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How To Get Started With HubSpot Bots

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These are the slides from the December 2018 Bristol HubSpot User Group.

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How To Get Started With HubSpot Bots

  1. 1. Bots & Conversational Marketing Stephen Fuery, Implementation Specialist
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Stephen Fuery Principal Implementation Specialist @ HubSp
  4. 4. WHAT IS A BOT?
  5. 5. A Bot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users over the internet.
  6. 6. Messaging will play an increasingly large role in the way that consumers interact with companies. Bots can help automate a wide range of customer-facing conversations for businesses, improving efficiency and maximizing user satisfaction. Why Bots?
  7. 7. In all cases, Bots should: ● Be easy to create and use, without prior bot knowledge ● Solve real problems, and make it easy to measure success ● Offer first-class integrations across sales, marketing, service systems ● Support complexity, when desired Guiding Principles to Bots
  8. 8. ● Lack of technical resources (if building a bot “from scratch”) ● Difficulty connecting bots with relevant data and services, even when using easier builders (like Motion AI or Chatfuel - which gives you the “pipes” but lacks easy integration setup with various systems) ● Intimidated by new, sci-fi nature of bots (one quote: “the value prop is incredible but it feels like rocket science”). ● Customer’s unsure of what makes a “good bot” ● Nascent market without a clear winner, dominated by startups - what bot service is right for me? Why businesses don’t already have bots...
  9. 9. Conversational Marketing & Messaging
  10. 10. 42%20%2%
  11. 11. The process of having real time one to one conversations in order to capture, qualify and connect with your best leads
  12. 12. Features of Conversational Marketing The process of having real time one to one conversations in order to capture, qualify and connec with your best leads #1 Realtime The rise of messaging means you no longer have to force people to fill out forms. Scalable Thanks to bots, even small teams can have 1-1 conversation s and qualify leads 24/7 Focused on Engagement Inbound & Outbound tactics can be used to start quality conversations Built in Feedback Loop Conversations provide insights you can’t get anywhere else. Personalized Even before a conversation starts - a personal experience can be offered
  13. 13. 01 02 03 04 Connect Be available to solve a person’s problem via a messaging app. Engage in a conversational tone and use the existing contact record to add context. Refine Based on user interactions continue to optimize your conversational strategy to provide more value and encourage habitual use of the bot. Understand Design a conversation with filtering questions to understand the user’s intent in the most efficient way possible. Deliver Deliver a solution via rich media without forcing users to leave the messaging app. The Inbound Messaging Framework
  14. 14. HubSpot Conversations
  15. 15. Monitor and participate in conversations that Bots are having with visitors via Conversations shared inbox for Live Chat & Email. Introducing Conversations
  16. 16. Live Chat Start building better relationships with your prospects and customers through personalized, one- to-one conversations.
  17. 17. Email Teams can hook up shared email aliases to the Conversations inbox, to enhance and maintain transparency and take teamwork to a whole new level.
  18. 18. Easy bot creation Goal-oriented templates allow you to hit the ground running
  19. 19. Bot editor Easily customize or change questions asked by the bot
  20. 20. Bots are the conversational interface to HubSpot products Modular building blocks enable easy creation of highly dynamic bot conversations.
  21. 21. Solve for the developer Power features like webhooks and the inline deployment of code fosters the ability for seamless integrations. A world of possibilities
  22. 22. Some examples...
  23. 23. Let visitors book meetings in-line without navigating away. Leverage information previously collected by bot (name, email) to optimize meeting bookings. Booking meetings
  24. 24. Easily qualify leads before sending the contact to a sales rep on Live Chat. Qualify Leads
  25. 25. Let visitors search for knowledge content or surface specific article to deflect support tickets and/or proactively offer assistance. Surfacing knowledge content
  26. 26. Key Takeaways ● Bots are available 24/7 and can interact with customers even when you can’t. ● Leverage the Inbound Messaging Framework to construct your bot and build it into your Inbound efforts ● Bots can offer multiple options to a customer thereby increasing value proposition, scalability and encouraging repeat usage. ● Bots are integrated across all Hub’s allowing for substantial amount of combinations.
  27. 27. Questions ?