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SoCal WordPress Meetup - iWeb to WordPress aka WP99

  1. SoCal WordPress Meetup iWeb to WordPress a.k.a. WP99 October 2013 Apple Store, Santa Monica – Third Street Promenade / l@SoCalWP / f/SoCalWP
  2. Special thanks Apple Store – and a word from our hosts Our usual sponsors: WP Engine WooThemes
  3. Who are we? Noel Saw, Presenter Founder of Neochrome, Inc. Natalie MacLees, Founder of Purple Pen Productions, LLC + Lead Organizer, WordCamp LA
  4. Who are we? Both our companies provide WP design/development services. Clients with WordPress projects have included Red Bull, Vons/Safeway, and Murad.
  5. A Disclaimer… I (Noel Saw) am not a CSS, HTML, or PHP expert - so if I can do this, so can you with some practice and research. I have my designers/developers to do the technical work for me  I have been managing web projects since 2006 so I am familiar with web technology concepts.
  6. Some notes… There’s a lot to cover, so we will only take questions near the end. We apologize, otherwise we’ll be here a long time. The slides will be available on later tonight posted on, Twitter, and Facebook.
  7. Questions for the audience… How many already use WordPress? How many of you have iWeb sites? How many of you have have another web hosting account?
  8. Questions for the audience… How many existing WordPress users consider themselves as a… • Beginner • Intermediate • Expert
  9. Assumptions on our part We’re assuming you have some knowledge of: • Domain name registration • HTML/CSS code • How web pages or iWeb works in general
  10. What is WordPress? WordPress (WP) is a content management system that can be installed on a web hosting server account like on companies like: • Dreamhost • MediaTemple • HostGator • GoDaddy (we don’t judge)
  11. What WordPress needs Your web hosting provider needs to support PHP 5+ and MySQL. You’ll install WordPress usually with a “one click” installer. Most web hosts support WordPress.
  12. What can WP do for you? WordPress makes it easy for you to publish your web pages including the home page, contact page, and of course blog pages. WordPress democratizes web site publishing and up keep/maintenance.
  13. WP’s content - editable areas 1.) Posts: Blog or News but can also be other information “snippets”. 2.) Pages: Mostly “static” pages that are not frequently updated. Ex: Contact Us page
  14. WP’s content areas 3.) Widget Areas: Sidebar and Footers Usually built into the theme 4.) Navigation (Menu) Bar
  15. Tonight’s demo site Example iWeb Site we’re using:
  16. Tonight’s demo site We didn’t have access to the iWeb example site user password. It was pure/copy paste operation.
  17. Tonight’s demo site Alternatively, you may want to try a WP plugin to “import” text content into your site like this one:
  18. Tonight’s demo site We’re not going to be able to make an exact copy of the site but it will be close enough for you to see possibilities.
  19. Tonight’s demo site At the end of the demo, I’ll show you what an exact copy looks like with a bit more work and different method.
  20. Header Navigation (Menu) Page (Body) Widget area Footer area
  21. Header Navigation (Menu) Page Widget area Footer area More thorough “anatomy” -
  22. Steps 1. Setup domain in cPanel 2. Setup WordPress and login 3. Install Theme ( 4. Setup header 5. Customize header 6. Setup widget areas 7. Setup pages with Bulk Creator plugin 8. Setup Home page slider
  23. Real World Demo time!
  24. WordPress Do’s and Don’ts Do update WP core, themes, and plugins frequently Do run and download frequent backups – ex: BackupBuddy commercial plugin Do change “Permalinks” to “Month and Name” in WP admin settings
  25. WordPress Do’s & Don’ts Do only install themes and plugins from reputable companies or from Buy subscription to and or YouTube (get what you pay for) Buy subscription to to block spam posts
  26. WordPress Do’s & Don’ts And finally, do not edit WordPress core files via FTP or WP admin editor otherwise when WP core is updated, you’ll lose changes. Editing these files could also crash your site in seconds.
  27. Demo links • OpenStrap theme: • • • • • PageLines theme Google Fonts plugin WordFence plugin Bulk Creator plugin Anatomy of a WP theme:
  28. Learn more links… • – themes and plugins • – training videos • – general HTML/CSS learning videos • “Firebug” extension – Google it! • Other awesome WP plugins:
  29. Thanks for Listening to Me! The End! Follow me: l@wpverse
  30. Thanks again to: Apple Store And our other sponsors: WP Engine WooThemes / l@SoCalWP / f/SoCalWP