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IBM Bluemix - The Cloud Platform Java Developers have been looking for

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Sessions at http://developerworld.heise.de / March 2015

Today, developers creating simple Web based applications have benefited from an abundance of new easy to use tools. But Java developers who want to create more powerful full-featured applications are often stuck with the tedious old-school approach to application development. That’s until now. Today, with IBM’s new Bluemix cloud platform, Java developers can get up and running with their code quickly and easily, without dealing with any of the underlying infrastructure, operating systems, or network configurations. Bluemix lets you, the developer, focus on what really matters—your application. With Bluemix, you can also experience true developer freedom. From Java EE to Spring, Tomcat to WebSphere Liberty, from Ant to Gradle, and from Eclipse to IntelliJ, you’re free to choose the tools, languages, and frameworks that best fit your needs.

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IBM Bluemix - The Cloud Platform Java Developers have been looking for

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