niall@refocuslimited.com @niallcook 07912 437 573 #connectIDEA