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BibeCoffee at Open Coffee #102

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Η παρουσιάση της BibeCoffee στο Open Coffee #102

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BibeCoffee at Open Coffee #102

  1. 1. What is IoT real time monitoring solution that transforms every professional coffee machine to a connected device
  2. 2. The Coffee Intelligence Path ? Billions are invested to achieve high coffee quality, reinventing all production stages
  3. 3. The Problem Brand & Quality Revenue LossMachines Maintenance
  4. 4. Coffee Makers & Distributors Who Needs BibeCoffee? Machine Makers & Maintenance Companies Coffee Chains Individual Coffee Shops § Coffee is worth over €250Bn Worldwide Annually § 6,4% Annual Growth Rate # Coffee Machines DE, IT, SP, FR, UK: 2.8M Europe: 4M
  5. 5. The solution is guarantying that high quality coffee is always served without compromises
  6. 6. The Product | How it works Coffee Machine Agnostic
  7. 7. Real Time Coffee Measurements Ensuring Brand & Quality Coffee Machine Monitoring Maintenance The Product | Features Sales Forecast Big Data Intelligence Hub Energy Monitoring Automatic Ordering Smart RoutingGPS for Recovery Device Remote Management ON OFF POS BI Statistics Minimise All Aspects Causing Revenue Loss
  8. 8. The Product |Platform & Commercial App
  9. 9. Thank You Contact Us! info@bibecoffee.com www.bibecoffee.com