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  1. Online Tuesday, 14 juni 2011 Marcel Molenaar, Country Manager
  2. Online Advertising 5 key trends in 2011 1. Data driven display advertising 2. Advertisers want more data on performance 3. Potential local markets 4. Publishers will build more advanced offerings for advertisers 5. Growth in digital media exchanges
  3. Proposition Adatus Display is push, search is pull: combination is king! Display Advertising Latent searchers, low response, lots of branding Search Engine Advertising Active searchers, high response, limited branding Display based on search Active searchers, high response, lots of branding
  4. Value creation is not publishing It’s the tools to discover & distribute it Espresso apparaat LED TV 42 inch
  5. Online advertising in 2011 It’s happening ! Intent Segmentation Creative Campaign Management Buying
  6. Online advertising in 2011 Make display more like search Intent Display 1.0 Display “ search’ based ★ Awareness ★ Performance ★Reach & Frequency ★Data ★CPM ★CPx
  7. Online advertising in 2011 Make display more like search Segmentation Display 1.0 Display “ search’ based ★ Bulk ★ Differentiated ★Site / Demo ★Audience ★Past Behaviour ★Current Behaviour
  8. Online advertising in 2011 Make display more like search Creative Display 1.0 Display “ search’ based ★ No versioning ★ Targeted ★High Dev. Cost ★Dynamic ★Lead time ★Self serve
  9. Online advertising in 2011 Make display more like search Buying Display 1.0 Display “ search’ based ★Ratecard ★ Bid & RTB ★Verbal ★DSP / Exchanges ★I/O ★Automated
  10. Online advertising in 2011 Make display more like search Campaign Management Display 1.0 Display “ search’ based ★High Minimum ★ Low Minimum ★Switching Cost ★No Switching cost ★No Optimization ★Optimization
  11. Display vs Search Display advertising outgrows search in Europe Europesplay into search
  12. Audience targeting in US : 25% Advertisers turn to search-based display
  13. What profiles are relevant? Position in sales funnel determines type of data Socio-demographic reg Registration reg Branding Interest reg Visitors content sites reg Brand preference Search, comparison, online shops T Intent Purchase Conversion reg
  14. Adatus: Real Time Data Exchange Marketplace for exclusive online profiles Content sites (Vertical) search Test- en review Online shops engines websites Real Time Data Exchange tekst Automotive Real Estate Shopping Telecom Travel Ad networks, Publishers, Agencies
  15. Creating and delivering profiles Real time, anonymous, hot prospects NYC Amsterdam All inclusive ID: 12345 Juli 10 - 22 ID: 12345 Economy Roundtrip 2 adults
  16. Who benefits ?
  17. Consumers Ads that matter • Relevant Offers • Free content & services • Enhanced experience • Anonymous currency
  18. Publishers True value created by users & content is data: own it ! • Higher value of inventory • Maintain relevance • Insight in your Audience • Revenue stream
  19. Advertisers Reaching people, not pages • More relevant to audience • No waste • Better insights • Efficiency & Effectiveness
  20. But wait ! Is this legal ?
  21. Legal Implications EU Directive European Commission issued a directive in Nov 2009 on ‘permission’ for cookies Directive must be translated in national law on may 25, 2011 This new law is different than the existing one NL government has pragmatic approach: based on ‘informed consent’, i.e. - Information - Permission via browser settings - Opt-out
  22. Marcel Molenaar Thank you !