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Oklahoma City - General Information

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Oklahoma City - General Information

  1. 1. Greater Oklahoma City
  2. 2. General Information
  3. 3. Greater Oklahoma City • Ten county region • Oklahoma City MSA Population: 1,308,537 • Oklahoma City - Capital of the State of Oklahoma • 29th largest city in the U.S. • Largest city in Oklahoma
  4. 4. Oklahoma City Quick Facts •Most populous city in the State of Oklahoma •Ranked No. 1 most affordable housing market of the 50 largest metropolitan areas •In land area, it is the 3rd largest in the nation •Tinker Air Force Base is the 2nd largest military air depot in the nation.
  5. 5. Diversity OKC U.S. White 77.2 77.4 African 10.0 11.4 American Asian 2.9 3.7 American 6.5 .8 Indian Hispanic 6.0 .11 Other 3.4 4.8
  6. 6. Education in OKC In the Greater OKC Area Students 216,517 Student/Teacher 17.9 Ratio Expenditures Per $5,774 Student Percent Non- 1.55% English Graduation Rate 89.2%
  7. 7. Quality of Life
  8. 8. OKC Living by the Numbers •87.4 Cost of Living Index (13% below national average) •20 Minutes of average commute time •2 Points by which Oklahoma City's personal income growth rate is outpacing the national average
  9. 9. Climate in Oklahoma City •Average annual temperature is 60°F •Average annual rainfall of 33.6 inches •Snowfall averages less than 10 inch a year •The air is clean
  10. 10. Health Care •Level 1 Trauma Center with MediFlight •One of the nation's leading heart transplant teams •One of the country's most complete medical research centers •One of the most respected eye institutes •Quality health care at 35 hospitals
  11. 11. Housing •No. 1 most affordable housing market of the nation's 50 largest metropolitan areas •Family-housing •Condominiums •Townhouses • Apartments
  12. 12. Recent Accolades „2nd fastest personal income growth rate in the U.S. since 1983” -Bizjournals “6th most appealing city for workers age 20-30.” -Bizjournals “Ranked 2nd among the nation’s 100 largest metro areas for economic performance since the recession” –Brooking Institute Sixth Most Driveable City -America’s Most Driveable City Survey
  13. 13. Economic Information
  14. 14. Size of Economy • The Gross Metropolitan Product of the area is 34.2 Billion • World’s 124th largest economy • Ahead of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, Bulgaria and Syria (among others) and 2/3 of all countries worldwide
  15. 15. Economic Diversity – 100 International Companies Canada Japan Mexico Belgium Australia 14% 12% 1% 2% 2% Finland United Kingdom 2% 17% France 14% Switzerland 4% Bermuda Ireland Germany 5% Singapore 1% 12% Sweden 1% Netherlands 7% 6%
  16. 16. Major Area Industries • Government • Aerospace • Technology / Manufacturing • Energy • Distribution & Logistics • Biosciences / Biotechnology • Health Care Services • Shared Services / Back office
  17. 17. Cost Among Nation‟s Lowest •Oklahoma City‟s regions cost of doing business to be one of the lowest •Measured the relative cost of labor, energy, taxes and office space
  18. 18. Business Incentives
  19. 19. QUALITY JOBS PROGRAM • New jobs to the state • Must average county wage or $28,878 whichever is lower • Company must achieve $2.5 million annual payroll within 3 years • Offer Basic Health Insurance • Cash payments of up to 5% new payroll for up to 10 years • Targeted Industries: Manufacturing, R&D including Wind Power Manufacturing, Corporate Services, Data Centers
  20. 20. INVESTMENT/NEW JOBS TAX CREDIT Choice of Tax Credit based on… Investment or New Employees • Five year tax credit on the greater of 1% per year of investment in new depreciable property or $500 per new employee • Credit doubles in Enterprise Zones • Credit doubles if investment exceeds $40 million • Minimum investment of $50,000 • Qualifying manufacturers or Aircraft Maintenance
  21. 21. QUALITY JOBS + INVESTMENT TAX CREDITS An incentive that targets industries that have large capital investments in addition to creating skilled jobs. Qualifying Requirements: • Wages must be equal to or greater than the state’s average wage – presently $35,131. • Capital investment greater than $40 million qualifies the investment for a 2% tax credit per year for 5 years. • QJP+ITC may not be combined with Small Quality Jobs or 21st Century QJP. • Industries that may qualify for the incentive are only those industries that presently qualify for ITC (that is manufacturing industries). • Requires a letter of determination from the the Department of Commerce that the project is net benefit positive for the state. • Becomes effective January 1, 2010.
  22. 22. AD VALOREM Property Tax Liability Approximately 1% of the qualifying investment. Company pays the local taxing jurisdiction which varies by location. Example: $100 million investment is app. $1 million tax liability. Property Tax Exemptions Company may file for a 5-year tax exemption on qualifying assets. Application made each year by March 15 to county assessor. Local taxing jurisdictions are reimbursed by the State of Oklahoma.
  23. 23. PRIME CONTRACTOR • An incentive that rewards prime contractors for performing federal contracting work in Oklahoma and awarding subcontracting work to Oklahoma businesses. • An incentive for allowing companies that are awarded federal contracts (prime contractors) to be paid for jobs and payroll created at both the prime contractor and a qualifying subcontractor. • FEMA emergency grants are not qualifying federal contracts. • The net benefit rate ranges from .25% to 2% and is tied to the amount of subcontracting work performed by qualified Oklahoma companies and the total amount of contract work performed by the prime contractor in Oklahoma. • A federal contract verifier ensures the prime contractor is awarded a qualifying federal contract. • Currently, the University Multispectral Lab at OSU qualifies as a federal contract verifier. • Effective July 1, 2009.
  24. 24. Additional Incentives • Sales Tax Exemption on machinery and consumables used in the mfg. process, including energy • Freeport Exemption on goods, wares, and merchandise which come into Oklahoma from outside the State and leave the State within 9 months • 21st Century Quality Jobs provides up to 10% cash back on 10 or more jobs which pay wages of 300% of the state average or higher
  25. 25. Oklahoma City (SIP) Potential local Incentive • 250 Jobs • Average Salary of $70,000 • $40,000,000 investment Your company could qualify for up to $1,875,000 million in local incentives. ($7,500/job)
  26. 26. MAPS
  27. 27. Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) 1993 - 2004 Bricktown Ballpark Bricktown Canal Cox Convention Center
  28. 28. Trolley System Civic Center Music Hall State Fairgrounds Renovations
  29. 29. Library Learning Center Ford Center Canadian River Project
  30. 30. MAPS for Kids & School Bond 2001 - Present New Douglass HS New US Grant HS New John Marshall HS
  31. 31. • 8 projects, $777 million •7 years, 9 months of one-cent sales tax collection (maintains sales tax rate at current level) •Includes $17 million of contingency •Citizens Oversight Board
  32. 32. THE PARK 70-acre world-class park Centerpiece of “Core to Shore” project
  33. 33. TRANSIT 5-6 miles of rail streetcar Ability to fund potential commuter transit lines and transit hub
  34. 34. CONVENTION CENTER Replaces aging, inadequate facility Required to maintain $1.8 billion visitor economy Creates jobs and attracts visitor dollars
  35. 35. SIDEWALKS Strategically-placed sidewalks near public facilities around the City, like libraries and schools
  36. 36. TRAILS 57 miles of bicycle and walking trails around the City to all but complete City’s trails master plan
  37. 37. The Oklahoma River Establish the best rowing course in the world, and construct a world-class whitewater kayaking facility
  38. 38. THE OKLAHOMA STATE FAIR Continue upgrades of publicly-used buildings
  39. 39. HEALTH AND WELLNESS AQUATIC CENTERS FOR SENIORS Construct state-of-the-art wellness centers for seniors around the City
  40. 40. Arts and Culture
  41. 41. Western Flavor •Oklahoma City Stockyards •Strong cowboy heritage •Sit in on one of the largest cattle auctions
  42. 42. Native American Heritage •Rich Native American history and traditions from all the tribes. •Hosts the Red Earth Festival,
  43. 43. Asian District •Oklahoma City‟s Asian District is located just north of downtown • Filled with restaurants, shops and cultural experiences.
  44. 44. Oklahoma City Arts •Oklahoma City Museum of Art •Paseo Arts Festival •Festival of the Arts •Arts Festival Oklahoma
  45. 45. Performing Arts •Civic Center Music Hall •Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra • Ballet Oklahoma •Canterbury Chorale Society •BLAC, Inc. • Lyric Theatre
  46. 46. Attractions
  47. 47. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum •Classic and contemporary western art •Sculptures •Great special event venue
  48. 48. OKC National Memorial Museum •Peaceful monument •Museum •Outdoor memorial with its reflecting pool
  49. 49. Family Fun Activities •Oklahoma City Zoo •White Water Bay •Omnidome •Science Museum Oklahoma •140 public parks including exercise paths, picnic areas, swimming pools and tennis courts.
  50. 50. Bricktown •Restaurants •Lounges •Night clubs •Upscale dining •Cultural foods
  51. 51. Sports •AT&T Bricktown Ball Park •Home to the Oklahoma RedHawks •One of the top minor league ballparks in the country.
  52. 52. Sports •Ford Center •NBA's newest team, the Oklahoma City Thunder • Oklahoma City Barons of the AHL •Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz Arena Football Team.
  53. 53. Sports •Oklahoma City‟s OKC Rocks •Oklahoma City is rowing • Chesapeake Boathouse on the Oklahoma River •First-class rowing venue.
  54. 54. Urban Retreats •The Myriad Botanical Gardens •The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory •Martin Nature Park •Over 50 lakes •Private and Public Gold Couses

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Grew by over 13% over the last decade.
  • Oklahoma City is similar to our national average.
  • Government (includes Air Force & FAA – which are actually aerospace; OKC is the state capital so there are numerous state agencies) Energy (oil & natural gas, biofuels, wind, solar)
  • World class destination park for the entire communityCommunity gathering place with variety of recreation opportunities70 acresCritical catalyst to attract private investment to take full advantage of opportunity presented by relocation of i40 and the new boulevard
  • Rail-based modern transit projectApproximately six milesNot reliant on Federal or state money, but City is seeking matching dollars that could expand projectFirst phase of what could be a more extensive system – planned for expansion and growth, and potential connections with commuter rail, bus system and excursion route to Adventure District,World class transit component, and the most extensive of its type in the United States todayConnects workers to their jobs, residents to events and recreation, and visitors to our attractionsOther cities report significant economic development as a result of these systemsEncourages a healthy lifestyleEasily accessible vehiclesEstablishes a hub to support multiple types of transportation, improving Oklahoma City’s entire transit system
  • $280 millionConvention Center is an economic engine that brings outside dollars to our cityThe new facility will almost triple the annual economic impact and number jobs Important facility for community events and activitiesCurrently missing opportunities because existing facility is inadequateContinued growth and health of Bricktown and entertainment highly dependent on convention visitorsWe built a city that people want to visit and we don’t have the room/adequate facility to host themWould place Oklahoma City in a competitive position with cities like Charlotte or Indianapolis. Our current facility is smaller than Tulsa, Wichita or Omaha.Meeting attendees come to Oklahoma City and walk away with a more positive impression of our city – very important to changing our city’s image nationally and enhancing economic development efforts.New center will be more efficient.The site adjacent to the Park is simply proposed. A final decision on the location would be made after additional site evaluation ad public input. 
  • $10 millionTargeted to high traffic areas to create additional safety for pedestriansStrategic locations near libraries and schools, enhancing safety of childrenContinues city’s priority of creating pedestrian friendly neighborhoodsPromotes healthy lifestyle
  • Completes a series of trails loops throughout Oklahoma City, creating one of the longest and most impressive trails systems in the country$40 millionMore than 50 miles of new trailsIdeal for biking, walking, rollerblading and runningTrails are used by for recreational eventsThis expansion creates connections that give access to major destinations, such as the Oklahoma River, Lake Hefner, Lake Overholser, Lake Stanley Draper and other points of interest.Trails are an important amenity that can be used by all citizensPromotes healthy lifestyles.Based best elements of Trails Master Plan.
  • $60 million in improvements to continue MAPS momentum on the river Includes $25 million World Class public whitewater rafting and kayaking venue that will appeal to families, recreational enthusiasts and Olympic caliber athletesIncludes $35 million in additional improvements that enhance the citizen’s enjoyment of the river, and the quality of the rowing venue, making OKC the premier urban site for river sports Recreation center for Oklahoma City residents
  • $60 million for Improvements at State Fair ParkReplace facilities our local citizens use year round – at the annual State Fair or at an antique show, craft fair or gun show
  • 4-5 Centers, Geographically distributed$50 millionNeed reflects demographic shifts in Oklahoma CityNumber of seniors expected to double by 2030Encourages healthy lifestylesCommunity gathering place Significant aquatic element for exercise and therapeutic benefitEach Center will be programmed to meet the specific needs of the areaA new way of thinking about health and wellness in Oklahoma City, setting a new standard for our residents