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Company profile of Luyang

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Luyang has nearly 30 years development history, is also a progress history of the ceramic fibre technology of Chinese. Since the 1980s, Luyang developed from manual work to automated assembly line, from single technology to have 100 patents. We experienced using small electric arc furnace to product the low-grade ceramic fibres up to now in production of advanced technology in the world of high-grade ceramic fibres. Luyang owns more than 100 products and can be able to meet different market needs by supplying wide-range types of products. Our products have been widely used in a variety of fields including petrochemical, metallurgy, power, machinery, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, fire protection, nuke industry etc. Luyang can provide the best service to leading the main consumption of the insulating, thermal, fireproof and energy-saving market.

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Company profile of Luyang

  1. 1. Insualtion & Refractory Solution Expert No.11 Yihe Road Yiyuan County Zibo Shandong Province P. R of China 256120 Tel:+86 533 3268 200 Fax:+86 533 3260 656 Http:www.luyangwool.com E-mail:international@luyangwool.com LUYANG GROUP
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  4. 4. LUYANG GROUP GGeenneerraall iinnffoorrmmaattiioonn No. 1 manufacturer of insulation and refractory materials in Asia Market Capacity: 420,000 tons Total Assets: 38 Million USD Employee: 2,200 Offices in China: 58 Production Bases:Shandong Luyang Xinjiang Luyang Guizhou Luyang Inner Mogolia Luyang Products: Ceramic Fibers Series Soluble Fiber Series Polycrystal Fiber Series Insulation Brick Rockwool Board Microporous Board
  5. 5. LUYANG GROUP PPrroodduuccttiioonn BBaasseess
  6. 6. LUYANG GROUP LLuuyyaanngg SShhaannddoonngg
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  9. 9. LUYANG GROUP LLuuyyaanngg XXiinnjjiiaanngg
  10. 10. LUYANG GROUP MMaannuuffaaccttuurriinngg PPrroocceessss
  11. 11. LUYANG GROUP PPrroodduuccttss IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn Refractory Ceramic Fiber Production lines: 35 Capacity: 120,000 tons Grade: 1000°C 1260°C 1400°C 1430°C Density: 64kg 96kg 128kg 160kg Products:Bulk Blanket Board Paper Module Textiles Soluble Fiber Production lines: 2 Capacity: 10,000 tons Grade:1100°C Density: 64kg 96kg 128kg 160kg Products:Bulk Blanket Board Paper Textile Rockwool Board Production Line: 3 Capacity: 100,000 tons Products: Board
  12. 12. LUYANG GROUP Polycrystal Fiber Production lines : 1 Capacity: 300 tons Grade: 1600°C(Al2O3:72%) Density:96kg 128kg Products:Bulk Blanket Board Module etc. Insulating Firebrick Production lines: 6 Capacity: 18,000,000PCS Grade:JM23 JM26 JM28 JM30 JM32 Density:600kg 800kg 900kg 1000kg 1200kg Microporous Board Production Lines: 1 Capacity: 100 tons Products: Board PPrroodduuccttss IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn
  13. 13. LUYANG GROUP CCeerraammiicc FFiibbeerr SSeerriieess Ceramic Fiber Bulk Ceramic FiberBlanket Ceramic Fiber Board Ceramic Fiber Paper
  14. 14. LUYANG GROUP CCeerraammiicc FFiibbeerr SSeerriieess Ceramic Fiber Module Ceramic Fiber Textile Ceramic Fiber Shaped Blanket Package
  15. 15. LUYANG GROUP SSoolluubbllee FFiibbeerr SSeerriieess Soluble Fiber Blanket Soluble Fiber Paper Soluble Fiber Board Soluble Fiber Bulk
  16. 16. LUYANG GROUP PPoollyyccrryyssttaall FFiibbeerr SSeerriieess Poly-Fiber Blanket Poly-Fiber Bulk Poly-Fiber Board Poly-Fiber Module Poly-Fiber Strip Block
  17. 17. Insulation Brick LUYANG GROUP IIFFBB SSeerriieess Insulation Brick Package Mortar
  18. 18. LUYANG GROUP RRoocckkwwooooll SSeerriieess Rockwool Board
  19. 19. LUYANG GROUP PPrroodduuccttiioonn LLiinneess Blanket Board Paper Textiles
  20. 20. LUYANG GROUP PPrroodduuccttiioonn lliinneess Brick Rockwool Module Control Room
  21. 21. LUYANG GROUP BBrriicckk
  22. 22. LUYANG GROUP RRoocckkwwooooll PPrroodduuccttiioonn LLiinneess
  23. 23. LUYANG GROUP SSaalleess nneettwwoorrkk--DDoommeessttiicc mmaarrkkeett OOffffiiccee iinn CChhiinnaa:: 5588 FFiieellddss::MMeettaalllluurrggyy PPeettrroocchheemmiiccaall PPoowweerr ppllaanntt CCeerraammiiccss CCeemmeenntt CClliinneettss iinn CChhiinnaa:: BBaaoo SStteeeell MMaa SStteeeell WWIISSCCOO TTIISSCCOO YYaannsshhaann PPeettrroocchheemmiiccaall JJiinnsshhaann PPeettrroocchheemmiiccaall
  24. 24. LUYANG GROUP SSaalleess NNeettwwoorrkk--OOvveerrsseeaass MMaarrkkeett EExxppoorrtt ttoo mmoorree tthhaann 6600 ccoouunnttrriieess aallll oovveerr tthhee wwoorrlldd.. MMaaiinn mmaarrkkeett iinn EEuurrooppee AAmmeerriiccaa MMiiddddllee--EEaasstt AAffrriiccaa AAssiiaa
  25. 25. LUYANG GROUP 90% Overseas Market 10% Domestic Market D.M . O.M . SSaalleess PPrrooppoorrttiioonn
  26. 26. LUYANG GROUP EEnnggiinneeeerriinngg PPrrooffeessssiioonnaall ddeessiiggnn tteeaamm::2222 tteecchhnniicciiaannss SSppeecciiaalliizzee iinn lliinniinngg ddeessiiggnn ooff tthhee iinndduussttrriieess ffuurrnnaaccee FFooccuuss oonn mmeettaalllluurrggyy,, ppeettrroocchheemmiiccaall,, cchheemmiiccaall,, cceerraammiiccss,,cceemmeenntt aanndd ppoowweerr ppllaanntt..
  27. 27. LUYANG GROUP IInnssttaallllaattiioonn 228800 mmeemmbbeerrss iinncclluuddiinngg 99 eennggiinneeeerrss aanndd 5533 tteecchhnniicciiaannss 2288 yyeeaarrss eexxppeerriieenncceess iinn iinnssuullaattiioonn && rreeffrraaccttoorryy pprroojjeecctt
  28. 28. LUYANG GROUP RR && DD RR && DD tteeaamm:: 3322 EEmmppllooyyeeee NNaattiioonnaall GGrraaddee RR&&DD cceenntteerr.. NNeeww mmaatteerriiaallss rreesseerrcchh aanndd ddeevveelloopp bbaasseedd oonn rreeqquuiirreemmeenntt ooff mmaarrkkeett
  29. 29. LUYANG GROUP AApppplliiccaattiioonn AApppplliiccaattiioonnss iinn MMeettaalllluurrggyy,, PPeettrroocchheemmiiccaall,, PPoowweerr ppllaanntt,, CCeerraammiiccss,, CCeemmeenntt aanndd CCoonnssttrruuccttiioonn FFiieellddss Bell Furnace Car Bottom Furnace Ring Furnace
  30. 30. Cracking Furnace Hydrogenation furnace Reforming Furnace LUYANG GROUP AApppplliiccaattiioonn
  31. 31. Ceramic Furnace Cement Carbon Calcinator LUYANG GROUP Aluminium Cell AApppplliiccaattiioonn
  32. 32. LUYANG GROUP AApppplliiccaattiioonn PPrrooppoorrttiioonn CCoonnssttrruuccttiioonn 33%% MMeettaalllluurrggyy && PPeettrroo 4455%% CCeemmeenntt55%% PPoowweerr ppllaanntt 77%% OOtthheerrss 2255%% SStteeeell155%% Metallurgy & Petro Steel Power Plant Cement Construction Others
  33. 33. LUYANG GROUP CCeerrttiiffiiccaatteess IISSOO 9900001 IISS00 14400001
  36. 36. LUYANG GROUP Thanks a lot for your ttiimmee aanndd aatttteennttiioonn!!