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NJ Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Hache

Ramon Hache presentation.

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NJ Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Hache

  1. 1. Aging- Friendly Communities Initiative Creating Great Places to Age in New Jersey A Collaborative Project with  New Jersey Future  Village of Ridgewood  Age Friendly Ridgewood
  2. 2. This Project Made Possible through funding by The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation Engaged New Jersey Future Village of Ridgewood as a model community within North Jersey Alliance of Age-Friendly Communities
  3. 3. Aging-Friendly Communities Initiative with NJ Future --Who is Involved?  Ramon Hache  Jeff Voigt  Heather Mailander  Richard Joel  Maryann Bucci-Carter  Chris Rutishauser  Jovan Mehandzic  Deanna Schablik  Colette Cummings  Sue Ullrich  Joan Groome  Cassie Hartman  Janet Fricke  Sheila Brogan  Beth Abbott
  4. 4. Land Use Obstacles for the Aging Population in the Village of Ridgewood  Pedestrian Safety  Housing Choices Identified through  Surveys  Focus Groups  Ridgewood Senior Walkability Workshop 2017  Creating Places to Age: Land-Use Analysis of Aging-Friendliness by NJ Future 2018
  5. 5. Main Goals of Aging- Friendly Project Improve pedestrian safety and mobility Expand housing diversity and affordability Create a more vibrant mixed-use downtown Engage residents and build initiatives that support their goals Align with community design goals
  6. 6. Aging-Friendly Action Priorities  Evaluate problematic intersection crossings; and  Consider Complete Streets strategies to focus on improving pedestrian crossings; and  Employ pop-up traffic calming techniques as a low-cost, temporary test of which methods to pursue Transportation - Pedestrian High  Explore examples and strategies to diversity housing options that can benefit Ridgewood's older population. Housing High  Survey existing street furniture, particularly at busiest bus stops, and identify where it is needed to ensure safe walking conditions and lighting and regular rest stops to destinations. Public Spaces High  Establish priorities for a phased sidewalk and crosswalk improvement project in annual capital improvement program, each year funding an additional increment of improvements; and  implement recommendations of 2017 walkability study. Transportation - Pedestrian High
  7. 7. Creating Great Places to Age Compliments Ridgewood's Community Priorities
  8. 8. Public Space Design Public space that serves the needs of the community
  9. 9. Demonstration Projects Opportunity for people to Engage in change-making and Test before you invest
  10. 10. Survey Street Furniture and Bus Stops
  11. 11. Plans for Phased Sidewalk and Crosswalk Improvements
  12. 12. Keeping Council Up-dated  Next Steps  Implementation Plan Based on the Ridgewood Age-Friendly Priority Actions Summary  Explore inviting speakers to present more information on topics of interest, such as:  Housing  Complete Streets  Demonstration Projects  Place making  Form-based Code
  13. 13. Thank you for your Time and Support Questions?