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OBF Academy - Badging skills in the new normal

The year 2020 surprised and shocked education systems on all corners of the world, from North to South and from West to East. The digitalisation of education, which has been a part of education strategies everywhere became the new normal practically overnight. In Africa, various actors have tried or are looking at badges as a simple and scalable solution to recognise and reward learning and accomplishments. Satu Järvinen from SkillSafari shares insights on her work with badges in various African countries, the opportunities, and challenges badging faces in a rapidly emerging continent.

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OBF Academy - Badging skills in the new normal

  1. 1. ©SkillSafari Badging Skills in the New Normal Satu Järvinen - SkillSafari - 20.10.2020
  2. 2. ©SkillSafari School Beach house
  3. 3. ©SkillSafari SkillSafari SkillSafari works to create successful careers through recognition and validation of skills. Our trusted and digital badging solution is based on years of working with skills development and our dedication to create pathways to successful careers.
  4. 4. ©SkillSafari Why badging in Africa?
  5. 5. ©SkillSafari Focus on Badging Opportunities in Africa
  6. 6. ©SkillSafari Youth on the continent There are 600 million youth under age 25 in Africa 11 million youth enter the labor market each year for the next decade 72% of youth are unemployed or vulnerably employed
  7. 7. ©SkillSafari Skills shortage The continent suffers from two major challenges related to education: 1) The overall number of schooling years is low 2) The labor market suffers from a skills mismatch (right people in the wrong places)
  8. 8. ©SkillSafari Work and Education The informal economy in sub-Saharan Africa makes up nearly 86% of all employment and constitutes about 40% of GDP.
  9. 9. ©SkillSafari Africa is a vast continent, filled with young people ready to invest in getting better jobs.
  10. 10. ©SkillSafari Places for badges: Cases of the old normal
  11. 11. ©SkillSafari Badgeons Tunisie ● In collaboration with CNTE ● Validating teachers ICT skills ● 3 education levels ● 12 cities around the country ● Based on the UNESCO framework level 1 ● 17 badges + 4 meta badges ● 22 teachers actively participating
  12. 12. ©SkillSafari Some testimonials ‘“the first badge I got it motivated me to move forward and work more and more.” “This helped me to reorganize my knowledge and to test my level and my knowledge. It helped me open my eyes to topics I did not focus on before. I hope to participate in such experiences in the future This is really very useful. I am very happy.”
  13. 13. ©SkillSafari Badging Rwanda ● In collaboration with the Rwanda Education Board ● Validating teachers ICT skills ● Mostly secondary teachers, across the country ● Based on the REB teacher ICT skills training modules ● 20 badges + 5 metabadges ● 27 teachers participating ● 297 badges issues in three weeks.
  14. 14. ©SkillSafari Curiousity is the main driver
  15. 15. ©SkillSafari Positive feedback
  16. 16. ©SkillSafari Places for badges: Cases of the New normal
  17. 17. ©SkillSafari COVID-19 has had and impact Since June this year, interest towards application of badges in various forums has raised. Partners are realising the impact the pandemic is having to how people interact and learn, also there is heightened interest towards practical solutions that help digitise offering, other than eLearning courses Access and affordability are key components. (Affordability also include low use of data)
  18. 18. ©SkillSafari Badgeons Senegal! Badges to validate skills of the informal sector in ● Customer service ● Entrepreneurship Sectors: ● Agriculture (Women) ● Electricity ● Driving ● Shopkeepers, boulangerie owners, taxi drivers
  19. 19. ©SkillSafari Skills framework in the making Customer Service (PF) Taking care of the work environment Professional outlook Profitability of services Identifying types of customers Service quality standards Managing customer service situations Welcoming customers Identifying customer needs Responding to customer needs Surpassing customer expectations Closing service situations Underpinning Knowledge
  20. 20. ©SkillSafari Badgeons Côte d’Ivoire! Badges to validate entrepreneurship skills of small scale entrepreneurs / self-employed people in the informal sector, urban setting
  21. 21. ©SkillSafari Skills framework in the making
  22. 22. ©SkillSafari Badging Rwanda, V2
  23. 23. ©SkillSafari InnovACTION Badging skills in innovation capacity for future African innovators. Based on the innovACTION programme modules / contents
  24. 24. ©SkillSafari Challenges ● Finding the correct challenge level for badges ● Finding the right medium to make badges accessible to target users ● Find ways to measure skills in a practical way that meets the capacity of the recipients who can have: ○ Limited literacy and numeracy skills ○ Limited language skills (english and french) ○ Limited ICT skills ○ Limited access devices (laptops, smart phones) ○ Limited means to purchase data bundles
  25. 25. ©SkillSafari Thank you! Satu Järvinen CEO Tel. +358414597871 satu@skillsafari.io