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Weekend Getaway Bakeri Group - Real Estate Campaign Idea & Promotion Plan

Weekend Getaway Bakeri Group (Serenity Meadows) - Real Estate Campaign Idea & Promotion Plan

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Weekend Getaway Bakeri Group - Real Estate Campaign Idea & Promotion Plan

  2. 2. The objective is to sell the plots not merely as pieces of land, but as plots that come with a promise. A promise of a second home where you can travel to on weekends and spend some quality time in the lap of nature with your family when you've had enough with the monotony of the city life. Where you don't have to travel distances for a few days of pleasure or ensure that your savings are sufficient for that big family holiday. These plots come with another promise i.e great investment whose value will multiply with time.
  3. 3. A Promotion plan is a set of systematic decisions making relating to all aspects of an organization’s or individual’s communications efforts. Based on the multitude of research and consumer insights, we have come up with a multi-pronged promotion plan to maximize the impact of our communication. This plan would take care of promotions across a wide gamut of mediums like Television, Radio, OOH, Print, Internet and Social Media etc. With activations taking place simultaneously. This Plan is centered around the brief provided by the Bakeri group and is in sync with our campaign idea.
  4. 4. “I love my family. I’ll go any distance to provide them all the comforts of life. My wife and kids are the pillars of my strength and my pool of love. They deserve nothing but the best. This is why I want to give them the tranquillity of Serenity Meadows every weekend. So that my wife can take that much deserved break from her daily chores and my kids can unwind in the nature that they rarely get to see in the city. I am the provider for 5 days, but now I want to be the keeper for these 2 days. Serenity Gardens helps me rejuvenate my senses, replenish my energies and return to rule this crazy world all over again. It’s like owning my own handful of paradise” Dipan Patel 35 year old Businessman Husband of a doting wife and father of two little angels
  5. 5. Age: 35-45 yrs Gender: Male Family Size: 3-5 members Income: ~ >₹70,000 per month Occupation: Business/ Pvt. Job Education: Graduate/ Post Graduate Social Class: SEC A1 Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati Lifestyle: Outgoing, Responsible, Environment friendly Personality: Ambitious, Caring, Health & Status conscious
  6. 6. [See Appendix 3]
  7. 7. Genre: News Channels, GEC [English and Gujarati] Time slot: Late evening 7 – 9 pm & Night 9 – 11 PM [See Appendix 1] Why: The head of the family comes back from work and logs into a news channel (NDTV, CNN IBN, CNBC TV 18 etc. ) do get his daily dose of news. While, the housewife after completing her chores in the day logs on to GEC’s for her entertainment Since, the wife plays an important role in influencing the husband’s decision, making GEC’s an important touchpoint. How: Through short commercials based on the campaign idea given
  8. 8. Type: LED billboards, billboards, buses Where: Major traffic junctions [ SG Road, Satellite, Prahladnagar, Judges Bunglow Road, Vastrapur, etc.] Why: They are the easiest touchpoints as most of the cars are driven by chauffeurs and the target group spends considerable time in traffic jams. Public buses are good OOH sites where the Volvo sides can be used as an advertising medium How: Using different print ads at different locations but all of them tying in to the same theme Source: http://gujaratmoney.com/2010/03/12/banner-talk-the- first-led-billboard-of-gujarat-by-lcpl-is-talk-of-the-town-in- ahmedabad/
  9. 9. Type: Newspapers weekend supplements and Full/Half page ads in Gujarati, Business and English dailies Newspapers to target: Mainly TOI and Divya Bhaskar with occasional advertisement in Mint and The Economic Times [See appendix 2] Why: The target families as per the data reads the mentioned newspapers and thus printing ads in these papers would be effective. Though business papers have comparatively less circulation, it is known to be subscribed by the target audience
  10. 10. Where: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube How: The key is engagement in these mediums. We can have, early bird discount campaign on these two mediums along with marketing campaigns. Example: ‘What is your favourite destination?’ campaign or ‘How do you spend most of your indoor time during holidays?’ and then incorporating these ideas into the weekend homes On youtube, short video commercials play an important role as the target consumer spends considerable time nowadays on this medium Why: According to recent data, heavy social media usage patterns can be seen and Gujarat top in social media usage via smartphones in the country. For instance, Ahmedabad sees 60 per cent users logged into the networking sites using their smartphones as compared to Delhi Source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-31/social- media/41641548_1_social-media-users-facebook-users-cent-users http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-06- 30/ahmedabad/32483456_1_social-media-gujarat-brands-social- networking-sites
  11. 11. Type: Printed flexes, standies Where: Clubs, specifically Karnavati and Rajpath Club Why: The target audience has membership in the clubs and visit them on a regular basis How: Print ads based on the campaign idea can be advertised through standies and fllexes at the clubs for greater brand presence
  12. 12. Where: In Ahmedabad and Mumbai Which: Like GIHED property show, Grahapravesh, Times property Expo Mumbai Why: A lot of the target population of Gujarati’s lives in Mumbai too and these trade fairs are a great touchpoint as only people with an intention of buying tend to attend them How: Using the campiaign idea brochures can be designed and live model of the project can be on display
  13. 13. Which: Radio Mirchi, Radio City Why: Real estate promotions led the radio advertisement category alongwith education. The target audience spends a lot of time travelling and inadvertently listening to one of the two popular radio channels mentioned. average audience in morning day part has seen a surge in Ahmedabad, peaking at 9 am with a 70 per cent growth. How: A brief radio commercial on the lines of the campaign design as elicited in the campaign idea presented between 8 am and 10 am. Higher frequency on weekends. 95 per cent of the audience can be targeted by the morning day part alone Source: http://www.indiantelevision.com/mam/headlines/y2k12/may/maymam61.php
  14. 14. Where: The Official Bakeri Group website and enlisting on propert portals (Eg. 99acres, Magicbricks etc.) Why: Before buying or investing in any property the target audience checks the brand/site online presence first nowadays. Thus it is extremely important to have a good looking website that complements the project and have your project enlisted on property prortals How: The project design should be available on the site alongwith a 3D model of the site, this will engage consumers and give them a better understanding of what they are investing in Also, the presence of a mobile site extremely important as data suggest that the target audience is heavy mobile internet user. Bakeri group should also focus on advertising the print ads on property portals . Source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08- 31/social-media/41641548_1_social-media-users-facebook- users-cent-users
  15. 15. Television viewrship data A: Age – 30 – 39 yrs, SEC A1 & A2, Ahmedabad B Age – 40 – 49 yrs, SEC A1 & A2, Ahmedabad Source: Indian Readership Survey (IRS) All A B Sample No 245691 197 207 Est. Individuals (000s) (000s) 889070 138 177 Daypart Viewership-Working Days : Early morning before 9am (000s) 53552 3 * Col % 6.0 2.2 0.2 Daypart Viewership-Working Days : Late morning 9am-1pm (000s) 65550 4 * Col % 7.4 3.1 0.5 Daypart Viewership-Working Days : Afternoon 1-4pm (000s) 135110 20 20 Col % 15.2 14.7 11.1 Daypart Viewership-Working Days : Early evening 4- 7pm (000s) 143575 21 26 Col % 16.1 15.0 14.8 Daypart Viewership-Working Days : Late evening 7- 9pm (000s) 421611 70 102 Col % 47.4 50.6 57.6 Daypart Viewership-Working Days : Night 9-11pm (000s) 196327 101 130 Col % 22.1 73.2 73.4 Daypart Viewership-Working Days : Late night 11pm onwards (000s) 7255 3 6 Col % 0.8 2.3 3.1 Internet-Freq.(Usage) : Several times a day (000s) 2731 5 6 Col % 0.3 3.4 3.6 Internet-Freq.(Usage) : Once a day (000s) 7376 7 8 Col % 0.8 5.0 4.7
  16. 16. All A B Sample No 245691 197 207 Est. Individuals (000s) (000s) 889070 138 177 Sole Readership by Language X Periodicity : Ahmedabad Mirror (000s) 25 1 7 Col % * 1.0 4.0 Sole Readership by Language X Periodicity : The Times Of India - Ahmedabad (000s) 303 14 18 Col % * 10.2 10.1 Sole Readership by Language X Periodicity : Mint (000s) 240 - - Col % * - - Sole Readership by Language X Periodicity : Divya Bhaskar - Ahmedabad (000s) 1224 43 46 Col % 0.1 31.2 26.0 Sole Readership by Language X Periodicity : Sandesh - Ahmedabad (000s) 932 10 17 Col % 0.1 7.3 9.5 Sole Readership by Language X Periodicity : The Indian Express - Ahmedabad & Vadodara (000s) 10 - 1 Col % * - 0.6 Sole Readership by Language X Periodicity : The Economic Times - Other Editions (000s) 106 - - Col % * - - Newspaper readership data A: Age – 30 – 39 yrs, SEC A1 & A2, Ahmedabad B Age – 40 – 49 yrs, SEC A1 & A2, Ahmedabad Source: Indian Readership Survey (IRS)
  17. 17. Source: IICICI Property Services