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Pics and Profits: A Focus on Instagram

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If you’ve wondered whether you should expand your online footprint beyond your business’ website but aren’t quite sure how to proceed, the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) has your answer. The ORA Restaurant Education Series (RES) is presenting a free social media webinar series that will help you reach guests and boost your revenue.

Each webinar in the series is dedicated to a different subject matter that will allow participants to focus on one social media platform at a time; to make decisions about which platforms work best for them; and to ask questions of Shon Christy, founder of Eat Drink Promote and host of all of the webinars in this series, one of the industry’s premier subject matter experts in online promotions.

This session focused on Instagram: how to set up a profile, who is on Instagram, why a restaurant would want to create their own account and how to use it to increase sales.

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Pics and Profits: A Focus on Instagram

  1. 1. Pics & Profits A Focus on Instagram July 7, 2014 2:00 p.m. Heartland Payment Systems is the Lead Sponsor of all RES events. The ORA Restaurant Education Series (RES) provides members free access to educational events that help them sustain and grow their businesses and are developed based on member feedback. RES events support a key ORA initiative: the education of our members.
  2. 2. • Open and close your Panel • View, Select, and Test your audio • Submit text questions • Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session • Everyone will receive an email with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session • Your feedback is important! You will receive a prompt to complete a survey at the end of the session
  3. 3. Shon Christy, Founder of Eat Drink Promote & Current President of Focal Point Social Media shon@fclpnt.com 330.247.2447
  4. 4. • Instagram Statistics • Digital Marketing Ramblings (Craig Smith) • Instagram Profiles • Instagram Monitoring • Examples • Q and A
  5. 5. • 200 million average monthly users • 75 million daily users • 13% of internet users use it • 23% of teens say Instagram is their favorite • 36% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram • 70% of users login daily • 30 billion photos shared • 98% of the time it's accessed from a mobile device • 83% of pictures include a hashtag
  6. 6. • Most popular filter - No Filter • Filter with most comments - Mayfair • Busiest days ever – Thanksgiving / First day of Hanukkah • 83% of pictures include a hashtag • Most used hashtag in 2013 - #love • Instagram pictures with a dominant color of blue were 24% more liked
  7. 7. • 35 million SELFIES on Instagram • 38% increase in likes when there is a face in the picture • 32% increase in comments when there is a face in the picture • Best Filter for SELFIES - Willow • Least liked hashtag #drunk
  8. 8. • Staff • Building • Seating • Food! • Around Town • Special Events • Your Customers • Brand Congruent Photos • ex. Sports Bar - Sporting Equipment/Sports
  9. 9. • Customers snap pics and use a hashtag # • Use hashtags with your pics for searchability and relevance • Can be linked to Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter • Regramming
  10. 10. • Multifaceted Plan • Print • On Premise • Email Signature • Direct Mail • Email Campaigns • Website Icons
  11. 11. • Complete Profiles • Amazing Photos • Hearts, Comments, Regrams
  12. 12. Remaining Social Media Webinar Series sessions: Every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. • July 15th Pinterest - Pin to Win • July 22nd Google + - Just Another Pretty Facebook? • July 29th Mobile apps - So Many Apps. So Little Time. Other RES webinars: • August 6th from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Is Franchising the Right Choice? Other Educational Opportunities: • July 23rd from 9:30 – 11 a.m. Sales/Use Tax Basics for a Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) webinar presented by Ohio Department of Taxation Go to www.ohiorestaurant.org/res NOW to register!