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Top Reasons for Employee Happiness Pt: I

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Nona Black specializes in corporate development and best practices. This slideshow features Nona's expertise in the field and details employee happiness. Enjoy the slideshow and be sure to check back again soon for part II and more updates!

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Top Reasons for Employee Happiness Pt: I

  2. 2. • A company’s employees are the backbone of the organization and their happiness is key to the further success of the company • If employees are unhappy, unsatisfied, or annoyed with the current processes their work will suffer and that will be bad news for the organization as a whole • Managers need to make sure their employees are happy with what is going on in the company, department, and office atmosphere • In this presentation you will find integral information that everyone should read as it details the top reasons for employee happiness in the workplace • Enjoy!
  3. 3. COMPANYTRACK RECORD & POSITION FOR GROWTH • One question you need to ask yourself is “has the company been growing steadily and does it have a product/service that will yield future growth?” • You need to make sure you are working for a company that you believe will succeed or your work will suffer because your heart will not be in it entirely
  4. 4. COMPANY CULTURE • How is the company’s culture? • Is it relaxed, or too uptight? • Both can be straining on different people with different personalities • Too relaxed might yield problems down the road as employees are too comfortable and things fall through the cracks • Too strict and uptight is always negative as it adds extra stress on top of the everyday normal stress you face in the office • You need to determine your comfort level and position yourself where you are most likely to succeed
  5. 5. CONTRIBUTION • Ask yourself as an employee, “am I poised to directly influence and contribute to the company?” • All good employees want to add to the company they work for and feel that their hard work and efforts are noticed and actually used • Managers that recognize an employee’s hard work are sure to make a positive impression on the employee and thus continue their happiness
  6. 6. APPRECIATION • In association with your personal contributing to your company, does your company appreciate employee’s efforts? • Is there some kind of reward system? • Having a management system that regularly appreciates and rewards hard work is the positive affirmation that employees need to stay happy in their position
  7. 7. ROLE • When starting a new job or working in your current role, you will need to determine if you are be set up for success • Do you have the necessary requirements and skills to do the job properly and excel? • Make sure all responsibilities are understood and your employer and you are on the same page • The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a role where you are destined to fail or will be unhappy from the beginning
  8. 8. CAREER DEVELOPMENT • A great company will provide its employees with many opportunities to succeed and further their own development • They should offer regular training courses to further your knowledge and better impact you and your role in the organization • Be sure to have an outlined growth plan for yourself and regularly check in with your manager to see how you can improve and achieve what you desire most
  9. 9. -Nona Black Thank you for reading and be sure to check back soon for more updates and Pt: II!