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Choose a man — Final Presentation at Tongji University Shanghai

Choose a man — Final Presentation at Tongji University Shanghai

This project was for our Java EE course at Tongji University in Shanghai, China.
The ideas come from an online dating service in France (AdopteUnMec.com) with a copycat approach for the Chinese market.

The goal of this presentation was to present the final presentation of our project.
We made the presentation the 18th June 2013 for the Java EE course.

Team :
Adrien ABAD (EPITECH 2014)
Romain CAPOT (EPITECH 2014)
Nicolas DANINO (EPITECH 2014)
Sylvain DEVAUX (EPITECH 2014)
Bertrand NGUYEN-HAO (EPITECH 2014)
Roger TAN (EPITECH 2014)

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Choose a man — Final Presentation at Tongji University Shanghai

  1. 1. Choose a manLove is complicated, shopping is simpleJava EE - Tongji University ShanghaiIntroducingThe new online dating service in China
  2. 2. The idea1
  3. 3. Boys are pr ductsGirls are cust mersOnline dating serviceWhere
  4. 4. Our valuesE-commerce styleGameDedicated to girls
  5. 5. The team2
  6. 6. RogerTan
  7. 7. BertrandNguyen-Hao
  8. 8. RomainCapot
  9. 9. NicolasDanino
  10. 10. SureshRajalingam
  11. 11. SylvainDevaux
  12. 12. AdrienAbad
  13. 13. 7 members2 Team
  14. 14. Technologies3
  15. 15. 1 Project
  16. 16. JavaJavaServerFacesHibernateFrameworkPrimeFacesGoogle MapsAPIYoda-TimeTomahawkCompassMustache.jsSocket.iojQueryHTML5CSS3AJAXNode.jsMySQL16Technologies
  17. 17. The way to love3
  18. 18. Sign-up
  19. 19. Fill herprofile
  20. 20. Receive a charmfrom a guy
  21. 21. TalkPut thehandsome guyin her cart
  22. 22. TalkTalk
  23. 23. And more...Talk
  24. 24. Demo4
  25. 25. DEMO
  26. 26. Architecture5
  27. 27. Model ViewController
  28. 28. Model ViewController
  29. 29. Code5
  30. 30. The map Research Home Registration NotificationWe are going to explain you the operationof five elements of the website
  31. 31. The map
  32. 32. City + Region1We have the city and the regionof each user in the databaseThe map
  33. 33. Google MapsAPICity + Region1 2We sends the city and the regionto the Google Maps APIThe map
  34. 34. Google MapsAPICity + Region1 2 3GPS DataThe API sends back the GPSinformation of the cityThe map
  35. 35. Google MapsAPICity + Region1 2 3 4Google MapsAPIGPS DataThen, we send the GPS informationto the Google Maps API againThe map
  36. 36. The mapGoogle MapsAPICity + Region1 2 3 4 5Google MapsAPIGPS Data The mapFinally, we get the map with the pin.We display it on the user’s profile
  37. 37. Research
  38. 38. When a search form is filledAn object research is buildwith all criteriaObject research
  39. 39. But the information arestored in many tablesInformation storedinto tablesObject research
  40. 40. How to match them forbuilding our research query ?Information storedinto tablesObject research
  41. 41. Information storedinto tablesObject researchWe use the reflection to solve it(reflective programming paradigms)Reflection
  42. 42. Information storedinto tablesObject researchSo now we have our research querySQL Query
  43. 43. So, we have our research queryThe researchThe processSQL Query1
  44. 44. We send it to Hibernate(Object-Relational Mapping)The researchThe processHibernateORM1 2SQL Query
  45. 45. The researchThe processWe get back a list of users that matchwith the research queryHibernateORMList of users1 2 3SQL Query
  46. 46. The researchThe processThen, the list is changed accordingto the distance between the two usersHibernateORMList of usersSort bydistance1 2 3 4SQL Query
  47. 47. Finally, a match percentage iscalculated and the list is sortedThe researchThe processHibernateORMList of usersSort bydistanceMatchPercentage1 2 3 4 5SQL Query
  48. 48. Home
  49. 49. Quick ResearchHome
  50. 50. Quick ResearchCarousel of thebest buyers of the monthHome
  51. 51. Quick ResearchCarousel of thebest buyers of the monthCarousel of peoplein the same provinceHome
  52. 52. Quick ResearchCarousel of thebest buyers of the monthCarousel of lastconnected peopleHomeCarousel of peoplein the same province
  53. 53. Quick ResearchCarousel of thebest buyers of the monthHomeCarousel of peoplein the same provinceCarousel of lastconnected peopleCarousel ofthe contact list
  54. 54. HomeQuick ResearchCarousel of thebest buyers of the monthCarousel of peoplein the same provinceCarousel of lastconnected peopleCarousel ofthe contact list
  55. 55. Registration
  56. 56. RegistrationA form exampleE-mailVerified formatBirthdayMinimum 18PasswordSHA1 EncryptionGenderNicknameReal name
  57. 57. Notification
  58. 58. The notification systemWe have 3 types of eventsAdoption Message CharmThe events
  59. 59. The notification systemThe processThe user makes one of the three eventsto another user1Action
  60. 60. The notification systemThe processThe Javascript client sends the event to theserver with 2 parameters : the sender’s nicknameand the receiver’s nickname1 2Action Event sender
  61. 61. The notification systemThe processThe server catches the eventand finds the socket of the receiverin an associative array1 2 3Action Event sender Node.js Server
  62. 62. The notification systemThe processThe server sends an eventto the receiver1 2 3 4Action Event sender Event receiverNode.js Server
  63. 63. The notification systemThe processThe receiver receives the event anddisplays the pop-up to the user1 2 3 4 5Action Event sender Node.js Server Event receiver Pop-up
  64. 64. Choose a manLove is complicated, shopping is simpleYour new online dating service
  65. 65. Thanks to them !ConceptOriginal idea by AdopteUnMec.comSlides inspirationEmiland de CubberNancy DuarteThe Noun ProjectEngrenages by Max HancockSearch by Phil GoodwinCompare by Tim ShedorMagic by Natalia BłaszczykSign Up by Charlene ChenDivorce by Luis PradoPhare by PauloVolkovaUser by Ryan OksenhornLocation by Ricardo MoreiraShopping Cart by John CasertaLove Shack by Luis PradoBirthday Cake by Grant WilsonCompare by Tim ShedorDatabase by Ed JonesCompass by Jardson AraújoTeam by Björn AnderssonTime by Richard deVosDouble Tap by Mert GutavChat by Atelier IcebergHeart by Jetro Cabau QuirósEye by Mateo ZlatarSign Up by Jens WindolfLock by Andy FuchsBuilding Block by Michael RoweBoy by Michael RoweConstruction by OCHA AVMUMustache by Ade Harnusa AzrilTest Tube by Zach GrahamKey by William J. SalvadorCity by Juan Pablo BravoAxe by Guvnor CoData Analysis by Brennan NovakButton by TravisYunisTeam by Ed GrayServer by aLfEnvelope by Jonathan GibsonRace Track by Liau Jian JieFlag by Stanislav LevinPercent by Axel HerrmannQuestion by Chok HernándezCSS by Qinq LiUniversityEPITECH ParisTongji University Shanghai