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Mentoring Women in Open Source

Presentation prepared for Women in Open Source Camp at Open Camps 2016, United Nations, New York City.

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Mentoring Women in Open Source

  1. 1. Mentoring: Women in Open Source Noreen Whysel Women in Open Source Camp Open Camps, United Nations July 16, 2016
  2. 2. Tech Mentors
  3. 3. 30 Rock, NBC
  4. 4. Women in Technology: Role Models Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier (chemist) Ada Lovelace (mathematician, computer scientist) Grace Hopper (computer scientist, invented COBOL) Marie Curie (Nobel physicist, discovered radium and polonium) Source: All images from Wikimedia Commons
  5. 5. Women in Technology: Did You Know? Heddy Lamarr (film actress and inventor of a radio guidance technology) Temple Grandin (autistic, inventor, cattle handling methods) Lise Meitner (physicist, nuclear fission, student of Max Planck, 48 Nobel nominations) Margaret E. Knight (inventor, Paper bag machine and other mechanisms) Source: All images from Wikimedia Commons
  6. 6. Mentoring Minority Women Fast Company, http://www.fastcompany.com/3040341/strong-female-lead/why-its-so-difficult-for- minority-women-to-find-mentors
  7. 7. Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-mentoring-may-be-the-_b_4717821
  8. 8. What is Mentoring?
  9. 9. What is a Mentor? mentor : someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person 1 Mentor (capitalized) : a friend of Odysseus entrusted with the education of Odysseus' son Telemachus 2 a : a trusted counselor or guide b : tutor, coach Merriam-Webster, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mentor
  10. 10. Types of Mentoring ● Traditional mentoring ● Coaching ● Peer mentoring ● Reverse mentoring ● Group mentoring ● On-the-job training
  11. 11. Modern Mentoring, Randy Emelo. http://files.astd.org/Publication-Attachments/111508/Modern- Mentoring_SampleChapter.pdf
  12. 12. Modern Mentoring, Randy Emelo. http://files.astd.org/Publication- Attachments/111508/Modern-Mentoring_SampleChapter.pdf
  13. 13. Tech Mentors
  14. 14. Mentoring Programs for Women and Girls Programs for Girls: ● United Nations Girls in ICT (girlsinict.org) ○ 4th Thursday in April each year ● Girls Who Code (girlswhocode. com) ● Black Girls Code (blackgirlscode. com Programs for Women: ● Women Who Code ● Tech Women (techwomen. org/mentors) ○ U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs ● Women in Technology (womenintechnology.org - September start) ● Tech Savvy Women, Million Women Mentors (techsavvywomen.net)
  15. 15. United Nations Girls in ICT What kind of events? ● Fun and instructive “Open Days” at an ICT company, government agency, or any ICT-related institution ● “Women in ICT career days” at local schools with guest speakers ● Inviting women role models in from the local ICT sector ● Running contests, offering prizes and awards ● “Hands on” experiences such as developing a mobile app ● Career fairs ● Mentoring and shadowing programmes There’s no set style of an event – choose something that you like and that will be manageable.
  16. 16. United Nations Girls in ICT Who should be involved? ● Invite girls and young women who are at the age to choose their study or career options ● Invite teachers and career advisers who are often not aware of the ICT sector ● Reach out to women role models in the local ICT sector to inspire girls and young women ● Get in touch with other local stakeholders to co-organize or explore other possibilities ● Keep ITU informed about your plans and we can give advice, visibility, and recognition
  17. 17. Professional Associations ● Association for Computer Machinery (acm.org) ● IEEE (ieee.org) ● Computing Research Association (cra.org) ● Code for America (codeforamerica.org) ● User Experience Professionals Association (uxpa.org) ● Interaction Design Association (ixda.org) ● Information Architecture Institute (iainstitute.org) ● OWASP Foundation (OWASP.org - Women in AppSec Program)
  18. 18. Finding a Mentor
  19. 19. Who Are Your Role Models? ● Your Parents ● Older siblings and cousins ● Friends ● Your boss ● Your cool aunt Do they share your interests? What are their expectations of you? Do they know what you want out of life and career? How can they guide you?
  20. 20. So, How Do People Find a Mentor? ● Parents and parents friends ● Relatives ● Non-profit youth mentoring and tutoring programs ● Teachers and academic advisors ● Faith-based and community organizations ● Employers and employee programs ● Industry networks and professional associations ● Meetups and interest groups
  21. 21. What to Expect ● A Level of Commitment ● Shared Areas of Interests ● Mutual Respect ● Open, Two-Way Communication
  22. 22. What to Expect: Mentees ● What aspects of your career or life are you hoping to improve via a mentoring arrangement? ● Is a mentoring arrangement a suitable way to meet your goals? ● How much time and effort do you anticipate will be required? ● How much time and effort are you willing to put into the mentoring arrangement? Remember that you manage your own career and life choices – a mentor is there to help you ask the right questions and guide you toward resources that will help you to make these choices.
  23. 23. What to Expect: Mentors ● How much time can your mentor commit to providing mentoring? ● What would your mentor like to get out of a mentoring relationship? ● What strengths does your mentor have, and how do they expect to pass on these skills to you? ● Can your mentor provide constructive advice and feedback? ● What boundaries do and your mentor you wish to set for the relationship? Many formal mentoring programs have participants sign a mentoring agreement. It is not necessary in an informal mentoring relationship but these questions can help you to set boundaries and goals.
  24. 24. Mentoring Stories
  25. 25. Mentoring Stories
  26. 26. Mentoring Stories
  27. 27. Mentoring Stories
  28. 28. Mentoring Stories
  29. 29. Mentoring Stories
  30. 30. Mentoring Stories
  31. 31. Mentoring Stories
  32. 32. Mentoring Stories
  33. 33. Thank You! Noreen Whysel COO, UX Director, Decision Fish http://www.decisionfish.com http://www.linkedin.cm/in/nwhysel Noreen@decisionfish.com @nwhysel