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“ Dare to Compare” <ul><li>$4 Sample Real Estate Agent Listing Presentation

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“ Dare to Compare” $4 million annual advertising budget 6,000 buyer calls monthly 10,000 unique web site visitors monthly Full color HomeBuyer Magazine with one-agent point of contact Multiple Full Color Ads Weekly Including: Orange County Register (Every Saturday and Sunday) Los Angeles Times (3 Every Saturday and 2 Every Sunday) Long Beach Press Telegram North County News Over 2000 agents focused on “team selling” Over 30 networked offices with high-speed wireless infrastructure capability Inbound call capture system One database for all ad calls received Daily reporting on “hi-pot” (high potential) buyers Demographic database for target marketing Buyer-focused (vs. Seller-focused) marketing system Technically-adept marketing team Rapid deployment In-house Design, Production, Video post-production, Printing & Distribution Virtual tours – immediate turnaround Video HomeStories™ Video Internet including: Multi-site Web placement, Virtual Tours, placement, keyword advertising Traditional media including: MLS, direct mail, Open House, Sign Placement, Telephone “ $100,000 Challenge” Corporate structure vs. “ independently operated ” franchise

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