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Increase Retail Store Footfalls

  1. Experienced staff
  2. Strategic Location
  3. Good Suppliers
  4. Loyal Customers
  5. Collection for all ages
  6. Majority youth and brand conscious
  7. Loyal Customers
  8. Message like Happy New Year
  9. Posters/ Banners
  10. TV/Print Ads
  11. SMS Marketing
  12. Multiplexes/ Colleges/ Restaurants/
  13. Events in Schools
  14. Events in Societies
  15. Posters around ATMs/Banks.
  16. Tie up with multiplexes/eateries
  17. Ambient advertising
  18. RWAs
  19. Distribution of pamphlets around colleges/multi -plexes/ malls.
  20. Banners & Posters
  21. In Store changes
  22. 4 Days of Unlimited Shopping
  23. Lucky Draw

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Customer educationWrite thebrands, prices different type of collectionYouth orientedFamily orientedKids, mens, women wears
  2. This will also help in giving the store location and directions to the consumers