OTT Video Services : Trends and Technologies

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This study aims at isolating the main OTT Video Services trends (End-user driven & Production driven) and at pointing out relevant technologies with their maturity estimation and corresponding Vendor + Technology offer tuples.

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OTT Video Services : Trends and Technologies

  1. 1. This study aims at isolatingthe main OTT Video Services Trends (End-user driven & Production driven) and at pointing out relevant Technologies 3 <= with their maturity estimation and corresponding Vendor + Technology offer tuples 1 Young and/or not yet standardized Reasonably mature and/or being 2 standardized [ 3 Fully mature and/or standardized If you want to refine your technology sourcing or build an OTT platform with such components, you can… read my blog : ] monitor my curation : or contact me :
  2. 2. Dynamic stream- Follow-me (re)packaging playback Codeshop Unified Streaming Platform 2 Anevia ViaMotion ServerSyncTV platform Seawell Networks SpectrumTvinci MediaHub UltraViolet Elemental StreamAzuki Media Platform Ericsson NPR1200Vidmind Platform Akamai for UltraViolet 2 RGB Networks Transact PackagerthePlatform mpx CSGI Media Content Direct Envivio Halo NMPXstream MediaMaker 1 Mist Server Stores Screens Multi-formats live multiplicity multiplicity encoding/transcoding Cross-devices Thomson Vibe VS7000 Allegro AL2400 development frameworks Elemental Live 3 Joshfire Factory Envivio Muse Consumption SyncTV platform 2 Harmonic ProMedia Live/Package times Tvinci MediaHub Ericsson SPR1200 multiplicity KIT Digital Connected Device Framework Cisco AS8100 Media Processor DRM umbrella Servers Red Bee Media RedPlayer Digital Rapids StreamZHD Live Verimatrix Multirights Junction TV Multi-Device Framework Ateme Titan Live Authentec DRM Fusion Server Irdeto ActiveCloak Multi-formats VOD Conax Contego Unite 2 encoding/transcoding Thomson Vibe VS7000 Live/timeshift/replay Elemental Server 3 Cisco Transcode Manager startover/VOD/network DVR Harmonic ProMedia Xpress/Package Harmonic ProMedia Origin 2 Digital Rapids Transcode Manager Edgeware D-VDN framework Ateme Titan File Motorola Mobility nDVR Sorenson Squeeze Server Wowza Media Server 3 Telestream Transcode Multiscreen / Lightspeed Server Anevia ViaMotion
  3. 3. Placeshifting Morega QewSERVER Sling Media SDK 2 Audio description Consumption Starfish Technologies Advantage 3 places Tablets/Connected-TVs multiplicity pairing Invities MixGum Middleware Neotion Blue Bridge TDF HbbTV Platform 1 Devices Tvinci Platforminteractions BBC Orchestrated Media APIs Massive N-Screen UI Framework Accessibility Languages multiplicitySynchronized Second-Screen Closed-captioningCivolution SyncNow 2 Captionator.js for HTML5Intrasonics SDK 2 Red Bee Media SubitoTechnicolor MediaEcho Ninsight Protitle LiveZeitera Vvid Content Identification System Late audio-binding Zencoder Closed Captioning for HLSAudible Magic SmartSync Media Synchronization API OSMF 1 Elemental Live/ServerEnsequence iTV Manager Digital Rapids StreamZ Live
  4. 4. Twitter/FB/G+ integration Authentification 4K/8K HEVC Akamai/Synacor 2 Mesagraph TV API 2 Adobe PassVanguard VSS Encoder 1 VDS WatercoolerAllegro AL2200Ericsson SVP 5500 HEVC encoderAlternative : Ateme EAVC4 Social TV Immersive interactions experience Persona- lization 3D 2nd-screen & 2 broadcast graphicsVanguard 3D Streamernanocosmos nanoStream Live Video Encoder 2 integration Targeted, social, mood- based recommendations ToolsOnAir just:social Ooyala Discovery Red Bee Media RedDiscover 3 Cognik Motorola Medios Merchandiser Spideo kinoprofile/kinosocial Taboola Device API Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine
  5. 5. Common File Format / Common EncryptionElemental Server 1 Automated catchupRovi TotalCode Professional generation from liveDigital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0 SOA/FIMS-based workflowCodeshop Unified Streaming Platform 2 Open Headend management Packet Ship Timeline 2 thePlatform mpx Workflows Limelight Orchestrate simplification VSN Spider framework IMF Cube-Tec CubeWorkflows 1 DVS Clipster DI TMD Unified Media Services Sony Media Backbone Conductor DVS Venice Media Production Hub DASH Elemental Live/Server Thomson Vibe VS7000 2 Allegro AL2400 HbbTV VOD Workflows Codeshop Unified Streaming Platform agility Anevia ViaMotion TDF HbbTV Platform Wowza Media Server 3 Tvinci Platform 2 Intertrust Wasabi Express DRM platform SyncTV Platform GStreamer Dashbin Access Netfront Browser NX 2.0 Verimatrix Secure DASH Streaming Solution Opera Devices SDK DASHEncoder (Itec University) Smart TV Alliance SDK Harmonic ProMedia Suite + Nagra MediaLive Multiscreen Solution
  6. 6. Common origin & edge/origin VOD Cloud interoperable protocols Velocix 5910+Concurrent Mediahawk VX processing Broadpeak BkS/BkE Servers 2 Packet Ship Streamline Video ServerAkamai Sola 2 TV/IPTV/OTT Concurrent Multiscreen Media Intelligence PlatformElemental Cloud (AWS) Edgeware Orbit 3020+Seachange Adrenalin VOD equipmentsDigital Rapids Kayak (Azure) EDC (AWS) mutualization CDN provisioning WorkflowsMicrosoft Azure Media Services dynamic scaling Broadpeak CDN MediatorSorenson Cloud Scalable Jet-Stream CDN & processing Velocix CDN 3Media Excel HERO VS 2 overflow CDN reporting MediaMelon User Experience management Skytide Insights Multi-CDN Broadpeak CDN Umbrella CDN Federation Cedexis OpenMix Live Cloud Delivery 1 Conviva PrecisionVideo Processing 1 Jet-Stream CDN capacity XDN CrowdDirector Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding Alcatel-Lucent Interconnect scalability MediaMelon Multisource D. Haivision HyperStream Edgecast OpenCDN search Yottaa Amazon CloudFront 3 Flumotion OnlineLib VCS Multiplex Multicasting & P2P Transparent caching Octoshape Infinite HD-M Jet-Stream + Oversi Converged Delivery Solution Giraffic Vidscale MediaWarp TC200 Broadpeak nanoCDN 1 PeerApp UltraBand 1 Akamai NetSession
  7. 7. MPEG-7 2Eptascape ADS-200/EptaCloudUnisay Meta-Indexer Engine ABR quality Rich metadata check management Proprietary technologies Proprietary Witbe 3-screens QoE Service 2 Pixelmetric OTT Media Grinder technologies 1 Ineoquest IQDialogue ASM for ABR RAMP MediaCloud Venera Pulsar KIT Digital Temporal Tagging Framework Bridge microAnalytics System Boxfish Tektronix Sentry