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cadbury market strategy in indian context

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  1. 1. Presented toDr. P.J. Shyju Presented by Omkar Tiwari
  2. 2. Confectionary MarketSegmentationPositioningMarketing strategy
  3. 3. Brief Introduction• Subsidiary of Mondelēz International• Industry of Confectionery Market• Founded Birmingham, United Kingdom (1824)• Headquarters Uxbridge, London, United Kingdom• Revenue £5,384 million (2008)• Operating income £388 million (2008)• Net income £364 million (2008)• Employees 71,657 (2008)• Parent Kraft Foods (2010-2012) then after Mondelēz International (2012-present)• Website www.cadbury.co.uk
  4. 4. Confectionary Market in India 27% Urban Rural 73%Total Confectionary Market is valued at about 41billion INR
  5. 5. Market Share Chocolate Chewing gums Hard-boiled candies Éclairs & Toffees Lollipops Mints and lozenges 23Pe 18 18rc 15e 13 13ntage Confectionary Product Categories
  6. 6. Cadbury covers 70 % Population Children 45% Adult 55%
  7. 7. Gender Male 47%Female 53%
  8. 8. Female
  9. 9. Positioning
  10. 10. Cadbury Marketing strategy• Cadbury is the world leader in marketing of chocolate.• The main target market segment will be the female adult population in the Indian market.• It is expected that within three years, the product will have acquired about 30 percent of the Indian adult female chocolate market.• To attract rural female adult they goanna use below line marketing strategy like adverting – on mass media, – off street sampling, and others.
  11. 11. Cadbury Product Segment Chocolate Toffees Daily Milk Éclairs Perk Lollipops Gems 5 Star Mints Celebration BournvitaDairy Milk Éclairs Éclairs CrunchMr. Pops & Halls
  12. 12. PricingOn the bases of Size On the bases of Flavor Snack and Treat size- 45 gm packages, Fruits & Nuts Small blocks - 100g and 50g Bourneville 200gm packages. Dairy Milk Large blocks - 250g and 350g Many more
  13. 13. Distribution Channel
  14. 14. PromotionOffline Online
  15. 15. Indian websiteSince 2004online sales recorded from 2004 t0 2007 & it is about 30percent of the total sales for thecompany.1000 visitors 1st year 9000 visitors 2nd year12000 visitors 3rd year Today Still counting…
  16. 16. 70% Market Share, Low Production Capacity,Good Market Reputation, Distribution Network,Cadbury India was ranked Negative effectsthe 5th, on the introduction of theLarge Target Market new brand. SWOTIntroducing of the newbrand in a less competitivemarket, Level of Competition,Host Beauty Competition, External Environment.Cadbury adopts social firststrategy.
  17. 17. Conclusion ReferencesOn 14 August 2010, Cadbury World will be celebrating its 20thanniversary. Over those 20 years much has changed in the terms of how it operates, functions, the products and services offered. www.cadburyworld.co.uk www.cadbury.com www.business2000.ie Business world magazine in 2007 (Laura, 2008)
  18. 18. Contact us:- Cadbury House, Opposite Mahalaxmi Temple, 19, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Pedder Road, Thank You.. Mumbai –Kutch Meetha ho Jaye..! 400026 +(91)-22- 40073100 1800227080, 1800228530