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Join us on the 24th-27th September for a fun packed, educational weekend, concentrating on Malta's eco-culture

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  1. 1. NSTS GOES ECO ! Getintouch: NSTS English Language Institute 220 St. Paul Street, Valletta VLT 1217 Malta T: ( + 356) 2558 800 | F: ( + 356) 2558 8200 W: www.nsts.org | E: nsts@ nsts.org Join us on the 24th- 27th September for a fun packed, educational weekend, concentrating on Malta’s eco-culture. View Malta and Gozo from a completely different perspective; one which normal touristic expeditions do not uncover. This includes: - All activities, entrances and transport during the programme - Friday and Saturday night accommodation - Saturday breakfast and lunch, Sunday breakfast Price 240 € Highlights from your adventure: * Guided tours including Blue Grotto, Salt Pans, Ninu’s Cave and Comino, with a focus on local ecology * Museums related to Maltese flora and fauna, along with Bird Watching at a Nature Reserve * A fishing trip on a traditional Maltese boat and a boat tour of Dwejra * Swimming and Canoeing in the sky blue Mediterranean Sea * A night in a traditional Maltese farmhouse * Please note that Thursday and Friday are half days starting at 14:30, so that participants have time for morning lessons if they are following one of our language programmes. Please contact us for a detailed programme !