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Nick week 6 postgrad 2013

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Nick week 6 postgrad 2013

  1. 1. Copywriting and evolving media Postgrad Marketing & Digital Comms Nick McGivney Wk 6 // Thurs 7 Feb
  2. 2. • The Death of Advertising? • Crowdsourcing and content • Social media campaigns – some case studies • The Endline
  3. 3. Cillian Kieran Founder/CEO of CKSK on the death of advertising…
  4. 4. By Vancouver agency Rethink
  5. 5. The case study
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Except… everybody hated it.
  8. 8. ‘This is just horrible.’
  9. 9. ‘It’s fitting that their logo now sucks just as much as their clothes.’
  10. 10. ‘Shocking downgrade.’
  11. 11. ‘Maybe like their clothes, GAP’s new logo was created by a small child in some far off land.’
  12. 12. ‘That is simply a polished turd!’
  13. 13. ‘This looks like a bad entry in a logo design contest. WTF, Gap? At least a little effort would be nice…’ Comments from Under Consideration
  14. 14. Lots and lots more logos at ISO50
  15. 15. But crowdsourcing is still very popular…
  16. 16. ‘Obviously Coke is accustomed to seeing consumer-generated content as we have huge online communities, but it’s always been seen as a way to drive engagement rather than a possible source for brand building or for external messaging. It was originally something we did on a big scale in Asia, but was largely done as an experiment. We had trouble cracking some positioning for Coke, so thought we would open it up and invite the creative community to interpret this brief as our agencies were having some difficulty.’ Leonardo O’Grady, Asia Pacific Director, Coca-Cola
  17. 17. ‘The results were amazing; we had around 3,600 responses, which we weren’t expecting at all. We were also blown away by the quality of the submissions and to be honest some of the film quality was better than we get from our global agency partners.’
  18. 18. ‘In the end we got it down to about 10 high quality submissions to choose the winner from, and to make it more interesting we invited the creative directors and heads of marketing from some big companies like Diageo, Nokia and so on to come and evaluate the work. Our Chinese office then picked it up and they used the winning idea for a broader consumer commercial idea. They invited Chinese consumers to interpret the brief in their own way and do China proud, and they had something like 1m people contribute ideas.’
  19. 19. And it’s a lot more than Coke…
  20. 20. Cost €6,000 Cost £400,000
  21. 21. Bon Iver’s tattoo. Got 59 designs. Paid $299 for the winner.
  22. 22. And it’s a lot more than Coke…
  23. 23. ‘I believe that agencies who continue with a sixty year old model will die. It's time to iterate again. Get rid of creative departments and production teams. Have an entire floor of imagineers who consider technology first, as a creative expression and not as the nuts and bolts you address at the end. Brands and agencies that do that will reap the rewards of the future.’
  24. 24. Link
  25. 25. But do you need megabudgets?
  26. 26. But do you need megabudgets?
  27. 27. Desire might be enough
  28. 28. Or point to prove, if you have one.
  29. 29. • Sean Dolan set up his own internet marketing agency • He built PimpThisBum.com to help homeless Tim Edwards off the street. • Over 4,843,420 hits on the site. • Over $100,000 for Tim and other homeless people in Houston • Tim in an alcohol treatment course, over a year and a half sober and is an apprentice machinist.
  30. 30. Endlines What makes a good one?
  31. 31. ‘An endline is to deliver a USP or branding. It is not there for mood, or tone of voice, or to attract a new generation of users. If you have a five-year idea, that’s your endline.’ Dave Trott, Walsh Trott Chick Smith
  32. 32. ‘I don’t think they’re good if they’re just confectionery. They must mean something. They can be a useful centre of gravity for a campaign.’ Robert Campbell, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe
  33. 33. ‘One of the great forgotten skills in advertising is consistency. We are not living through a vintage time with endlines. They don’t get time to become established. Agencies get bored with them and clients have a ‘not invented here’ attitude.’ Gerry Moira, Publicis
  34. 34. Is the endline the idea?
  35. 35. The ultimate driving machine?
  36. 36. Welcome to the world?
  37. 37. Because I’m worth it?
  38. 38. Vorsprung Durch Technik?
  39. 39. For all our tomorows?
  40. 40. I can?
  41. 41. UK slogans of the year 2010 1.Dixons (M&C Saatchi) The last place you want to go 2.Old Spice (Wieden + Kennedy) Smell like a man, man. 3.Diesel (Anomaly) Be Stupid
  42. 42. UK slogans of the year 2012 1.Twinings tea (AMV BBDO) Gets you back to you 2.National Lottery (AMV BBDO) Life Changing 3.C.A.L.M (Beattie McGuinness Bungay) The silence is killing us
  43. 43. Whose endline is it anyway?
  44. 44. Endline Power to you Now you’re unstoppable Purer than you For small steps, for big steps, for life Write the future Get the right people behind you Love it. Live it. Made of more Made of Ireland We look at things differently