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Mastering the E20 Journey

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Mastering the E20 Journey

  1. 1. Mastering the E20 Journey Review & Perspectives from E20 SUMMIT Björn Negelmann – N:Sight Research @bjoern_n
  2. 2. Agenda (30min) E20 SUMMIT – A Book in 4 Chapters Recalling the Tales from E20 SUMMIT 2012 The Realist calling for the Renaissance Framework & Roadmap to master the E20 Journey Image by Philipp Klinger
  4. 4. E20 SUMMIT – A Book with four Chapters … so far!  Key Questions:Opening ProjectCommunication  What are the characteristics of with Blogs the so-called „Enterprise 2.0“?  Why sharing does „good“?  Case Studies Wiki-based  E20S: SFR, Fraport, BTicino , Motorola Knowledge Capturing  E20F: Deutsche Bank, Adidas, Festo, Bosch  Characteristics  Departmental driven Social  Knowledge retention driven Bookmarking- & -Rating Mar 2008 Nov 2009 Oct 2010 Feb 2012
  5. 5. Structuring E20 use scenarios in 2008 - based on a strong KM orientation! E-Learning Distributing IT-Training Glossare FAQ IBM Yellow Pages IC repository wiki Pro7Sat1 Produkt-Doku Fraport UN-Kommunikation Alles rund Projektmanagement um Betrieb Market Intelligence Ideen- British Telecom DrKW PLMSynaxon Inventarisierung PIMDocumenting Management ProzessDoku ProzessDoku Market Information Cablecom Prozess-Doku QM-Handbuch ProjektMgmt Motorola Kollaborative B Braun QM-Wiki Customer Vorstands Innovation assistenten-Wiki Feedback Customer Competitive Production Listening SFR Capturing Information Issues Management Intelligence System R&D Planning Operations Production Marketing Service
  6. 6. E20 SUMMIT – A Book with four Chapter … so far!  Key QuestionsOpening Project Innovation  Fostering & Improving theCommunication Management Collaborative Performance with Blogs  Understanding the key characteristics Collaboration of social Management 2.0 Wiki-based  Case Studies Knowledge  Dt. BW, Rheinmetall, ISO, CSC, Capturing Knowledge Dassault, OTTO, SUN, Schlumberger + Management 2.0  Characteristics Social  Still departmental Bookmarking- Internal  Very much „silo-ed“ approaches to & -Rating Comms 2.0 lever social potentials Mar 2008 Nov 2009 Oct 2010 Feb 2012
  7. 7. Understanding E20 as key to levernew or hidden business potentials!
  8. 8. Structuring the use scenarios in 2012- still „above the flow/process“ !
  9. 9. E20 SUMMIT – A Book with four Chapter … so far! Improving Talent & Skill Mgmt.  Key QuestionOpening Project the Path Innovation Enforcing  Setting to an Biz InnovationCommunication Management Open & Agile Enterprise Strengthening with Blogs  Improving Biz Processes Collab. Collaboration Regaining with Social Technologies Management 2.0 Biz Agility  Wiki-based Case Studies Knowledge Océ, Swiss Re, HP, Hypoport,  C+W, Facilitating Capturing Info Exchange Knowledge TI + Renault, BCG, BASF, BMW, Fostering  Characteristics Management 2.0 Knowledge Sharing  Some already corporate scope Social Enhancing  E20 Internal Bookmarking-initiative as social layer to Info Flow improve organisation 2.0 & -Rating Comms Improving Internal Comms Mar 2008 Nov 2009 Oct 2010 Feb 2012
  10. 10. Understanding E20 as an evolutionaryprocess – like a virus dissemination!
  11. 11. E20 SUMMIT – A Book with four Chapter … so far! Improving Open Innovation Talent & Skill Mgmt. Practices. Social Biz  Key Question AnalyticsOpening Project Innovation Enforcing Social CRM  Understanding the Social Business Excellence Biz Innovation Practices Social inCommunication Management  How to create business value systematically? Strengthening Strengthening Biz Processes with Blogs  Case Studies Collab. Collab. Model for Collaboration  Alcatel-Lucent, Danone, AXA, Unicredit, Legardère, Regaining Regaining Biz Trans Management 2.0 Biz Agility Wiki-based LdE, Allianz, LaFarge, Dt. Bank, St Gobain, Pernod + Biz Agility E20 Mgr Knowledge Facilitating Improving Role  Characteristics Info Exchange Knowledge Retention Capturing Knowledge corporate scope Social Skillset  Quite a number with a Fostering Fostering Mgmt Management 2.0 from Knowledge Sharing Knowledge Sharing  Projects with sponsorship HR Social Workplace Social Mass adoption as the biggest challengeEnhancing Enhancing Design Bookmarking- Internal Info Flow Info Flow & -Rating Comms 2.0 Improving Improving Internal Comms Internal Comms Mar 2008 Nov 2009 Oct 2010 Feb 2012
  13. 13. In the search forSocial Business Excellence We need to take the middle No single answer for management on board and to the whole thing. show them their new important role for the transformation. Need to look at the business value creation of social for each line of business. Yves Caseau, Bougyes Telecom Rawn Shah, IBM
  14. 14. To prove the ROI of E20 initiatives is a dead simple equation! Social Value Dimensions: Capturing, Collab. & Discovery, Insight, TransformationSource: Rawn Shah 2012, http://www.slideshare.net/rawnshah/understanding-social-business-excellence-enterprise20summit-2012-paris
  15. 15. In the search forthe model of the next enterprise Without my network I never The new enterprise needs a could have made it happen – new leadership paradigm – the social network scales towards the knowledge this benefit to a better extend! entrepreneur, farmer of trust and harvester of skills. Jean-Christophe Kugler, Renault Richard Collin, NextModernity
  16. 16. The new model is a by technology enabled,lateral and adaptive power system. Richard Collin, Nextmodernity
  17. 17. In the search forthe next generation eco-system We need to empower the workforce with social technology and a new eco- system to solve problems faster and more efficient. Dion Hinchcliffe, Dachis Group
  18. 18. The social eco system must providea closed loop – to support the change!
  19. 19. In the search for the best adoption & transformation approachProjects driven bysystem changing idea  Clear transformative focus  Cultural initiative at beginning  Returning to adoption groundwork in further steps Socially Enhanced & TransformedProjects driven by Business Modelsystem improving idea & Organization  Initiated with a clear supportive objective to enhance existing processes  Limited transformational scope at beginning  Transformation as indirect effect
  20. 20. Understanding E20 as incremental& evolutionary process! Maturity Model by Cordelia Krooß, BASF Business Piloting Maturity Transformation Stage Stage Stage Transforming Postive Evaluation Deliver Effects towards a of Piloting to Business new org. form
  22. 22. The not achieved prove of the businessvalue can be a show-stopper!Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMTC3qOH5lMMore Vids in our Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/kongressmedia
  24. 24. Distinguish different stakeholders & disruption moments Business Piloting Maturity Transformation Stage Stage Stage CriticalParticipants Tech Savvy Internal Seniorfor stage success People Networker Leaders Critical Mgmt. BusinessSupporters HR & OE for change Sponsor Line Mgr. success Disruption Disruption Disruption • Boundaries of • Project Coordination & • HR & OE Collaboration Management processes • Notion of individual • Role definition of & corporate knowledge middle mgmt.
  25. 25. Distinguish actions for achievingobjectives & moving on Business Piloting Maturity Transformation Stage Stage Stage Transforming Postive Evaluation Deliver Effects towards a of Piloting to Business new org. form Revision Revision Revision Change on Change on Change on indiv. level group level org. level Re-Assessment Design Re-Assessment Design Re-Assessment Design Tech. & Org. Process Transfor- Adoption mation
  26. 26. E20 project management is more than justtechnology implementation & adoptionmanagement
  27. 27. Checklistfor an E20 project management Piloting Maturity Biz. Transf.Characteristics of Stage Key Objective Key Stakeholder (Participant & Supporter Level) Key Challenges Obstacles & Retardent Measurable Key ResultsOptimization of Stage Measuring Dimensions for Results Actions to Optimize & Foster Result Coaching, Comms, Role, AssessmentChange Planning for next Stage Needed Stakeholder for Change to next Stage Actions for Change Individual Level Group Level Enterprise Level Obstacles & Retardent
  28. 28. Backup: Planned structure forE20 SUMMIT 2013Keynotes Track 3: Discussing Models & Principles for Challenges & Potentials for HR in the Social the Future Organization & Management Business Game (Jon Husband & French HR)  From Social Collaboration to Social Business Designing the Social Business Infrastructure Processes (Practices) (Dion Hinchcliffe)  Building the New Infrastructure for Business From Adoption to Transformation Strategies Knowledge (Roundtable with Practice Experts)  Developing and Mastering the Social CapitalTrack 1: Discussing E20 Project (Practices)Management  Leadership Principles for the Collaborative Assessment & Diagnostic Approaches Enterprise to define the right project objective  Customer-Centered Business Value Management Transforming the Social Intranet to the Digital (Practices) Workplace (Practices)  Fluid & Adaptive Models for the Org 2.0 Governance & Risk Management for 2.0 Projects Interactive Workshop Track Gamification & Engagement Models (Practices)  Adoption Principles (Beginner) Models for the Social Business Analytics  Evolutionary versus Revolutionary – Experiences Building a new Mindset and Mental Model on the Business TransformationTrack 2: Discussing E20 Practice Experience  Internal Community Management Information & Collaboration Management  Action Plan for Supporting the Adoption Knowledge Sharing & Retention  Compensation Models for the Cooperative Enterprise Social Business Process Management  Adopting to Self-Organizing Systems Open Innovation Management Talent & Human Ressource Management 2.0 Social CRM http://e20summit.com
  29. 29. Thank you for your attention &looking forward to your feedback!Bjoern Negelmann | N:Sight Research & Kongress Media | @bjoern_n | bn@n-sight.de