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  1. 1. Business Growth On Hyperspeed
  2. 2. 42DM IS YOUR FULL-SERVICE DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY We use the most advanced digital marketing tools, data-powered content and automation software to drive consumer engagement and scale your online business big. HUGELY big
  3. 3. THE ANSWER IS JUST 42DM 2015 Founded in the yearthe sound of two black holes colliding was recorded 30+ Team of humans (and other intelligent life forms) 50 More Than successful inter-galactic projects 350 Cumulative (light) years of experience in marketing
  5. 5. Every major Galactic project of 42 DM tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases – those of Discovery, Transformation and Delivery
  6. 6. DISCOVERY STAGE With Google Analytics, Hotjar heatmaps and Crystalball we gather insights from your website. We analyze your competitors, their traffic sources and customers acquisition techniques. We create dashboards to track most important KPIs for your online business. And most importantly – we develop the growthstrategy or as we call it “The Ultimate Guide To Success”.
  7. 7. Market research Web-analytics Competitive research Metrics system development Growth Strategy Discovery Stage: SERVICES
  8. 8. TRANSFORMATION STAGE We re-equip and modify your website for further exponential growth: we improve User Experience, create templates for landing pages and perform A/B testing to critically measure assumptions. We perform SEO homework to make your website as friendly tosearch engine bots as possible. We create content plan to navigate the universe of social media on behalf of your company, andto be engaging, relevant andprovocative.
  9. 9. Lead forms SEO pre-work Social Media Pages Transformation Web-analytics A/B testing UX/UI design Content plan creation Transformation Stage: SERVICES
  10. 10. DELIVERY STAGE We swiftly drive traffic toyour website with SEO and pay- per-click campaigns. We set up and maintain your newsletters and create landing pages to boost conversions. We create and distribute content according to the plan: engaging texts, video andphoto stories, creative illustration – virtually everything. We plan andexecute re-marketing campaigns to multiply touch points with your audience. And we adjust on the go to maximize efficiency of your investments.
  11. 11. Content development Content management Social media management Paid Search SEO Performance Display/Remarketing Marketing Automation Video marketing Email marketing Web-analytics Mobile Delivery Stage: SERVICES
  13. 13. 15 years of successful experience in advertising, 10 years in marketing, 5 years in digital communications and 2 years promoting startups andtech companies. Katewas in charge of new business development in major advertising group in the country – DentsuNetwork. She was CEO of #1 digital marketing agency – AdPro – for over 5 years. Kateis a digital-savvy geek, engaging keynotes speaker and holds MSc in Applied Mathand Marketing. Kate VASYLENKO, CEO & Managing Partner
  14. 14. Nik POLYAK Project Manager Internet marketer, analyst and project manager, Nik startedhis career in digital marketing in early 2012. He worked in e-commerce and B2B digital companies and made all the way from assistant to the chief marketing officer. Nik has joined 42 Digital Marketing team in 2015 andelegantly manages our key accounts ever since. In his free time Nik runs webinars on web analytics at the «WebPromoExperts» Academy. Certified by Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics andGoogle Adwords
  15. 15. TEAM structure CEO Project management team Sales & Marketing team Content managers SEO specialists PPC managers E-mail&Marketing Automation professionals Web-analysts Copywriters
  17. 17. Onthe.io SUCCESS STORY
  18. 18. Webinara SUCCESS STORY
  19. 19. Viewster SUCCESS STORY
  20. 20. DO THE MATH! Imagine recruiting your digitalmarketing dreamteam – content strategist, PPC professional, SEO guru, marketing automation expert, digital copywriter and analytics specialist, all supervised by anaward- winning project lead. 42DM makes this team a reality for a dollar equivalent of one full-time marketing professional in the US.
  21. 21. WHY CHOOSE US! With 42DM you first and foremost recruit the latest marketing expertise and the most up-to-date marketing datatechnologies for your company. One Team Lead is assigned to manage all your projects and oversee the growthof your digitalbusiness. So you can stay focused on your business strategy while we take care of all the digitalmarketing routines.
  22. 22. FREE ASSESSMENT Have your current digital marketing strategy examined by the team of 42DM in 24 Earth hours. Send over the address of your website sales@42dm.netto schedule the call.
  23. 23. THANK YOU! Let’s map out your plan for conquering the Universe!