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BoSS: a secure solution from Priya IT

Secure Solution for ITeS, BPO, Enterprises & independent Test Centers

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BoSS: a secure solution from Priya IT

  1. 1. BoSS Solution(Browse only Specified Sites) from Priya IT & HR Solutions Mumbai
  2. 2. BoSS :• A perfect solution for ITeS / BPO / Call Center environment or in an enterprise environment or in a third party Test Center environment in which the users are expected to work on limited applications which are browser based and to not to access any data or any other application or website.• It imparts security to your environment and ensures that the data is not pilfered by any Users by means of copying onto Pen Drive or any other removable media or even by “PrintScreen” “PrintScreen”• It prevents unauthorised access to applications or weblinks• It adds a security layer and allows you to comply a key client requirement• It saves on time which otherwise, would have been spent on unwanted applications
  3. 3. BoSS: a Plug n Play SolutionThis is a proprietary, customized solution, conceptualized & developed by usbased on our understanding of field requirement and our vast knowledge &indepth expertise in developing and integrating embedded & secure/direct accesssolutions. The details of the solution are as follows:• Plug n Play Device: Plug In the device and within few minutes, it converts the Desktop into BoSS. Plug Out the Device and it reconverts the Desktop to its BoSS. original settings (ship out the device to the desired test location and convert the local PCs to BoSS. After the test, remove and retrieve them. Alternatively, BoSS. retain them in safe custody at remote locations, for subsequent Tests – This is a key advantage for you) you)• The application shall be offered in a USB Pen Drive (have extensively thought over alternate media: Hosted model, CD/DVD, IDE Flash Drives and have eliminated them in view of their respective disadvantages)
  4. 4. • Our application will also contain a remote management tool to monitor the desktops loaded with BoSS, remotely. BoSS,• This solution is independent of the operating system and applications currently running on your desktops. You shall have to retain and update all the existing software & application licenses, including the one for the anti- anti-virus.• You shall not require any additional software licenses as long as you are using your current browser & applications.• The installation & configuration of the application is a simple Plug and Play process which will not require any local intervention, except for plugging the USB Drive in an active USB slot in the PC and allow few minutes for the system to reboot and activate the BoSS. It will not require any subsequent BoSS. intervention, except in cases of hardware/software failure.
  5. 5. Software License for the BoSS: BoSS:• Each Media (Pen Drive or Flash Drive) contains the License which is linked to the id of BoSS hardware.Source Code:• Source Code of the application shall not be provided and it will remain our intellectual property.Intellectual Property:• The sanctity of our IPR shall be maintained by you and under no circumstances shall the BoSS application be given/lent to any third party or modified by you without our explicit written permission.
  6. 6. Hardware requirements:• The BoSS solution is developed for Desktops with Windows 7 Starter edition / Windows XP & Windows Professional Operating Systems. The Desktops should have an active USB port.• The Remote management tool will have to be loaded in a separate Server and the Server as well as each of the PCs loaded with BoSS will have to be connected on a WAN to enable remote management.• The sizing/requirements for the Server Hardware for the Remote Management tool shall be provided by us separately.
  7. 7. Deployment/Roll Out:• We shall deliver the Pen Drive to you along with the Installation guidelines at your office in Mumbai. You shall have to arrange for the transportation of the same to your respective sites and deployment/installation thereof.• We shall provide telephonic support to your team during the configuration, if they encounter any problem while following the installation guidelines.
  8. 8. Support and AMC:• We shall provide developmental support for minor modification / fine tuning of the Pre Approved Application of BoSS based on your field requirement, for a period of 90 days from the date of delivery of the pre approved application.• We shall provide telephonic support during working hours on business days for the period of 90 days from the date of delivery of the pre approved application.• Subsequent to the period of 90 days, AMC (with application upgrade & development) and Telephonic Support shall be available at additional cost.
  10. 10. Thank YouFor further information please write to us at enquiry@priyaitandhr.com