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CCBA Research paper

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CCBA Research paper

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos University Collage of Education Instructional & Learning Technology Department Quality Assurance Course (TECH4211) Quality Assurance Research Paper of College of Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA) at Dhofar University Done by: Manar Al-Wahaibi (92604) Maryam Al-Balushi (94899) Wafa Al-Shueili (94090) Submitted to: Dr. AbdoAlrahman Al-Haj
  2. 2. Overview Quality assurance (2009) defined quality assurance as the systematic process aims to evaluate educational programmes to ensure that acceptable standards of personnel, curriculum and environment are being maintained. According to Juran, Deming and Crosby philosophy in quality assurance, the institutions need to make annual improvement plan, set a clear purposes of their services and products, train their staff and remove the barriers in the institutions that prevent the improvement (Mishra, 2005). As a result, the institution will be able to meet the national standards and improve their own standards continuously. In this paper we are going to conduct quality assurance plan for College of Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA) at Dhofar University. This plan aims to evaluate three areas of quality indicatorswhich are personnel, curriculum and environment in different aspects as we mention in the action plan (Attached at the end of the paper). Observation and interview will be used as the toolsfor assessing these areas one by one and thenproviding feedback after each steps to ensure continuous improvement. One by one way of assessing was chosen because these areas are connected and affect each other in sequence. CCBA needs to adapt a quality assurance for its programs in order to be in the competitions with other private institutions because of the increasing of the demand for this institution. However, the parents and students are conscious of choosing the best one according to the ranking between these institutions.
  3. 3. Personnel Administrators, instructors and students are the essential and main part of education process because of their significant roles that they play ineducation institution. These personnel in quality assurance concern the qualification of administrators and instructors,instructors’ discipline and students’ performance.Most of administrators and instructors have high qualification, they have PH.D and Master degrees starting with Syed Ahsan Jamil Who is the dean of CCBA. They are from different nationalities which enable them to share their experience, knowledge and teaching methods which serve the improvement of educational process in the collage. Regarding to the instructors’ discipline, they are available in the office hours to response to students’ problems and questions. However, they don’t response to student’s email.Students’ performance is good in general. Students are graduated with theoretical and practice knowledge including communication and banking skills. They transfer what they learn in labour marketing easily.The tool and method that used in this section is interview with college’s student through call and text message. Also, we visit the CCBA website to collect data about the personal qualifications. Curriculum The curriculum of the collage should be high quality, modern and related to students’ needs because it affects the overall quality of education and social satisfaction. CCBA has overall goal which aims to provide high quality practical business education and produce life-long self- learners committed to serve their society. It also has a set of objectivities which concentrate on preparing students to have global economic knowledge and skills in their major, enabling students to use the latest technologies that relate to their major in business and developing communication skills and team work. The curriculums are chosen according to these objectives
  4. 4. and the new development in the social culture. Each curriculum has its own syllabus distributes to the students at the begging of each semester. The syllabus contains specific cognitive and psychomotor outcomes which are expected from the students at the end of the semester. However, there are no attitude outcomes. In addition, the course syllabus contains course timeline which will be followed through the semester.The objectives are stated correctly and clearly following ABCD criteria. Lectures and field experience are the main teaching methods that are used in this collage. In addition, the collage uses computer based instruction as a part of some programs. It adapts project-based as assessment tool with others traditional forms of assessment tools.The tool and method that used to conduct this portion of quality assurance plan for CCBA is interview with college’s student through call and text message. Also, we visit the CCBA website to evaluate the correctness and the relevance of the objectives. Environment The learning environment is central to quality education).t must be appropriate for all personnel (students, teachers and administrators). The quality of the learning environment is determined by the physical and culturalfactors (Education International, 2010). The institution should be aware of providing the relevant infrastructure and resources that support educational process. Also, it should provide suitable and required facilities for personnel. In this section we will assess the environment in terms of tangibles of physical services, responsiveness of technicians and communication between students and instructors.CCBA includes three departments which are Department of Accounting & Finance, Department of Management & Marketing and Department of Management of Information System. The physical services in the collage are tangibles for students. There are computer labs and study rooms within the collage building that specified for students only to work and study in their time. In addition, these labs include printers
  5. 5. for the students. The responsiveness of technicians is noticeable, they check the labs regularly every week and they are willing to response to students’ problems. CCBA uses Moodle as Learning Management System to deliver programs materials for their students. Also, it uses Webmail for communication with the personnel. Students and instructors can access to the Moodle and Webmail easily through university’s Wi-Fi. However instructors don’t response to students’ mail immediately. The weakest point in this collage is the absent of collage library which is specified in the collage majors.The tool and method that used to conduct this portion of quality assurance plan for CCBA is interview with college’s student through call and text message. Conclusion This plan covers three areasof quality assurance in education which are personnel, curriculum and environment. This plan provides clear description of the aspects that evaluate quality assurance dimensions in education. It based on website of the collage and interviews to collect the data. We made interview with collage’s students because they are central of educational process. So, they have enough experience about their collage. However, this tool was limited and objective which affect our plan somehow negatively. Also, we didn’t have chance to visit the collage and observe the process to judge the collage accurately. So, we recommend to develop this plan by collecting data through visiting the collage for observation, interviewing with several personnel and distributing questionnaire among personnel.
  6. 6. References Dhofar University. ( 2013). College of Commerce andBusinessAdministration. Retrieved May 3, 2015, fromhttp://www.du.edu.om/index.php?lang=en&name=College of Commerce and Business Administration&itemid=29 Education International. (2010) .Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Environments: First Results from TALIS.Brussels: OECD.Retrieved May 3, 2015, fromwww.oecd.org/dataoecd/17/51/43023606.pdf Mishra, S.(2005). Quality Assurance in Higher Education: An Introduction. India: NAAC. Quality Assurance. (2009). Retrieved May 3, 2015, fromhttp://www.unesco.org/new/en/education/themes/strengthening-education-systems/higher- education/quality-assurance/ Appendix Interview Questions: Personnel 1. How you contact with your instructors? 2. Do your instructors give you feedback? When and how? 3. Are the instructors available during office hours? 4. What is the general level of the students' performance in the collage? Interview Questions: Curriculum 1. Do you have a syllabus for your course? Describe it for me. 2. What are the types of objectives in your syllabus? Give me example of your objectives. 3. Does the content of your curriculum meet the objectives that provided in the syllabus? 4. Do the theoretical and practical parts are connected to each other's in you curriculums? 5. How you applied what you learn?
  7. 7. 6. What teaching methods and technology are used in your lectures? Interview Questions: Environment 1. Do you have a computers labs in your collage which are available for you? 2. Are the technicians responsive to provide the help? 3. Do you have a library in your collage? 4. What are facilitates available in your collage? 5. What are the weakness of your collage infrastructure? Process Diagram Personnel Qualification Dicipline Students' Performance Curriculum Efficiency Reliability Correctness Environment Tangibles of Phisycal Services Responsiveness of Stuff Communication Feedback