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Front page statement of intent

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Front page statement of intent

  1. 1. Music Magazine Front Cover Statement of Intent
  2. 2. MastheadAfter careful but brief analysis of hip-hop magazines I have noticed that magazines tend to be aimedmainly at men with the secondary audience being women. When women are placed on hip-hopmagazines, most of the time they are dressed provocatively, this is not a very good example to ayounger generation, I aim to create a magazine to inspire my young female hip-hop audience.I have found a magazine that demonstrates what I am against (see bellow) This magazine is called‘King’. Although King magazine features only women, they seem to only be projected in a sexy andprovocative light, this is to attract the magazines male audience. The masthead on this magazine is called ‘The women of King’ this again supports my theory that this magazine makes women seem in-superior to men. Never-the-less this is a successful magazine, I aim to make a similar magazine, however I am mainly going to change the audience.
  3. 3. This was my previous masthead ‘Hoops’. This name wasinspired by an item of jewellery, I wanted the name to attractfemales because I am subverting the generic conventions ofhip-hop magazines as most of the time they are being createdfor a male based audience.The font is golden and embalmed, this is because I wanted tocapture a 3D- gold effect- just like gold hoop earrings. The fontis in graffiti style this is because I wanted to reinforce the ideaof the magazine being about hip-hop. It was also veryimportant to me that the name of the masthead is short andcatchy, this is so it is easy to remember.
  4. 4. MastheadThe name of my front cover will be called‘QUEEN’ I have called my magazine thisbecause the name straight away empowerswomen, which is my main aim along withpresenting a hip-hop magazine. Accordingto my research of hip-hip magazines thepreliminary audience base is mainly menaged between 17- 45, I especially looked ata hip-hop magazines that are successful andmale based, this lead me to look at ‘KING’magazine; from this I was inspired to King Magazine mastheadsubvert the generic convention.
  5. 5. My masthead will be place at the upper left corner of my magazine, in my research this is where it was placed, I aim for my magazine masthead to be catchy and different; it is important that it is becausethis is how my audience would recognise my magazine. I have looked at the website dafont and have looked at different font ideas and styles; I have looked at italics or serif fonts especially, this is because to me it connotes sophistication and it looks very feminine compared to the‘KING’ sans serif font which is more masculine. However due to studentcriticism I have realised that unless this is bevelled it does no really look catchy or stand out, especially since I have decided on a plain block colour such as black or gold, as I want to keep it simple. Masthead ideas: Black or gold masthead Italic sans serif font colour
  6. 6. These fonts are all serif and my ideas for amasthead, however it wouldnt really stand outagainst an image and to me its is not bold or catchyenough to be adapted to be made into a masthead.
  7. 7. Another masthead ideaMy masthead is named ‘QUEEN’, I haveexperimented with different ideas and looked atdifferent ways I can play with letters. I havestumbled across a hip- hop artist -Eminem’salbum cover and I am inspired by the way the ‘E’is backwards, I want to adopt this idea and makeone of my ‘E’s backwards as well, I have drawn asketch of how I want my masthead to look byexpanding on the Eminem idea. I will use serif font, but reverse the ‘E’ I can do this in Photoshop
  8. 8. On Photoshop:Perhaps I could add a crown and play around some more. The reason theEminem music cover work is because the letter N is next to it. The font usedon the Eminem album and the font I have is very similar, the effect on thealbum cover is gritty hence why I will not be adopting that style, but it couldalso connote hip-hop. To add more femininity and reinforce the name Iwant to incorporate a crown.
  9. 9. Main imageMy main image will be of a female who is wearing attractive but not provocative clothing.The picture I had originally chosen was interesting because of the background and herapparel, however I cannot use this because she has no hip-hop equipment such as micro-phones or headphones. It is important that the age of the model is appropriate, so nobodytoo young or too old but between my target age range. Ethnicity is not important to mealthough black people are mainly featured on hip-hop magazines.The overall image will be manipulated on Photoshop so that itis catchier or appears better than before. The main image isvery important, this is because it would give my audience anidea about the content in my magazine, and a very good imagewould lure my audience in, whereas a bad image would have areverse effect. Also an image can attract particular audiences,my image has to have some relation to my target audience, tomake my dominant image attract my audience I will make surewomen are represented positively by making sure they aredressed in the latest trends and styles, it is important that theyare dressed in a way that would inspire my audience. Thiswould intern make my audience feel like they can relate to thepicture and then would lead them to read the content of what Previous main imageis in the magazine, it would also give them an idea of what is inthe magazine.
  10. 10. Cover Lines I know who my target audience is and what they are looking for because of my research, it is essential that my front magazine cover reflects this. My cover lineswill also be another means of luring my target audience in, I could use catch lines relating to specific topics from my research: Mainly music and gossip but also school and relationships. I could also use cover lines that involve my audience, like how to possibly win ‘beats headphones’ this would be of notice to my audience as this item would be of interest to my audience. Not only will my audience get information on hip-hop but other issues as well, this would givethem a variety to read which would make my music magazine more appealing. To attract my audience with the cover lines I will be using at least 3 font sizes and styles, the bigger the font size the more important the topic is, the font will not tell my audience about the genre, it would only attract them. How to win Beats Latest gossip headphones
  11. 11. Cover Lines This cover line includes 2 font sizes along with two colours, this works effectively because it shows the importance of the cover line and emphasises the ‘shocking’ sex scandals, I will uses a variety of font sizes to attract my audience and signify importance of a cover line. A list form of different artists is displayed. I want to use this because it would broaden my target audience and advertise who will be featured in my magazine. This is an effective cover line because it is big bold bright and red. I am very fond of this cover line because colloquial language is used which directly and only understood by the target audience. I can use a colloquial term that would make my magazine appear more genuine.I will be a lining my cover lines on the left hand side of mymagazine page. The colour scheme here is bright andattractive I want my colour scheme to be distinctive also.Perhaps colours like red could be used, this is a bold andvibrant colour that is very attractive.