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NYC HUG 2019: HubSpot Sales Hub Overview

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Kyle Jepson, Sales Professor from HubSpot, joined the NYC HUG and gave a live demo of the Sales Hub. There were a lot of questions around this HubSpot tool so get ready for an interactive performance.

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NYC HUG 2019: HubSpot Sales Hub Overview

  1. 1. Sales Hub Overview NYC HUG, May 2019
  2. 2. Kyle Jepson ● HubSpot Sales Software Certification ● Inbound Sales Certification ● Sales Enablement Certification ● Etc. Inbound Sales Professor for HubSpot Academy
  3. 3. Agenda 1. 📱 2. What Is Sales Hub? 3. What’s Included in the Different Tiers? 4. Q&A
  4. 4. What Is Sales Hub? A Quick Primer on HubSpot’s Tools for Sales Teams
  5. 5. Think about your business as a flywheel.
  6. 6. Spin = Growth
  7. 7. There are two ways to get more growth: ● Add force ● Remove friction
  8. 8. As a whole, salespeople are very good at applying force.
  9. 9. Efficiency 33% Of a sales rep’s time is actually spent selling. Relationships Learning Unfortunately, friction is EVERYWHERE in sales... 60% Of B2B buyers distrust the integrity of sales people. 50% Of reps say they are coached. Yet 82% of sales leaders claim to coach
  11. 11. ENABLE your sales team to focus on selling. your sales culture through continuous learning. your sales team with your buyer’s needs. ALIGN TRANSFORM FRICTIONLESS SELLING FRAMEWORK
  12. 12. ENABLE Your sales team to focus on selling
  13. 13. Everything you need to streamline sales outreach ● Place calls, send emails, share documents, and schedule meetings ● Work from your Gmail or Outlook inbox, or right inside HubSpot ● Streamline your outreach with Meetings, Templates, Snippets, and email Sequences
  14. 14. Integrate with the tools your team depends on ● From AirCall to Zoom, HubSpot works wherever your team works ● 200+ Integration partners (shoutout to LinkedIn!) ● One system of record
  15. 15. Ruthlessly prioritize your buyer’s needsALIGN
  16. 16. ● Detailed contact and company level timelines show you the history of every contact ● Predictive lead scoring helps you prioritize your most engaged contacts ● Sales notifications alert you to key moments of buyer engagement Rich context that helps you understand buyer needs
  17. 17. ● Engage with prospects in real-time through Conversations & Live Chat ● Record, send, and track personalized video content Tools that help reps connect with buyers on their terms
  18. 18. ● Products and Quotes make configuring deals easy ● Natively integrated eSignature tools ● Easily collect payments by connecting your Stripe account A complete system to get deals all the way across the finish line
  19. 19. Create a culture of learningTRANSFORM
  20. 20. Tools to help your team learn, grow, and improve ● Playbooks help you document and share best practices around specific selling scenarios ● Reporting gives you insight into the activities and approaches that are most effective ● Call Transcription & Recording helps you make coaching a part of your day to day
  21. 21. Everything you need to manage a growing team ● Flexible automation that you can apply to every stage of your sales process ● Customizable dashboards & reporting that give you deep insight quickly ● Easy to use team management & permissions features
  22. 22. What’s Included in the Different Tiers? Starter, Professional, and Enterprise--Oh My!
  23. 23. Chart Starter Free stuff that everybody gets Some cool stuff your team will love Things that will blow your mind All your dreams will come true Professional Free stuff that everybody gets Some cool stuff your team will love Things that will blow your mind All your dreams will come true Enterprise Free stuff that everybody gets Some cool stuff your team will love Things that will blow your mind All your dreams will come true
  24. 24. Metaphor Starter Professional Enterprise
  25. 25. Live Demo! In my head, ^this^ is how I imagine you reacting :)
  26. 26. Improving the Sales Rep Experience This year, we’ll continue to work on making Sales Hub delightful for end users. This will take shape in improvements to performance and reliability, better onboarding, and new ways to help sales teams streamline their most time consuming tasks. In Progress ● Page Load Times ● App Uptime ● New Profile Layout ● Getting Started Checklist Next Up ● Sales Rep Home ● Tasks Redesign ● LinkedIn Sales Nav Integration ● Time-to-complete core tasks Research ● Trigger Events ● Deals needing attention ● Better Onboarding ● Custom Page Layouts In Progress ● Custom Objects ● Permission Sets ● Calling SDK ● Connect Integrations Next Up ● Account-Based Selling ● Sales Forecasting ● CPQ Enhancements ● Accounting Integrations Research ● User Profiles ● Granular Permissions ● Field-level Security ● ERP, Data Sync, BI Integrations Deeper Enterprise Functionality We are working hard to make HubSpot a great choice for growing companies. This includes more flexible support for how data can be structured, tools to help larger team admins do their work, and continued investment in CPQ, integrations, and reporting. Sales Hub product focus areas in 2019
  27. 27. Thank you