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Da Vinci engineer

Leonardo's inventions as shown at the " Da Vinci Alive " exhibition ,2014 , Tel Aviv
Download is necessary to see all the photos and animations.

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Da Vinci engineer

  1. 1. Leonardo da Vinci “Leonardo da Vinci was like a man who awoke too early in the darkness, while the others were all still asleep" Sigmund Freud
  2. 2. Working from Leonardo’s codices*** , Italian artisans have faithfully created interactive and life-size machine inventions. These works include the first concepts of a car, bicycle, helicopter, glider, parachute, scuba, submarine, military tank and ideal city to name a few.
  3. 3. *** The Codex Leicester (also briefly known as Codex Hammer) is a collection of largely scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci. The codex is named after Thomas Coke, later created Earl of Leicester, who purchased it in 1719. Of Leonardo's 30 scientific journals, the Codex may be the most famous of all. The manuscript holds the record for the sale price of any book, when it was sold to Bill Gates at Christie's auction house on 11 November 1994 in New York for $US30,802,500. ( text and photo : Wikipedia ) ***A codex is a bound book made up of separate pages. It developed in late Roman times and replaced the scroll as the preferred way of keeping texts
  4. 4. ***The Madrid Codices I–II are two manuscripts by Leonardo da Vinci which are of great importance as they contain about 15% of Leonardo's notes referenced today, but are also important for the quality and relevance of the works they contain, which are among the major engineering treatises of their time. Topics discussed include mechanics, statics, geometry and construction of fortifications. ( text and photo : Wikipedia )
  5. 5. *** The Codex Atlanticus (Atlantic Codex) is a twelve- volume, bound set of drawings and writings by Leonardo da Vinci The folios in the Codex Atlanticus deal with various subjects ranging from mechanics to hydraulics, from studies and sketches for paintings to mathematics and astronomy, from philosophical meditations to fables, all the way to curious inventions such as parachutes, war machineries and hydraulic pumps. ( text and photo : Wikipedia )
  6. 6. . ***Codex Arundel, (British Library, Arundel, 263) is a bound collection of pages of notes written by Leonardo da Vinci and dating mostly from between 1480 and 1518. The codex contains a number of treatises on a variety of subjects, including mechanics and geometry. The name of the codex came from the Earl of Arundel, who acquired it in Spain in the 1630s. It forms part of the British Library Arundel Manuscripts. ( text and photo : Wikipedia )
  7. 7. Parachute was sketched by Leonardo da Vinci in his Codex Atlanticus in about 1485. Leonardo's parachute design consists of sealed linen cloth held open by a pyramid of wooden poles, about seven metres long
  8. 8. The ideal city
  9. 9. lifebuoy hand flippers ‫ה‬‫ל‬‫צ‬‫ה‬ ‫ל‬‫ג‬‫ל‬‫ג‬ ‫יד‬ ‫פיר‬‫סנ‬
  10. 10. Leonardo da Vinci, in the Codex Atlanticus manuscripts, sketched designs for floats to allow a man to walk on water
  11. 11. Photos : £iviu Music :Vivaldi Concerto for Mandolin in D( Lute RV 93 ) 3. Movement March 20, 2014 http://dv-alive.co.il/Eng.html - English http://dv-alive.co.il/index.html - Hebrew - ‫עברית‬ Where ? Maxidome Pavilion, in the Israel Trade Fairs Center in Tel Aviv When ? Opened until the end of April, Tel Aviv.