Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

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20 Mar 2014

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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

  1. Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals Created and Presented by Nicholas Scalice @nscalice
  2. Hello Defining “Social Media Marketing” Social Media by the Numbers The OPEN Method The “Big Four” Platforms 6 Tools I Use Everyday Final Thoughts Agenda
  3. I do this stuff at this agency Who Am I?
  4. Defining Social Media Marketing
  5. • “The phrase ‘social media’ is nothing more than a way of referencing the current state of the Internet.” – Gary Vaynerchuk • A disruption in the way the world communicates • The first medium that has scaled word-of-mouth advertising
  6. Social Media Marketing Listening and engaging with a target audience using various online platforms in order to create a transaction The Definition We Will Use
  7. Listen first, then respond Listening…
  8. It’s ping pong rather than archery …and engaging…
  9. Social media consists of a bunch of little cocktail parties, each requiring a different approach and a unique voice …with a target audience…
  10. Don’t try to be everywhere …using various online platforms…
  11. Your goal is to spark an exchange or interaction …in order to create a transaction.
  12. Push Marketing vs. Pull Marketing Do Less Pushing and More Pulling Bringing It All Together
  13. The $10,000 Tweet Image Credits: Wikipedia
  14. Social Media by the Numbers
  15. • Years to reach 50 million users: • Radio (38 years) • TV (13 years) • Internet (4 years) • iPod (3 years) Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months
  16. 90% of all home searches start online Source: 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
  17. •Architecture •Content •Backlinks •Social Signals The Fourth Pillar of SEO
  18. Target home buyers and sellers and get leads Build a strong personal brand Position yourself as an expert in your area Make yourself more accessible Get more referrals Keep in contact with your past clients Save money on traditional advertising methods But What Can All of This Help ME do?
  19. • Is Your Social Media Strategy OPEN for Business? Optimize Publish Engage Nurture The OPEN Method
  20. Optimize Step 1
  21. Sales Leads Awareness Buzz Thought leadership Goals: What Do You Want?
  22. How are you different? Create a brief pitch that is: Catchy – Why should I remember you? Unique – How are you different? Engaging – What makes me want to take action? What’s Your CUE Statement?
  23. Develop consistent branding, images, titles, biographies, and usernames
  24. Your website is your huband your home base Your website must have: Pages that load fast An email capture form Links to your social profiles A visible CUE statement A call-to-action on every page And the #1 secret to a successful site . . . Your Website is the Central Hub
  25. Your blog is the energy source of your site 4 reasons why you need a blog: • Get found on search engines for keywords • Establish yourself as a local expert • Show your visitors that you’re staying current • YOU own the content Only 10% of agents have a blog Having a Blog and Using it Wisely
  26. • 42% of consumers look to blogs for information about potential purchases • 52% of consumers say blogs have impacted their purchase decisions • 57% of marketers have acquired new customers with their blogs Blogs Convert Readers into Buyers Source: LeadersWest Digital Marketing Journal
  27. Make it easy for people to share, like, follow, etc. Sharing is Caring
  28. Publish Step 2
  29. 2014 is the year of Content Marketing Start creating guides, eBooks, slides, videos, infographics, etc.
  30. You should be able to talk about the: Best restaurants, schools, parks, shops, malls Crime stats, typical weather, demographics Individual neighborhood profiles Local businesses, clubs, sports teams, etc. Become a Community Expert
  31. • Write a review of something local • Create a unique list • Summarize a technical term in simple language • Interview a client, broker, partner or business owner • Showcase a neighborhood • Report on local news and events • Invite guest bloggers to provide content • Explain how to do something • Give a market update • Create “______ of the week” posts But Really, What Should I Say?
  32. The 3 E’s of Social Media Educate Provide information, teach something of value, inform and share Engage Encourage interaction, ask for comments, encourage your community to share and interact with you (just remember to respond) Entertain Try to get a laugh, show something interesting, provide a “break” from the norm (but always keep it related to your field)
  33. Use Different Types of Posts Videos Images Links Questions Quotes Statements Shares
  34. Repurpose Your Content Effectively
  35. Use to share content across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ at the ideal times ( Scheduling Your Content
  36. Engage Step 3
  37. Setting Up a Listening Station +
  38. • Every day is a “National Day of” something • March 12th was National Plant a Flower Day – Improve curb appeal by planting a flower • Check out • Incorporate current events into your content • Use trending topics to stay relevant Timing is Everything
  39. • Find and follow local bloggers through Twitter • Google specific phrases to find blog posts • Leave short, insightful comments • Don’t try to sell Commenting on Other Blogs
  40. Commenting on Other Blogs
  41. Commenting on Other Blogs
  42. 1. Use Twitter or Google to find local bloggers 2. Make sure the blog is still “active” 3. Reach out to the owner/author/admin 4. Offer to write an article for their blog 5. Offer them an opportunity to write for your blog 5 Steps to Guest Posting
  43. • You can answer questions anywhere you’d like • Quora, Klout, Zillow, Trulia, LinkedIn, etc. • Make it an everyday habit Answer Some Questions
  44. Images get an average of 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks on Facebook More Images = More Engagement The Visual Web Source: KISSmetrics
  45. Nurture Step 4
  46. Using more advanced social media marketing tactics, getting into a routine, analyzing your results, and adjusting your efforts What Does Nurture Mean?
  47. • Use every opportunity to get email addresses • Send out a monthly newsletter • Focus on content, not aesthetics • Deliver value, not spam • One of the best ways to build your list is to… ABC : Always Be Collecting
  48. • Information products = more leads • “The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home in Boca Raton in 2014” • “10 Tips You Should Know Before Listing Your Royal Palm Beach Home” Create Detailed Information Products
  49. Creating a routine and analyzing your results are what transforms all of this into a strategy
  50. What Does a Social Media Routine Look Like? Monday Tuesday Wednesday 2 Facebook Posts 2 Facebook Posts 2 Facebook Posts 4 Tweets 4 Tweets 4 Tweets 1 LinkedIn Update 1 LinkedIn Update 1 LinkedIn Update 1 Google+ Post 1 Google+ Post 1 Google+ Post Start 5 Social Media Conversations Answer 5 Questions on Quora, LinkedIn, etc. Start 5 Social Media Conversations Comment on 3 Other Blogs Write and Publish 1 Blog Post Comment on 3 Other Blogs
  51. Use Google Analytics, engagement levels, and real-world metrics to see what’s working (Then, do more of that!) The Simple(ish) Way to Analyze Results
  52. The Big Four Platforms
  53. 3 Tips for Boosting Engagement on Facebook • Understand why people are on Facebook • Give them a reason to “like” your page • Boost your EdgeRank
  54. 3 Tips for Tweeting Like a Pro • Approach Twitter as a way to build relationships • It’s all about the what’s happening right now • Dive into multiple conversations
  55. 3 Tips for Networking Success on LinkedIn • Get your profile to “All-Star Status” • Ask for and give recommendations • Turn every business card into a connection
  56. 3 Tips for Improving Your Search Ranking with Google+ • Think of Google+ as a “social layer” for search • Set up Google Authorship for your articles • Participate in and host Google+ Hangouts on Air
  57. Helpful Tools and Final Thoughts
  58. • • • • • • 6 Tools I Use Everyday
  59. Above all else, be consistent, authentic, and honest Always ask yourself, “How is this action adding value to others?”
  60. Yes, it takes time Yes, it’s overwhelming No, you don’t have to do everything Yes, you will succeed
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