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4 Things You Need to Jump-start Your Jewelry Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Here’s an infographic that can help kick-start your own jewelry business.

Source: http://blog.nilecorp.com/2014/05/4-things-you-need-to-jump-start-your.html

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4 Things You Need to Jump-start Your Jewelry Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. 4 ing Yo Nee t Jump-star Your Jewelr Busin Display ToolsBeads Packaging 4 ing Yo Nee t Jump-star Your Bead Lampworked Glass Beads Rondelles Seed Beads Heart Shaped Swarovski Crystal Diamond Swarovski Crystal Square Swarovski Crystal HINT: Before buying bead supplies, try to come up with a theme or style that you want for your jewelry business. This will help you choose the right beads and will let you explore other materials as well. Tool Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools, Pliers, Adhesive, Files, Cleaning Materials, etc.
  2. 2. Organize your jewelry making tools by keeping it in a special tool box. Do a quick wipe down of the tools you used before putting it away to keep it clean and tarnish-free. Jewelr D pla Necklace Display Earring Display Ring Display Bracelet Display Make Your Display Unique, Creative and Catchy Characteristic of a high quality display: sturdy, easy to install and safe to use. Packagin
  3. 3. Pl ti Merchand Ba - Paper Bag - Jewelr Pouch - Cl si B Improve your brand image with impressive product packaging and encourage your customers come back for more. Shop Jewelr D play an Suppli a Nil Corp www.nilecorp.com