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Gold buyers

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  • I, Mr. Mohamed Bah of EU Capital Investment Company, as marketing manager with full corporate authority and responsibility under penalty of perjury declares that i have the right to sell the Gold dust/bars and rough uncut Diamonds which is clean, clear and from Non-criminal origin and guarantees to export to Buyers chosen refinery. The Buyer, with full corporate authority and responsibility under penalty of perjury declares that he is ready, willing and able to buy with clean, clear United States currency from Non-Criminal Original. Please we are dealing with direct buyers or buyers mandate not brokers. Thanks in advance Regards Mr. Bah +232-25-314067 +232-76-955142 Email: mohamedb20@gmail.com
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Gold buyers

  1. 1. Important tips for choosing the right gold buyerThere are many gold buyers are available in market. For selecting the bestbuyer one should consider some basic important things. Today gold buyingbusiness is reaching its boom level because many people are indulged in thisbusiness and they are earning much profit from this business. As time passes bymore and more are coming in the market for doing this business.Gold BuyersIn this business people are buying gold and they are selling this metal in timesof their financial crisis. By selling their old broken gold jewellery items they areearning hard cash which they can again invest in buying several other designerjewellery items or any type of profit making business. For making a firmselection there are some tips are given which one should follow for selectingthese buyers. For selecting the best buyer one must do a proper market search.This market search will help you to select the best buyer.There are some gold buyers who used to come on special occasions. Thesebuyers are not at all reliable. Dealing with these types of buyers is not at allsafe. They give higher value for your metal but there is always a risk bearingfactor while dealing with these buyers. this is because if any kind of wrongtransaction takes place while dealing with these buyers you will not get backthat buyer again. So it is important that you should always avoid these buyers.On other hand there are some buyers who have their collaboration withrecognised gold buying companies. These buyers are reliable and they give thehighest value for your metal.Sell Gold JewelryThese buyers are reliable in the sense that the companies with which thesebuyers are collaborated are government recognised companies. So dealing withthese buyers is always safe and profitable.Today gold buyers are also availableon internet. There are many online sites from where you can directly deal withthese buyers and can do direct transaction with them. These buyers are reliableand they offer the highest value for your metal. Their mode of payment is alsovery convenient. Thus there are some of the basic important tips which a sellerof gold must consider before choosing the gold buyer. From the abovediscussion you come to know about some of the basic important tips ofselecting the best gold buyer. Always choose a reliable gold buyer from whomyou can get the highest value for your metal.