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TITEL Do you help your graduates get a job? – Should you?
LOKALE Mødelokale 1 / Conference Room 1
TID Mandag 15.30 - 16.30
OPLÆGSHOLDER Henriette Louise Jakobsen og Janie Huus Tange
SPROG English
How do you see your institution working together with the job market of your graduates? Corporate Partners, Career Counselling or are the companies and students interested in jobs, careers, placement, branding or why bother working closely with the business community (government or private).

Henriette and Janie will facilitate a discussion with participants about why and how you can work with your students and the companies or institutions that hire your graduates.

The workshop will be a mix of experience we have gathered at CBS and discussions among participants about how you work (or not work) with these issues at your institution.

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Cbs nuas2014 jht hlj1 (2)

  1. 1. NUAS Kommunikationskonference, Århus, 20.- 21. Januar 2014 Do you help your graduates get a job? Should you? Janie Huus Tange & Henriette Louise Jakobsen, Office of External Affairs, Copenhagen Business School
  2. 2. McKinsey Report jan 2014 • Surveyed more 5,300 European youth, dividing them into seven segments. • Only one of the segments, the so-called high achievers—10 percent—achieved a good employment outcome • 79 % are frustated by a lack of support and unhappy at their prospects (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Unemployed youth, employers and education providers) 2
  3. 3. Few young people have a successful journey to employment. 3
  4. 4. Why bother? Employable graduates USP for university – stronger brand More chance of involvement Better amabsadors Happy job market 4
  5. 5. GROUP DISCUSSION 1 What are the challenges at my university? - What do the students expect? What does management expect? How is employability communicated now?
  6. 6. CBS Career Centre Building bridges between students and the business society 1. Career counselling: seminars (CV, tests, applictions, ‖from student to consultant‖) and workshops (hands on ex. 15 students working with ‗kompetenceafklaring‘) 2. Employer branding activities: Career Fair and Company Events, target mails and company name on auditorium 3. CareerGate: Portal for student jobs (17.000 users) 4. Akademikerkorpset: CBS students working in SMV for free 5. Bachelor programmes (GLOBE and EngAGE) and CEMS (double master degree) closely planned with companies 6
  7. 7. Great expectations • The students Help to see their future career and how they get Counselling when it comes to tests, CV and applications Facilitate contact to companies That Career Centre knows which study programme can lead to what career • Management That we can deliver what the students want/need – and establish and maintain good relations to companies which might mean spin off (sponsorship, maintain CBS‘ good reputation) • Companies The right man for the rigth job – and access to top talent Employer branding 7
  8. 8. ―Få virksomhedskontakt til få ―Husk at ―sign up‖ dit kontaktenbachelorprojekt‖ til dit fremtidige job‖ ―Karrieren er en del af dit studium‖ Intro (brev + rustur/bog) Kandidatbrev BACHELOR/KA Facebook NDIDAT Flyers på nye studie e-Campus ―Relevant studiejob‖ ―Få data til dit speciale kontakt til din fremtidige karriere‖ STUDENT·BUSINESS·L IFE CYCLE Posters på campus (fysisk) Facebook STUDIEST ART ALUMNI e-Campus LinkedIn Studiesekretar iatet ―Hjælp til ansøgninger (CV, samtaler etc)‖ Invitationer til events m virksomhederne Strategic Contact PointKanaler ―budskaber‖
  9. 9. Dilemma Who are our main users and who should have our main focus – students or companies? We have six big career partners and 20.000 students... 9
  10. 10. GROUP DISCUSSION 2 How do we deal with these challenges at my university? - Real activities Expectation management Things we cannont solve from the communication unit – where do we take it?