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Online Test, Target and Measurement - Nancy Shaver, Experian Marketing Services

  1. Challenges… and opportunities
  2. Its all in the approach
  3. Data includes:Demographics, attitudes, lifestyles, media habits, purchases, auto and credit scores, internet usage, life events, etc.
  4. Rich history as secure, trusted data provider
  5. Over 30 years of proven analytical expertise
  6. Analysis to understand past marketing activities
  7. Predictive models toidentify future success
  8. Establish business strategies to optimize programs and ensure continued growth
  9. Best-in-breed email marketing for enterprise
  10. Cutting edge real-time consumer profiling on web, mobile, TV
  11. True multi-channel data integration
  12. Rapidly changing marketing conditions
  13. Reduced scope, scale and spend
  14. Consumer attitudes, behaviors and media consumption
  15. Customer aging
  16. Out-of-date acquisition strategies and prospect models
  17. Establish measurement methodology
  18. Development of ongoing actions
  19. Which elements have the greatest impact on results is unknown
  20. Revenue increases needed quickly
  21. Goal:
  22. Overall visit to order rate for the site increased 3%
  23. Significant differences in performance from new versus returning visitors
  24. + 5% lift in visit to order rate for new visitors
  25. – 18% lift in visit to order rate for returning visitors (this group was then eliminated from test group)