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My Daughter's Fascinating Pillow.

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My Daughter's Fascinating Pillow.

  1. 1. MY DAUGHTER’S FASCINATING PILLOW . She hugged it tight to her adorably tiny chest - as fierce thunderstorms and lightening announced the onset of the profoundly vivacious monsoon, She carried it like the most invincibly cherished of her toys - fantastically bemused by its spongy texture and compassionate friendship - kissing its rotund periphery with her nimble lips, She unabashedly chided it for being transiently lost - as she found it after an excruciating search from amongst her plethora of toys of multitudinal shapes and fraternities - immediately hiding it in her cup-board - so that none could inadvertently venture it out again, She cuddled close to it like it was the best of her friends - joyously assimilating her daily dose of several varied colorful cartoon characters and films - alongwith her favorite platter of wondrously tantalizing snacks ; ofcourse , She uninhibitedly tossed it high up in the air and then darted at electric speeds to catch it safely in her impeccably dainty arms ; at times also allowing it have a free fall and then burst into laughter as it timidly bounced, She used it as one of her most creative hotspot's - scribbling and embodying its surface with every conceivable graffiti that her innocuous brain could conceive - letting her ingenious kid fingers vividly sketch upon it with color; paint; gratitude and inimitable charm, She sporadically involved it in her impetuously playful fights - hurling it an incongruous left ; right and center to differentiate her own little toy territory in her room from the rest ; eventually collapsing on the floor in sheer and exuberant exhaustion , She proudly brandished it criss-crossed in open space - as if she was a fearless soldier marching towards the corridors of victory - her very own fantasy triumph which was amiably frolicking with her parents and savoring her reinvigorating dollops of lime candy ice - cream ; towards the end of the blissful day , She mischievously patted it with all her minuscule might - to tease her pet dog as he patiently knelt on his hind legs as a mark of distinguished respect to her - and then she caressed him on his convivial ears and merrily gallivanted of to play with him on the open terrace , She nonchalantly kicked it to express her frustration as the electricity went out - more
  2. 2. so ; since she knew that neither would it experience even the most insouciant of pain - nor would she harm herself in anyway , She used it as her most unfettered and darling punching bag - childishly pummeling those prized fists of hers into royal cotton fabric - as she relished her earthly freedom to its natural and unfettered best , She intermittently took it alongwith her in the car - as she leaned her full weight upon it to perch like a princess and fantasize goodness - as the vehicle majestically sped through the wilderness of the intrepid streets ; interspersed with motley traffic , She made it the most fantabulously decorated roof of her playhouse - with the walls made of rustic straw, stick, lace, plastic, cap, paper and whatever worthily intriguing object that she could lay her hands upon - as she entered her thrilling abode with her impeccably loved friend, She sank deep within its cozily empowering recesses when tired after the evening's play - and then beautifully shrugged herself to complete her school work with utmost sincerity - greet the new tomorrow with philanthropy and astounding creativity, She deliberately plucked at its stitching and ripped apart its cover to threadbare junk – to roll upon it ; in its gloriously bohemian baldness - and then beautify it with a richly embroidered cloth of her very own stellar choice , She narrated her different stories about her experience with it with mortally unmatched aplomb - which could almost be published as a book by some of the best publishers in the world ; as she happily jostled on the tree on the absolute edge of the magnificently plush lawn , She languished in its unparalleled serenity in her moments of silence - then came up with some of the most comic anecdotes of her trysts with existence - spontaneously rushing to hug those cherished to her as she felt earnestly versatile , I , her father, simply adored her benevolent feelings towards it , But she, my cute daughter, truly loved her fascinating Pillow .