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IRIS webpage

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IRIS earpiece.


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IRIS webpage

  1. 1. Hear, See , Touch
  2. 2. TIME TO THINK ANEW The best wearable technology should be seamless, discrete and aid the user in their daily routines, not distract them. Actually, you shouldn’t even have to notice it. We’ve been addicted to awkward, unwieldy technology for too long. With our solution, we have strived to eliminate clutter, fumbling and dropping, to allow for people to go about their lives without the need to reach for their pockets or handbags at every second. We present to you: IRIS Hear, See , Touch
  4. 4. HEAR, SEE, TOUCH IRIS is a wearable, cordless extension to your phone, tablet or computer. The extension is only one perk. We like to think of it as a potential substitute instead. Besides being a headset, IRIS effectively enables you to control the device it’s connected to, besides the obvious, like managing calls or sending texts. Traditional earphones only serve as private speakers, or to answer calls. In other words, they’re useless without your phone. The idea with IRIS is that it works equally well on its own as well as in conjunction. With IRIS, you always have access to your device and everything it can do, wherever you are, evenwhen the device is not with you. Hear, See , Touch
  5. 5. 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * YOUR ENVIRONMENT IS YOUR MONITOR 2 0 # IRIS uses voice activation as one of its means to control. Now you may think that voice control is limited in what it can do. There’s only so much you can do with your voice until it becomes inadequate and you need to access your screen. We thought of that and came up with a solution. Even though IRIS doesn’t have a screen of its own, it can grant you access to your other screens whenever you need them. The projector links you to the screen of your connected devices, even if the device is not with you. Using the tiny holograph on the top, it projects an image of your home screen onto any surface. From here, you can control your device just as if it were the physical screen. The size of the projection is adjustable to best suit your environment. Hear, See , Touch
  6. 6. SEAMLESS SIMPLICITY Wearables come and go, but many fail because they sacrifice practicality and refinement in favor of quirky design that ultimately, becomes an inconvenience to the user. Others may fall short on account of inadequate fields of use, merely perceived as trends, quickly discarded as soon as they feel passé. Our design is not a fashion-statement, quite the opposite. We have utilized common sense to solve day-to-day problems with our technology, rather than creating solutions to problems that didn’t exist in the first place. IRIS fits comfortably on the back of your ear, barely visible. Utilizing bone conduction technology, which allows you to hear sound clearly, eliminating the need of sticking a speaker into your ear. It also makes the sound nearly inaudible to others. Hear, See , Touch
  7. 7. WITH HUMAN ERROR IN MIND Hear, See , Touch Why should wireless connection be limited from your pocket to your ear? With IRIS, you can literally forget to bring your phone and still manage your daily routines. We’re not saying that you should forget your phone at home; we’re just saying that we took it into consideration, because it does happen. Sometimes bringing your phone is not optimal, but you need to because of the role it plays in our lives today. IRIS is not only an extension; it can also act as a substitute. Bring it on your morning run or to the gym and don’t worry about leaving your phone in a locker.
  8. 8. OPEN SESAME We know that some people feel uncomfortable with voice control and that it can be limited in certain cases when it comes to performance. That’s why we integrated it, along with traditional buttons. But your voice has one advantage: It is truly your own. Therefore, we incorporated voice activation into the lock. IRIS responds to your voice only, so even if it were stolen, no one but you can activate it or access your devices. Your voice is the key and lock. Hear, See , Touch