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  1. 1. ONWE ONYEKACHI EVERESTUS Phone No: 08037947204. E-mail: onyekachionwe@gmail.com Contact Address: 43Wogu Street D/Line Port Harcourt. Objective: • To work effectively and efficiently toward actualization of the organizational goals and as well as the satisfaction of the prospective customer of the organization through the application of professional skills to the upliftment of mankind. PERSONAL INFORMATION: • Sex: Male • Marital status: Married • Date of Birth: 29th December.1985 • Place of Birth: Mater hospital Afikpo • L.G.A: Onitcha • State of Origin: Ebonyi • Nationality: Nigerian Educational Institutions Attended With Dates: • Ebonyi State University Abakaliki 2001-2005 • Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) 2007-2008 • Dabsola Computer Institute. 2007-2008 • Community Secondary School Okpitumo Ikwo 2002-2003 • Community Primary School Amudo 1991-1997 Professional/Educational Qualification Obtained: • B.Sc. Marketing. • Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) (MNIM) (Awaiting Result). • Diploma in Data processing. • SSCE/NECO. • First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC). Work Experiences with Dates: • NYSC @ Ibadan Grammar School Molete Oyo State. (2007-2008). • Marketing Officer,libertypat.Medical Chemist,15OgbouduStreet.Kpirikpiri, Abakaliki Ebonyi State. (2008-2009). • Data Entrant @ General Hospital Onueke Ebonyi State with FHI/Ghain (2009-2013). Workshops Attended with Dates: • Training for facility based data entrant with FHI/Ghain on 11 sept, 2009. • Adherences training review goals and basic principal of ART with FHI/ Ghain on 18 march 2013.
  2. 2. • Facility pharmacist Training on logistics with FHI/ Ghain on April, 2010. • District Health Information System/SoftwareTraining for Health Facilities with FHI/Ghain On 23-25Agust, 2013.(DHIS) • Orientation of Stakeholder on PPR Report & Migration of ART Record to Harmonized National Tools with FHI/SIDHAS on 25 April, 2012. • M&G Konsalt Zonal Training For Auditors/Assessors For GF/NACA Facility Data Quality Audit South-South &South-East On 27April 2012. • The State Level Training Workshop on M&E of Malaria Programmer for Health Worker in Ebonyi State on 30-31 May, 2012 with USAID/MAPS. • 3days Training On Malaria Case Management At Debase Hotel Amasiri By Maps On 11-13th June 2013. • A3day Training on National Harmonized Tool at Council Hall Ezza South LGA (NHMIS). • A 3day Iqcare Electronic Medical Record System Training with CCCRN Office at Abakaliki 13-15th May 2013. • One Week Training As M&E On ART PMTCT HTC, By CCCRN On 12-17th June 2013 @ Salt Spring Hotel Abakaliki. Computer Skills: • Proficient in Use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, Desk Publisher. Personal Skills: • Managerial Skills. • Hardworking, Intelligent and Motivate. • Dynamic Communication Skill with Strong Negotiation Ability. • Good Interpersonal Skills. • Team Spirit. Extra-Curricular Activities: • Research Oriented. • Development Inclined. • Management Strategic. • Creativity/Innovative. • Traveling. Referees: • Engr.Chidi Ekuma. Dept. Bio-Medical Engineering FETHA Ebonyi State. 08034843172. • Dr. Mathew Nwali. Gynecologist FETHA Ebonyi State. 08036328316. • Dr. Chidi Ehiem.
  3. 3. CMD, General Hospital Onueke, Ezza South L.G.A Ebonyi State. 08035653320.