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Good News Augest 2018

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Our latest edition of our monthly Newsletter.

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Good News Augest 2018

  1. 1. First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood GOOD NEWS e-mail: nohofumc@pacbell.net AUGUST 2018 facebook.com/nohofumc1www.nohofumc.com IN THIS ISSUE: • Jedi For Jesus VBS • Discovery Arts • The Bread of Life • Hawaiian Night • Trustees Update GOOD NEWS is published monthly by First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood, California 91601 Phone (818) 763-8231 Grant Hagiya Bishop Rev. James Powell District Superintendent Rev. Steve Peralta Senior Pastor Congregation Ministers Jeff Thomas Director of Music Roger Eshleman Organist Nylean Rapinac Administrator Patty Kelsey Director, Program Ministries Tonya Peat Director, Outreach Ministries Greeting my brothers and sisters in Christ, We are coming up on one month together as I write this little note, and I want to express my thanks for a warm welcome and for your willingness to receive me as your pastor. I am grateful to be here and look forward to all that God has in store for us in the days to come. In August, I will begin a sermon series entitled “The Bread of Life.” Before we start, I want to ask you, “What gives you life?” Take a moment and ponder: when do I really feel alive? What makes me look forward to tomorrow? What keeps me going when things aren’t good? We each have something that fuels that fire inside us: something that makes us dream, gives us hope, and provides us with that gutty ability to persevere in the face of hardship. Do you know what yours is? In the same way, when we think about church and the community of Christ, we can say the same thing. Every congregation has something that God has gifted and equipped them to do. Every congregation has something that ignites their passion to follow Jesus. What is ours? What breathes energy, direction, and desire into our church? What gives us life? Keep these questions in mind as we consider what Jesus may have meant when he said, “I am the bread of life.” Keep these questions in mind as we ask what God has in store for us as a church and as followers of Christ. Peace, Pastor Steve
  2. 2. SERMON SERIES: THE BREAD OF LIFE In John’s Gospel, Jesus often spoke of being something. This month we will focus on his claim to be “The Bread of Life.” At its core, Jesus’ claim asks that we understand what he came to be in our lives, and that we should be as intent on following him, listening to him, and receiving him as we are about what we put into our stomachs. August 5 What Are You Hungering For? Romans 9:1-5 August 12 What Are You Living For? Matthew 14:22-23 August 19 Living Forever Matthew15:(10-20) 21-28 August 26 A Difficult Teaching Matthew 16:13-20 HIGHLIGHTS OF WORSHIP July 1 - Today, we welcomed Rev. Steve Peralta to our church, on his first day! The Men’s Chorus sang in honor of Independence Day. During moment with children the Vacation Bible School Jedi Masters, shared their experiences from Jedi Training Academy. Norman Kelsey and Phillip Mottaz shared an exciting announcement, for this month’s events. Shaun Vieten introduced Pastor Steve, who shared a few words and then served us communion. July 8 - Pastor Steve’s first Sunday preaching, he introduced a four part sermon series: Overcoming Obstacles, based on gospels from Mark 6. Today, was about “Familiarity,” as an obstacle and it was based on Mark 6:1-13. Jesus goes to Nazareth and is rejected. So in his place, he instead sends out the disciples to do his work. As disciples, we are called to go and do Jesus’ work in the world around us. July 15 - Today, Pastor Steve shared Part Two in his Sermon Series, “Overcoming Obstacles: Power.” Which was based on Mark 6:14-29. When King Herod hears about Jesus’ ministry, he thinks it is John the Baptist come back to life...the author of the Gospel has chosen to place this story about John to show the connectedness of Jesus’ ministry to John the Baptist, as well as show that the Gospel message will face resistance from those in power. July 22 - We recognized those who give of their time and talents...and then some today. Part three of our Overcoming Obstacles series was based on Mark 6:30-46, titled, “Expectations.” Jesus and his disciples are trying to get away from the crowds and rest, yet the crowds keep following them. Note that Jesus has compassion on the crowds and tells his disciples to give them something to eat...which the disciples don’t think they can do...but Jesus helps them provide food for the crowd. July 29 - “Overcoming Obstacles: Chaos,” based on Mark 6:45-52 is the last part in our four part series. Having just finished feeding the crowds, the disciples go down to the lakeshore and get into a boat to return to Capernaum, Jesus send the crowds away and then goes off to pray. The disciples get caught in a storm, but Jesus walks on the water towards them, gets in the boat, and the wind dies down. It is Jesus who calms the storm and is with us when the wind is howling.
  3. 3. Sunset Social Hawaiian Night Friday, August 10th 6:30 - 9:30 PM on the Patio 6:30 - Dinner Entree & Beverages Provided Bring sides, themed entrees & desserts to share! 7:00 - Entertainment Polynesian Performances By the Aloha Hula Awapuhi & Apetahi Class Dress in your tropical duds! (Please RSVP so we can plan for enough food). For those that have tickets: Contact David or Roger Eshleman for caravan/carpool arrangements! Saturday, August 4th UMC Dodger Night 6:10 PM Astros vs. Dodgers
  4. 4. What’s Happening in August? Sunday, August 12th - Mission Sunday! Bring non-perishable foods for the Food Pantry. Dry Cereal is most needed! Please bring a few extra dollars for your offering! PB&J PROJECT Thursday, August 16th 7:00 PM Lounge Please join us in making 150 sandwiches for the homeless & hungry in our community. Can’t make it but want to help? Host a PB&J Project! Saturday, August 11 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM Lounge Invite your friends & neighbors for a fun night of games! Board games, card games, refreshments! Bring your favorite game along. Friday, August 31st- Tea Fellowship at Tea Elle C Garden Cafe 26111 Bouquet Cyn Rd. in Santa Clarita. at 11:30 AM. Please RSVP. Saturday, August 11th - Game Night in the Lounge. 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM. TEA FELLOWSHIP Friday, August 31st 11:30 AM Tea Elle C Garden Cafe 26111 Bouquet Cyn. Rd. Join us for Afternoon Tea! $18.00/person RSVP There is also a full lunch and breakfast menu. Carpool leaves North Lot at 11:00 AM Tuesday, August 28th - Ruth Circle meets in the Community Room at 7:30 PM. Thursday, August 16th - PB & J Project meets in the Lounge at 7:00 PM. Discovery Arts Donation Collection August 5, 12, 19, 26 We need Crayola Paint Palettes & Activity Packs! Ask to take boxes home to decorate! Saturday, August 25th - Prep Day 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM. Lounge. Lunch Served. Sunday, August 26th - Assembly Day Following worship in front of the Lounge! Kits go to children who are too ill to participate in group programs. Goal: 100 Kits! Wednesday, August 8th - UMW Executive Board. 10:00 AM in Hand in Hand. Friday, August 10th - Hawaiian Night! On our Patio. 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM. Delicious food and lovely entertainment. MUST RSVP. Monday, August 20th - Tabitha Fellowship meets in the Hand in Hand room at 10:30 AM. Saturday, August 4th - UMC Dodger Night! 6:10 PM Start. Dodgers vs. Astros. Contact Roger or David Eshleman for info. Saturday, August 25th - Discovery Arts Prep Day! 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM. Lounge. Lunch Provided. Organize donations and decorate boxes. Sunday, August 26th - DA Assembly Day! Following worship in front of the lounge! (9:00 AM call for set up volunteers).
  5. 5. and let her know what key or keys you have. Whether you have had that key for 5 years or 50 years please call Kathi Ellis 818-761-2436 and let her know what key or keys you have. Even if you think this key is old it doesn’t even work anymore please call Kathi Ellis 818-761-2436 and let her know what key or keys you have. Of course if you just don’t want those keys crowding your keychain any longer you are welcome to turn the key into the church office. The Trustees can’t be everywhere all the time so we need your help. If you see something like a burnt out light, broken window, corner that hasn’t been cleaned, or anything with regards to our property, please let us know by emailing nohofumctrustees@gmail.com With your help, we can tackle tasks even faster. New light fixtures were thoughtfully selected, purchased and are waiting to be installed. ECOLA was called out to spray the ants that have come during the hot summer months. Many bids have come through for a new air conditioning unit to be installed for the church office as well as new phone lines and business wifi. The Wesley School leaders have met with Trustees multiple times regarding the school’s goal to remodel the Social Hall. The construction is right on schedule and looks great. We are also getting a bid for the sanctuary doors from the company that made the doors for the newly remodeled Social Hall. This, after a fire that was set on Friday, July 13, and burned through one of our sanctuary doors. It’s been a busy few months and we hope to complete a number of projects before the end of the year. By Muffett Brinkman The Trustees are trying to update our records and improve security. Therefore, if you have a key to the any part of the church campus (that includes just a simple gate key to the basketball courts), please call Kathi Ellis 818-761-2436. Building Blocks for a Strong Foundation Coming in September Stewardship Campaign 2019 BOOK YOUR PHOTO SESSION See Tonya Peat! No purchase required but we need you to be a part of our church history! Don’t forget to include your pets!
  6. 6. BEDSIDE ADVENTURE KITS By Patty Kelsey Your Missions Team is supporting Discovery Arts for the seventh year by making Bedside Adventure Kits! Discovery Arts brings music, dance, art and drama to children with cancer, serious blood disorders and life threatening illness while they are receiving treatment. We will be making 100 boxes filled to the brim with art supplies! WHAT WE NEED: Crayola Paint Palettes Markers (8 ct.) Coloring Books Mini Art Projects Activity Kits Assorted Stick-on items: Fuzzy balls, googly eyes, sparkles, sequins, beads, buttons, feathers. Bring art supplies throughout August Drop them off on the table next to Boyer Chapel. ASSEMBLY DAY Sunday, August 26th following worship Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to share in this wonderful mission project! Alyssa with a Bedside Adventure Kit! HELP US PREP & DECORATE We are in need of artistic people to gather and decorate boxes on and before prep day. All of our donated art supplies need to be sorted and individually packaged and 100 boxes need to be assembled and decorated. Please mark your calendars for Prep Day: Saturday, August 25th 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM Lounge
  7. 7. By Lisa Cheby I have learned through the church and other non-profit groups I have worked with over the years, that radical change often begins in a beige room with people seated at large round tables drinking coffee from paper cups as someone explains a PowerPoint presentation. Last Thursday I attended a training in Long Beach for volunteers to visit immigrant detentions centers. It was hosted by Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (C.L.U.E.), an organization I learned when attending a protest in June with Reverend Allison against our government's separation of children at the border (many may have seen my testimony about this action via NoHoFUMC Social Media). I was impressed how this group knew how to collaborate across boundaries effectively driven by a belief in the power of love and the rights of all humans to be treated with dignity. I was also empowered how these groups were reclaiming their faiths in a world where many twist doctrines to serve inhumane and unjust policies. Finally, I was impressed that the group seemed to transcend the partisan politics focusing on human rights and justice for all. My presence at this meeting for something I would never have thought I would be doing is evidence of the role our faith and God plays in our lives. To mash up a few of the past two months sermons from both our interim and our new pastor, my presence at this meeting exemplifies what may happen when we listen when we are called and are willing to step around the obstacles of our familiarity with who we are and what we are able to do. I did not know if I was actually interested in visiting a detention center, but I wanted to know more about what was actually happening in the detentions and about CLUE's work. It helped that a writer/activist friend of mine who is also on summer break from teaching committed to going so I couldn't back out at the last minute. I learned CLUE has been working in detention centers for much longer than this current crisis and the crisis is far more extensive than I knew. Did you know the United States has the largest detention system for immigrants in the world? That immigrants and asylum seekers are often held without any rights to an attorney and are often held indefinitely? Or that most centers are run by private corporations that impose quotas on the government who pays these private companies millions of dollars to imprison people, often for no crimes? Though, as one of the speakers stated, guilt of a crime does not rob a person of their humanity or justify the inhuman conditions of these detentions centers. We heard eyewitness accounts of past visitor volunteers and detainees about the horrific conditions of these facilities. These private centers are not required to have a staff doctor and often do not even have a nurse available 24/7. Detainees are served rancid food and denied visitors. Unlike other prisons, they are not required to provide any type of recreation or rehabilitation services (classes, libraries, a place to move and exercise). My friend and I are waiting to hear about the next step to organize a visit to a detention center. The training focused on the centers in Adelanto, Orange, or Irvine. If you are interested in learning more and visiting with me, please talk to me at coffee hour or email me (my email is in the directory).
  8. 8. In 2017 United Methodists, through UMCOR, implemented projects that made a difference in the lives of nearly 323,000 people in the world. UMCOR grants for U.S. and international disaster response and international development work were made possible through the generous giving of United Methodists across the denomination. UMCOR implemented 137 grants in 23 different countries. Responded to 64 different disasters worldwide. Worked with 66 different and unique partners to implement projects. Awarded $24,061,063 to UMCOR Programs serving people worldwide. Red Bird Mission was founded in 1921 to provide education and Christian evangelism ministries to residents of the southeastern corner of Kentucky. Chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and rugged mountainous terrain provide obstacles to a fuller life for the residents of this area. Red Bird Mission and Clinic strives to meet these needs through ministry in five areas: Education, Health and Wellness, Community Outreach, Economic Opportunity, and Community Housing Improvement. The Education ministries are carried out through a Pre-K-12 school. These education ministries provide the opportunity for the children and youth of this community to get a quality education in a loving Christian environment empowering these young people with tools that will help them escape the cycle of poverty to which they are exposed and live in daily. Health and Wellness ministries are provided through medical and dental clinics providing quality health and dental care in an area that is chronically under served. In addition to in-clinic visits, providers travel to the homes of patients to provide care to those that are home-bound. The other three areas of ministries provide a wide variety of services to the residents of this area. Volunteers in mission service come and help with the refurbishment of homes, low-cost clothing and furniture is provided through the community store and local crafter’s wares are marketed to a wide area through the craft marketing ministry. A wide variety of ministries to families, older adults, women and children, and youth make their lives fuller and help them receive the assistance they need to make their lives a bit more livable. While the Red Bird history, ministries and record of service are strong and very active, the financial situation is tenuous each year. Even though Red Bird Mission is a National Mission Institution in covenant with the United Methodist Women, the Mission is a faith ministry. There is no significant annual funding coming from the Red Bird Missionary Conference or United Methodist Church appropriations. Since 2008 our church has been donating $500 per year to assist the work of Red Bird Mission. In addition they rely on free will gifts each year from individuals like you. The mailing address is Red Bird Mission, 70 Queendale Center, Beverly, KY 40913-9607. Or you can you can donate a check or cash to our church and indicate that you want the money to benefit Red Bird Mission. By Lynn Yoshizumi
  9. 9. August 5 Caitlin Thomas August 6 David Zung August 10 Bruce Neckels August 12 Pauline Long August 14 Henry Mottaz August 15 Erin Neckels August 17 Richard Roche August 19 Michael Acosta August 23 Jason Books August 23 Abigail Ellis August 24 Kealan Sucher August 25 Lynn Yoshizumi August 26 Erin Kent August 26 David Kurushima August 26 Marijane Settlemyer August 28 Karen Griggs Wishing you many blessings on your birthday! Love, Your Church Family HOMEBOUND CONGREGANTS For contact information, ask the church office. Margaret Dixon Marion Elkerton Joyce Cunningham Dorothy Tyler Gladys Woodard Margaret Allen Dottie Vick Irene Graham Bill Varney • Bill Varney back home and going to physical therapy three times a week. He is dealing with excruciating sciatic nerve pain and may need surgery. • Miles Yoho has been waiting for a heart at CHOC LA for 184 days. He’s almost 2 years old and suffering greatly with side effects from his cardiomyopathy. • Roy Holt, 20 months, had a treatment to dissolve hydrocephalus fluid. He is doing well so far. • Mildred Doyle has been recuperating from a broken hip. • Pastor Herb Lucas is waiting for results from an MRI. Hoping his lymphoma has not returned. • Charley Menendez, 23, is waiting for a liver transplant. • Nicole Mijares, 31, is in palliative care, after being diagnosed with neuroendocrine CA. • Lisa Cheby’s friend, Jacqui, lost two family members in one week. • Charles Minetree’s cousin, Eric “Andy” Anderson is in palliative care following the return of his pancreatic cancer. • Tracy Ritter is living with adenoid cancer and the side effects. • Ralph Seybold has been doing well, but would love to have his neck return to a normal position. • David Vail is living with metastatic bladder cancer. • Prayers for our nation, the world, and its leaders.
  10. 10. LECTIONARY CALENDAR August 5 Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost. Green. 2 Sam. 11:26-12:13a; Ps. 51:1-12 (UMH 785); Eph. 4:1-16; John 6:24-35 August 12 Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost. Green. 2 Sam. 18:5-9, 15, 31-33; Ps. 130 (UMH 848) Eph. 4:25-5:2; John 6:35, 41-51 August 19 Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost. Green. 1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14; Ps. 111 (UMH 832); Eph. 5:15-20; John 6:51-58 August 26 Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost. Green. 1 Kings 8:(1, 6, 10-11) 22-30, 41-43; Ps. 84 (UMH 804); Eph. 6:10-20; John 6:56-69 Sunday Worship Services at 10:30 AM in the Main Sanctuary Adult Sunday School meets on the 3rd & 4th Sundays at 9:00 AM in Boyer chapel Children’s Sunday School meets at 10:30 AM in the Community Room/Nursery Communion will be served on Sunday, August 5th at 8:15 & 10:30 Worship 8:15 AM Worship Services in Boyer Chapel August 5 - Pastor Steve August 12 - Norman Kelsey August 19 - Patty Kelsey August 26 - Sandra Smith Please have your articles for the Good News to the church office by August 17th for the September 2018 publication or email them to pattyfumc@gmail.com If you no longer wish to receive this publication, please contact the church office or return this address label noting that we are to discontinue sending it. Thank you. POSTMASTER - Please send changes of address to: First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood 4832 Tujunga Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601