My 2013 Social Media Tips

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My 2013 Social Media Tips

  1. 1. Want to Become your Company’s Social Media Superhero? Learn #1 Social CIO 2013 Social Media Tips!! 69 Oliver Bussmann Global CIO, SAP
  2. 2. My 2013 Drivers for Social Collaboration INFLUENCE REACH FOLLOW ENGAGE 69
  3. 3. My 2013 Social Media Tip #1 Strategy #1: Find your right community and set up a personal homepage for all your social media channels • Find your right community (use Google) • Set up your free personal homepage with all of your social media links for folks to find you! • Example: My homepage is using the service which links multiple online identities, relevant external sites, and popular social networking websites. This is my homepage!
  4. 4. My 2013 Social Media Tip #2 Strategy #2: Scan, bookmark 200 headlines and share them in 15 minutes a day • Scan headlines of over 60 sources of blogs, news feeds with the mobile app called PULSE. • Look for posts that would be relevant to my target audience • Bookmark those with INSTAPAPER and share them on Twitter/Facebook/ LinkedIn/Google+
  5. 5. My 2013 Social Media Tip #3 Strategy #3: Focus on your social media profiles and deepen your connections • Update your profiles to be on the cutting edge of your field and on top of social media. • Consider starting a blog to expand your voice in the social media ecosystem • Visualize your Bio with Vizify which creates a series of interactive infographics that show the best of you based on your social media sites e.g.,
  6. 6. My 2013 Social Media Tip #4 Strategy #4: Manage your social brand as a thought leader 1. Become a trusted brand and thought leader 2. Google yourself 3. Manage and track your social profile with BrandYourself to make sure search engines find and rank your most relevant results at the top, improving your personal brand.
  7. 7. What are some of your 2013 Social Media Tips? Join me at the links below to discuss!