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Luyang — pioneer of china's energy saving

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Luyang has nearly 30 years development history, is also a progress history of the ceramic fibre technology of Chinese. Since the 1980s, Luyang developed from manual work to automated assembly line, from single technology to have 100 patents. We experienced using small electric arc furnace to product the low-grade ceramic fibres up to now in production of advanced technology in the world of high-grade ceramic fibres. Luyang owns more than 100 products and can be able to meet different market needs by supplying wide-range types of products. Our products have been widely used in a variety of fields including petrochemical, metallurgy, power, machinery, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, fire protection, nuke industry etc. Luyang can provide the best service to leading the main consumption of the insulating, thermal, fireproof and energy-saving market.

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