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Nokia's downfall

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Nokia's downfall

  1. 1. Noormahammad
  2. 2. Contents Brief History Of Nokia Reasons For Selling Their Asset Nokia’s Failure SWOT Analysis Competitor (Samsung) Got It Right Market Share Conclusion
  3. 3. Brief History Of Nokia1865Wood Pulp Mill1871Share company1898Rubber Business1902Electricity1967Nokia Corporation2012
  4. 4. Headquarters At Finland
  5. 5. Reasons For Selling It’s AssetsNet operatinglossLoosing MarketShare
  6. 6. Why Nokia Failed?ComplacencyLack of innovationSymbian to Windows
  7. 7. Strengths Experience Largest network of selling & distribution Strong customer relation Wide range of products for all class
  8. 8. Weakness Low voice quality Less stylish in low priced products Heavy sets Unlike iPhone Apple, Nokia N-series iscomplex, tough and not user friendly
  9. 9. Opportunities New growth markets Concentrate on Smartphones Well designed and styled set Mini notebooks
  10. 10. Threats China mobiles – It has made exact copy ofNokia Competitors like Samsung & Apple Sales may decline due to global economicdownturn Standard & Poor downgraded Nokia withlow grade
  11. 11. Competitor (Samsung) Got ItRight Placed its bet on Android OS forSmartphone First to launch what many called aniPhone look alike Variety of Smartphones for differentsegment
  12. 12. Samsung Vs. Nokia Mobiles
  13. 13. Market Share76.15.938.525.62341.8Nokia Samsung Nokia Samsung Nokia Samsung2010 2011 2012MarMarket share (%)GfK-Nielsen for March 2012
  14. 14. Conclusion