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"Why Am I So Lost?"

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Stop whining. How to get jobs and build a solid career in IT engineering using the power of FOSS and Linux.

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"Why Am I So Lost?"

  1. 1. “ Why Am I So Lost?” Is that what 15 years of Education does to me?
  2. 2. “ Why Am I So Lost In the Crowd?” Is that because millions of other people have the same exact C.V like mine, complete with the same exact hobbies?
  3. 3. “ Why Don't I Know Anything on the First Day of My Job?” I'm not supposed to, so you'd better teach it to me.
  4. 4. “ I Demand A Raise.”
  5. 5. “ Who Are All These People Pushing Me Away?” Fresh recruits want your job
  6. 6. “ Oh! No.” I signed away all my work in my contract
  7. 7. “ Why Am I Always So Lost?” Restart
  8. 8. Work is For Your Purification Find a project that purifies you at sourceforge.net
  9. 9. Education through Contribution. Not Qualification. Your college days are the golden moments of your life: You have time, intelligence, and energy to focus on a dream with freedom.
  10. 10. Burn Your C.V. Google- result of your name should be your only C.V.
  11. 11. Find Freedom in Slavery Sign a contract that copylefts your projects, and ensures transparancy in your work.
  12. 12. Through your knowledge. Make the world a beautiful place of humanity. Share Your Bliss
  13. 13. When you lose Your self in your work You May Just Find Your Self Home
  14. 14. Talk delivered by Niyam Bhushan at Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology (RKGIT), Ghaziabad, U.P. on 8 April 2010. Copyright: April 2010 Niyam Bhushan. Published under a Creative Commons License: cc-by-sa-2.5 www.slideshare.net/niyam