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Solar Power - Sustainable energy solutions for your home

  1. Start your Solar journey today Call: 0800 975 3199˚ or visit Contact our specialist teams who are on hand to offer support and advice to help you start your Solar journey. Lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 5pm Sat † ax free: Generation income would be tax free provided that the generation income is not received in a business capacity (e.g. the individual must not be running a T Solar from npower business from their house) and that the individual is not providing a form of service or facility in connection with the electricity being generated. The export income Sustainable energy solutions for your home would be tax free provided that Solar PV qualifies as a “microgeneration system” as defined under the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006 and that the system is installed at or near domestic premises occupied by the individual and they intend that the amount of electricity generated by it will not significantly exceed the amount of electricity consumed in those premises. ^ 0 yearsrising with inflation: Subject to changes in legislation. Any revisions to the Feed in Tariff dates are found at 2 # 5% savings: Energy Savings Trust website source (April 2011). 2 ~ 2% return on investment: calculation based on a 4kWp PV system located in optimum conditions for an average UK home, with a south facing array at 30º 1 pitch and no shading. Cost of the system based npower’s average installation costs. Actual costs will vary depending on site. Assumes generation of 850 kWh per 1 kWp installed with generation income based on DECC’s current FIT rate of 16p for customers with a Solar PV system under 4kWp in size (as per www.ofgem. gov.ukFITs) and export income assumes 50% of generation exported onto the grid and DECC’s current export tariff of 4.5p. Electricity Bill Savings based on the Energy Saving Trust’s estimated current average electricity price of 14.4p per kWh, Ofgem’s average UK household annual consumption of 3,300 kWh and 50% of all electricity is used in the home. Doesn’t include any maintenance costs or tax implications. No two installations of the same type and scale are likely to produce the exact same level of generation each year for the same cost, and thus rates of return can vary between installations. Example provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. ** Feed in Tariff Scheme. Terms and conditions apply. For more information visit ˚ alls: Telephone calls may be recorded and monitored for training and security purposes. Lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Price of calls may vary and C calls from mobiles may be considerably higher. Please check with your operator for exact charges ∑ T erms and conditions apply and will be subject to a property survey. Your system is being provided by EvoEnergy Limited, you will need to enter into a contract directly with EvoEnergy Limited for its supply and installation. In such case, npower does not warrant or represent and is not responsible for the quality, fitness for purpose or otherwise of the PV system or its installation and any other equipment provided by EvoEnergy Limited, nor for the actions or omissions of EvoEnergy Limited or any installer used by EvoEnergy Limited. npower is a registered trade mark and the trading name of Npower Northern Limited (registered in England and Wales No. 3653277) and associated companies. Registered office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB. Npower Northen Limited supply electricity as an agent for Npower Northern Supply Limited (Registered in England and Wales No. 2845740) Registered office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB. npm10267/RF12056/10.12 2
  2. Contents Introduction Introduction 3 Solar made easy∑ Solar PV Did you know that one third of our carbon Introducing Solar PV 4 Sustainable power made by the sun emissions comes from the energy we use in in Tariffs - Feed 5 • Earn a return of up to 12%~ through our our home?* Feed in Tariff How does Solar PV work? 6 Although the sun is 92 million miles away from • Reduce your energy bills and your - Is Solar PV for you? 7 earth, it could still provide us with enough energy carbon footprint - Product and warranty 7 every minute to meet our demands for a whole year. • Become your own power station and The key is how we harness this energy and use it reduce your reliance on rising fuel prices Solar Thermal 8 for our benefit. Taking advantage of a free, natural • free Energy Performance Certificate A energy resource makes sense in a world of climate (EPC) and a year’s free central heating Why choose Solar hot water? 9 change, dwindling supplies of fossil fuels like oil and - How does it work? 11 care for your home gas and volatile energy prices. By harnessing greener alternatives, such as energy from daylight, means we Solar Thermal Solar Thermal technology 12 can start to move to a more sustainable future. Hot water made by the sun Is Solar Thermal right for me? 14 npower and our installation team EvoEnergy, • Perfect hot water solution for off have installed Solar PV for thousands of gas customers Case study 16 homeowners and businesses across the country • Reduce your heating bills and your - so no one knows Solar like we do. We’ll take you carbon footprint Frequently asked questions 17 step by step through the process: from surveying • Earn money from the Renewable your home and installing your panels, to helping Heat Incentive Our Solar partners 18 you register for the Feed in Tariff scheme and start • free Energy Performance Certificate A earning money from your system. (EPC) and a year’s free central heating care for your home *Source: 2 3
  3. Introducing Solar PV npower is at the forefront of developing new Feed in Tariff 2. Export payments technologies and we see Solar Photovoltaic Why chose Solar PV from npower? The government has an objective to reduce UK As well as the FiT generation payments, (Solar PV) as an important and increasingly Returns of up to 12%~ we currently pay 4.5p~ for every kilowatt hour of carbon emissions by 80% by 2050* which has led popular way for homeowners to generate their electricity you do not use yourself. This surplus With our Feed in Tariff you’ll get a tax free, index to the introduction of Feed in Tariffs (FITs). This is own electricity. electricity that you ‘export’ back to the National linked payment for every unit of electricity your a scheme that rewards customers who generate solar panels generate. With that and the savings and use sustainable electricity. Installing Solar PV Grid is estimated at 50% of the electricity I ​nvesting in Solar PV system is a significant generated by your Solar PV panels. step. You want to be sure you’ll get a high on your electricity bill, you could get a return of with us will mean you’re eligible for FiTs. All you quality installation that you’ll be able to rely up to 12% a year on your investment. have to do is provide a quarterly meter reading 3. Energy savings on for years to come. npower and our of what you have generated, and you’ll receive On top of Feed in Tariffs, the electricity you installation experts EvoEnergy have several A brand you can trust a payment that is guaranteed for the lifetime of generate is free to use in your home. Although years experience installing Solar PV systems, Feed in Tariffs are a 20 year^ investment your Solar PV system. you’ll never eliminate the need to import so rest assured we’ll support you at all times. so you need a brand that can offer you peace electricity (especially when the sun sets!) it’s of mind for years to come. npower have over With a Solar PV system there’s three ways you estimated that Solar PV can reduce the average 5 years experience in solar PV, and EvoEnergy can benefit: electricity bill by 25%.# If wholesale energy prices were awarded solar installer of the year in 2011 1. Generation payments continue to rise then you could benefit even and 2012 for recognition of their high quality A generation payment is received for all the more from using your own, sustainable source customer service and technical excellence. electricity generated by your Solar PV system; of electricity. We’re so confident in the quality of our design whether you use it in your own home or not. and our products that we will guarantee your The FiT generation payment increases every Feed in Tariff payments for the first 5 years.∆ For more information about Feed in Tariffs visit year in line with inflation and is guaranteed for 20 years.^ What’s more it could be TAX FREE† Energy solutions for your home so there may be no income tax to pay on it. At npower we’re here to look after all your energy needs, and provide a total energy The premium generation rate is set solution designed for you. Every one of our at 16p~ for a customer who registers solar customers gets a free Energy Performance before the 1st November 2012. Daylight Certificate (EPC) and a year’s free central heating Total Household care for your home. Usage 3,300kWh Generation payment (@ 16p per kWh generated) £545 Import from 4kW Solar PV system Solar PV system 1,700kWh Export payment (@ 4.5p per kWh) Consumer unit £75 Standard yearly electricity bill (@ cost 14.4p per kWh) -£230 ∆ Subject to terms and conditions *Source: 4 5
  4. How does Solar PV work? What is a Solar Talk to our installation experts Warranties and panels Daylight 1 1 1 PV system? 2 2 EvoEnergy to find the right 25 year performance guarantee Inverter solution for you • solar panels use high quality polycrystalline Our AC/DC or monocrystalline silicon cells from leading Understanding your requirements 3 Fuse box Import Solar PV manufacturers and have been • We’ll explain our product range to you carefully selected to ensure high performance and answer any questions you have and quality. • We’ll make sure we understand your Export 4 requirements • systems are MCS (Microgeneration All Appliances Certification Scheme) certified in accordance • We’ll check your property is suitable for with the requirements of the UK Feed In Solar PV Tariff scheme.** Survey and quotation • Solar PV panels come with a 25 year 1 Solar cells - Solar cells within the PV 3 Electricity - Household appliances can be • you are happy to proceed we will carry If manufacturer performance guarantee.¥ panels act as a semi conductor that used as normal via the consumer unit out a full survey of your property converts daylight into electricity • We’ll measure your roof area, note any Our SAP guarantee 2 Inverter - The electricity generated 4 Export - When the household demand obstructions and test that your current As part of your quote, we estimate how much by the panels is DC (direct current). is less than supply from the PV system, electricity load will support the Solar PV system your PV system will generate. We’re so confident This is then converted to AC (alternating any spare electricity can be sold back to in the quality of our design and products that we • We’ll draw up a full design of the proposed current), using an inverter so it can be the electricity supplier and, if eligible, will back it up with a guarantee for five years. system and give you a final quote based on used in the home feed in tariffs can be paid We understand that solar PV is still a relatively our survey new technology in the UK so we want to offer our customers peace of mind over their investment. Installation Is Solar PV for you? 2. How much free roof space do I need? • When you are happy with the design and final Terms and conditions apply, please speak to our ¥ You need to answer two key questions that will Our standard Solar PV systems start from 5 quote, we will ask you to sign the order form team for more information on this guarantee. determine whether your home is suitable for panels and go up to 16 panels. The smallest and pay a deposit Solar PV, because not all properties can benefit system needs at least 10m2 of unobstructed roof • will then arrange for the installation to We from this type of renewable technology. space. Bear in mind that the average size of one be carried out and connect your system with side of a roof in a UK house is around 30-35m2. minimum disruption to you - you won’t need 1. Which way does my roof face? to do anything yourself You can check the suitability of your property In the UK, you will need a roof space that by phoning our specialist solar team on • Once you’re going ahead you can then receive ideally sits between south-west to south-east your Feed in Tariff application pack to ensure in order to generate the optimum amount of electricity. But as long as you have roof space 0800 975 3199˚ you are ready to start making money as soon that sits from east to west, your property is as your Solar PV system is installed. You’ll need potentially suitable. to have your electricity supplied by npower to qualify 6 7
  5. Solar Thermal Hot water from the sun Why choose solar hot water Did you know that on average we spend With the impacts of ever-rising energy costs Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) £235+ a year just on heating water, and over Why choose Solar Thermal and climate change, the need for a heating The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government a quarter of our total carbon footprint comes from npower: and hot water technology that is future proof, initiative to encourage more people to use from the energy we use in our home? With a cost-effective and able to use an unlimited, renewable energy. The scheme was announced in Reduce your energy bills and your Solar Thermal system from npower you could sustainable source of energy is essential. March 2011 and will offer quarterly payments to carbon footprint use the sun to generate your own hot water those with renewable heat installations – including and start reducing your heating bills. A Solar Thermal system works best in the Solar Thermal technology has lots of Solar Thermal. The scheme is set to launch in summer where it can provide at least 90% of advantages – it’s low maintenance, it could summer 2013.* A Solar Thermal system uses the sun’s warmth your hot water needs,+ but it will work all year save you money year after year and the system to provide hot water for your home. It involves round too. By using a clean and sustainable is relatively inexpensive compared with other In the meantime there’s a grant to help eligible using solar “collectors” on your roof which use a source of heating you’ll saving over 6 tonnes renewable technologies. homes reduce the up front costs of installing Solar clever combination of glass, stainless steel and of carbon dioxide being emitted over the next Thermal – the Renewable Heat Premium Payment insulation to absorb as much thermal energy 25 years.+ Benefits (RHPP). Anyone can apply for the RHI and RHPP from the sun as possible. Once the collector is Depending on how you use it, a well designed and as long as you’ve installed an eligible technology hot enough, that thermal energy is transferred We are experienced after 15th July 2009, along with meeting the properly sized solar thermal system can help you to your hot water tank in your home. So you npower and our installation team EvoEnergy energy efficiency requirements of the RHI. make a substantial saving on your bills. You can can run yourself a bath to celebrate – you’ll be have over 10 year experience in Solar Thermal expect it to provide: saving money and the environment every time and have installed systems for thousands of Costs you turn on the hot tap. homeowners and hundreds of businesses across • 80-90% of your hot water in the summer ## the country. The cost of your install will depend on a range • 40-50% of your hot water in the spring of factors including the number of panels, the and autumn ## complexity of the plumbing and the suitability Quality design and service • 10-15% of your hot water in the winter ## of your existing hot water system. A typical Whatever your needs we can offer a range of system will cost around £5,000 to £5,500+ and product choices and system types to suit your Systems can also be designed to contribute you’ll be able to get £300 towards this from home. Everyone of our customers has their towards heating your home, and could reduce the government as part of the Renewable Heat project overseen by a dedicated project manager heating costs by up to 60%+ over the course of Premium Payment. to ensure everything runs smoothly. a year. Energy solutions for your home You’ll make the biggest saving if your hot water is Maintenance We’re here to look after all your energy needs, currently heated by electricity, followed by oil and Once installed there is little or no maintenance and provide a total energy solution designed for then gas. However, the actual savings you’ll make requirements. Solar collectors come with a 20 year you. Every one of our solar customers gets a free on your bills will depend on how you use your performance guarantee and the Solar Controller Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and year’s hot water. will manage your system automatically. We do free central heating care for your home. recommend a service every 5-10 years to replace the glycol (solar fluid). For more information call 0800 975 3199˚ + ## Source: Energy Saving Trust report: Here comes the sun - A field trial or Solar water heating systems 2011 Source: *Source: 8 9
  6. How does it work? Solar Thermal acts as an upgrade to your existing heating system, producing hot water by How Solar Thermal works harnessing renewable energy from the sun. The 1. Cold water enters the system from system’s “collectors” absorb solar energy and mains supply transfer that into thermal energy to be used in a hot water cylinder or thermal store. We supply 2. the collector is warm enough the pump If closed-loop solar thermal systems. This means will be activated by the solar controller the fluid that circulates from the panel to the 3. olar fluid is then pumped round the S hot water cylinder never touches the water that collector, heated by solar energy comes out of your tap. It works like this: 4. his fluid then passes in to a cylinder T heating up the water via a coil 5. required a second coil brings up the If water to the pre-set temperature via an existing boiler 6. ot water is now available through H Solar Thermal - domestic hot the taps water system Solar Thermal - Domestic Hot Water System 6 Hot Water, Underfloor Heating Central Heating 3 Boiler Flat Panel or 5 4 Evacuated Tube Pump Collector ! Mains Cold Water Feed 2 1 Solar Thermal Twin Coil Cylinder 10 11
  7. Solar Thermal technology Every Solar Thermal system is made up of a Solar collectors solar panel (also known as a solar collector), There are two types of solar thermal panel: Flat plate a hot water cylinder, a pump and a controller. flat-plate collectors and evacuated-tube Flat-plate collectors consist of dark-coloured absorber You’ll also need a boiler or immersion heater collectors. Evacuated-tube collectors are known plate. The plates are enclosed within a glazed, insulated box to back up the system. for being the more efficient of the two, as they that behaves like a mini greenhouse to retain heat within can produce slightly higher yields in autumn the collector. Solar cylinder and spring. However, over the course of a year The hot water cylinder installed will have a the amount of hot water both types of collector • More versatile. Provides versatility as it can be mounted ‘twin coil’ heating system. The lower coil is produce is very similar, so we’d advise you to horizontally, vertically, on the roof and in the roof heated by your solar collector while the upper consider the pros and cons of each before making a decision. • Glazed flat-plate collectors are good value, last a long coil is heated through your existing boiler. If you time and need very little maintenance have a combi boiler we’ll install a thermal store (a small hot water cylinder to store the water • More robust design and less likely to overheat heated by the panels) plus a specially designed CombiSOL valve, which regulates the inlet • good option if your home is a new build or is having A water temperature. a new roof, as they can be integrated with the roof itself. This gives a neater look – similar to Velux windows – and saves money on other roofing materials Pump and controller The speed of the pump is managed by the controller. It reacts to the temperature of the fluid in the solar collector and the water in the Evacuator tubes cylinder to automatically determine the rate at which the fluid is pumped around the system. Evacuator tubes consist of rows of parallel tubes, each containing a glass thermal absorber. During production, air is evacuated from the tubes allowing it to reach higher temperature at all light levels. • Evacuated-tube collectors have a higher efficiency than flat-plate collectors, so they may be a good option if you have a small amount of space • They can also be mounted in almost any orientation, from a flat roof to a wall. Even if you already have PV panels covering your roof, you may still be able to fix a solar thermal collector to a south-facing wall • Easy to repair. Failed tubes can just be replaced without any major disruption 12 13
  8. Is Solar Thermal right for me? Solar Thermal is a means of improving the by surrounding trees or buildings. East or West sustainability of your domestic hot water heating, facing roofs can still have Solar Thermal fitted in a but it’s not right for every property. Here are some “split” system where the collectors are split onto things to think about when considering a Solar opposite sides of the roof. Thermal system. Cylinder space Ideal for off mains gas homes Your Solar Thermal system requires a new Cheap and instant hot water is something we “twin coil” cylinder that is about 1/3 bigger probably all take for granted, but it can actually than a standard cylinder. For those properties be expensive if you have an electric storage without a hot water cylinder currently there heater or oil boiler. What’s worse is you don’t needs to be space to fit one like an old airing want to be caught short if you’re out of oil or LPG cupboard or closet. and find you’re having to have a cold shower in the morning! A Solar Thermal system can work Our cylinders come in standard or slimline alongside any heating system; with the greatest versions, so if you’re not sure if you could fit a benefits if you’re not connected to mains gas. new cylinder in, it is worth speaking to one of our technical advisors first. Insulating your home Before you consider generating your energy Your current boiler it’s always best to look at what you’re wasting Solar Thermal is an ideal upgrade if you are not first. If your home is below a D on your Energy currently on gas and you have an immersion Performance Certificate (EPC) then investing in heater or hot water cylinder. With npower loft, cavity wall or external wall insulation might Solar we can design you a system to suit every It’s a good idea to time your boiler or immersion so you’ll need a bigger roof space and bigger hot be a better investment in the first instance for you. household, even if you have a combi boiler. heater so that it tops up the heat in the early water cylinders. However the long-term benefits evening, when the solar thermal system has been could make it a worthwhile investment. To find Have a look at our Energy Efficiency survey if Making the most of your system working all day. The water can then be used later out whether it could be a good option for you, you want to know more about the insulation How well a Solar Thermal system will work that evening or the following morning. On a warm just talk to one of our team. of your home. For more information visit depends on your lifestyle and when you tend to day, you may not even need to use your boiler or use the majority of your hot water. If you’re in immersion heater at all. For more information call 0800 975 3199˚ during the daytime and use your hot water mainly in the evenings, Solar Thermal is ideal. If the house Using a Solar Thermal system for heating is an Is the property in the right location? is empty during the day and you use most of your option and can be especially effective if you have In the UK the optimum position for solar collectors hot water first thing in the morning, you won’t underfloor heating, or you don’t have a mains is an unshaded roof facing due south. The solar be getting the full benefits. However, you can gas supply. Systems designed to supply heating collector will be most efficient and cost effective get round this by installing a larger hot water are larger than those providing hot water alone, when direct sunlight is available. In the winter cylinder, which will allow you to store more hot months your roof space is more likely to be shaded water overnight. 14 15
  9. Case study Frequently asked questions Sarah Crabtree Q. Will having solar energy improve the If you are unsure, we can advise you on the value of my property? best way to install your system and you should System Size 2.62 kWp A. Solar PV and Solar Thermal could improve always check with your local planning authority the energy rating of your home and if you use all for complete peace of mind. You may also need Panel model Sunpower 327 / Solfex building regulation approval and/or inform your the energy you generate effectively, it could help Inverter model Kaco Powador 3002 reduce your annual energy bills. Studies by the buildings insurer that you are going to install solar Energy Saving Trust have shown that consumers on your property. Annual output 1,968 kWh / year do take into account the energy rating when Annual CO2 savings 1,117 kg / year Q. Is installing solar very disruptive? buying a new home so it’s likely that you could benefit from having solar installed. A. We’ll minimise disruption and carry out the Sarah works from home where she lives with her complete installation for you. External scaffolding two children, and has spent the last few years Q. We don’t get much sunshine in the UK – is it will need to be erected to give our installers safe looking at ways to reduce her carbon emissions enough to make Solar work effectively? access to your roof. For Solar PV, our installers will and her energy bills. As an environmentally A. Sunlight is measured by how much light and also need access to your loft and fuse box and will conscious consumer, she had been focusing on heat is recorded in a given space. The UK receives fit an extra cable either on the inside or outside her electric and gas bills as an area to save on. around 900 kWh - 1,200 kWh m2 per annum of your house, depending what is most practical of sunlight which is still 60% of the sunlight and easiest for you. For Solar Thermal, how Sarah came to the conclusion that she wanted to compared to the equator. For Solar PV, an entry disruptive the install is will depend on the location install both a solar thermal and a solar PV system. level system can generate 1,500kWh of electricity of your hot water cylinder. If you have room for Not knowing anyone who had installed either a which is just under half the average yearly a hot water cylinder upstairs most installs can be solar thermal or solar PV system, Sarah spent her electricity bill. In the summer, Solar Thermal can completed within a day. time looking into the different options until she nearly provide all your hot water requirements. was comfortable with the technologies. Q. How long will installation take? Q. Do I need planning permission? A. Most installations take one to two days to When asked about EvoEnergy, Sarah said: ‘Every complete. Scaffolding will need to be erected A. Domestic solar installations are considered review I read about EvoEnergy was very positive, before installation starts and will be taken down as permitted developments so you may not need and this helped to reassure me they were a good, soon as the work is completed. planning permission so long as: reliable company’. Impressed that both the thermal and PV systems were installed in one day, • solar panels do not protrude more than The Q. What happens if I move home? Sarah has since taken further steps to reduce her 200mm above the roofline of your property A. Ownership of your Solar PV system and Feed in bills by changing her electric shower to a mixer • building is not listed or in a The Tariff will need to be agreed as part of the sale of shower, utilising the free hot water. conservation area the house. This will need to be determined by you, during the sale process. 16 17
  10. Our Solar partners npower work in partnership with EvoEnergy, More importantly, one of the largest installers in the UK of domestic they consistently receive excellent customer solar heating systems. feedback and are especially proud that a third of their new customers have been referred to them by a friend or family member. Solfex Solar panels Based in Preston, Lancashire, SOLFEX has an They offer a choice of panels from well-known established track record as one of the largest household names to specialist Solar PV players in the UK solar thermal market. It offers About EvoEnergy manufacturers. They currently offer a selection all components, the best solar thermal collector EvoEnergy design, supply and install Solar of solar panels that fit into three distinct warranties on the market and extensive Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal systems categories, our bronze, silver and gold products. warehouse facilities for guaranteed stock for homes and business across the UK, helping Bronze-standard products offer good performance availability. SOLFEX Energy Systems – more and more people discover the benefits of and great value for money, while gold products a supplier of Europe’s top-selling panels. generating their own clean energy. As well as use the latest technology for people who want installing for homeowners they’re experienced in the best of the best. working within all sectors, including commercial, agriculture and public sector, and with contractors, architects, planners and community groups. They were established in 2007 and have been independent since the beginning. They’re not tied Gledhill Cylinders to any manufacturer, so can recommend the best solar panels for each individual customer. With an Gledhill Building Products is a Blackpool-based emphasis on quality design and engineering, an family business that was founded in the 1920s. honest, no-pressure approach to sales and Today they’re the largest privately owned an excellent track record for customer service, cylinder manufacturer in the UK, with over 200 they’ve built up an unrivalled reputation in staff nationwide. Their hot water stores set a the industry. new benchmark for quality and performance, and they offer and industry-leading 25-year guarantee on all models. In the last year, they won three major awards for renewable energy installation and were recommended by Which? and consumer website 18 19